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  1. That was cool. I still get twitchy when I see riders go to rails. Made me want to drag the bike out that did.
  2. Does that theory apply to every braided cross over Adam ? Could be the missing piece to my brothers sluggish Magura.
  3. Mark they are all my local Sunday session driving roads. Great fun. In fact you where very close to my house at one stage. Awesome write up and good to see others enjoying the fantastic roads of Wales.
  4. Looking for some recommendations for brake pads and discs for my mk6 fiesta zetec s. budget of around £80 for both pads and discs. Car is used as a daily and an occasional hoon o the weekends Been looking at mintex discs and EBC greenstuff pads. Fire away with any suggestions
  5. Sills are pretty ripe !! Will check out the rear axle mounting point with my fingers crossed. Thanks
  6. Any micra experts on here ? Bought a 1.3 1999 inspiration with Intensions of turning it into a Autotest/road rally car. i heard these thugs can rust pretty bad, does anyone know the prone spots to look for ? Going to get it in a ramp to inspect but want to have some idea what to look for. If it's really bad it's no goer.
  7. Thanks for that JD I shall let him know. Thats interesting about, are you saying that if the products where on that site you would be way more inclined to purchase them ? Its an abesolute minefield as you know and a lot of it is down to opinion which is what makes selling your own brand products so difficult to start with. The website defiantly needs work though !
  8. Dont know why that link is so poor, try this one....
  9. Anybody on here into to detailing ? Check out these newly released products by a friend and let me know what you think. I personally think they are excellent and a brilliant price !
  10. Gotta have to balls to pull them baby's off nice one
  11. Have any of you had any experience with plastidip ? Would you recommend trying it on plastic grilles fog surrounds etc etc ?
  12. Wifi calling is the best thing EE have introduced IMO Very handy when there is no signal for around 3 miles from where I live
  13. Had to put it in my fathers name but I am paying direct debit. Hopefully build up some credit history and transfer into my name. If this is the hassle I get for a phone I dread to think what a mortgage is going to be like
  14. Sorted a phone contract
  15. How am I suppose to get a mortgage if they won't let me have a phone contract lol. Or do you not need good credit history for a mortgage ? P.s I am only 18 so I don't really want to buy a house just yet