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  1. Norwich
  2. not too much in all fairness Darryl going for a nice ride with everyone today, first impressions are good so far
  3. Hey guys! after 8 months off and then deciding to get back up riding again I bought myself a rockman slate but after a few rides it cracked so I got my self a pure 2011 at a steal of a price with headset and bb for £40!! So here she is all built up. Spec is: Echo pure 2011 frame Trialtech disc forks Sl headset Tarty stem Monty 221 kamel bars Front mavic Ex721 rim on hope gold disc hub Rear Echo Sl hub on Tr rim Echo Sl freewheel Zhi drilled cranks Onza hognesium pedals front BB7 203 rotor Rear Maggie with4 finger lever, heatsink yellows Bike rides nice nothing to do at the moment apart from ride comments welcome.
  4. That's what im thinking, they might be slightly too big, because the trialtech steerer in beefy as hell hahaa . Where would I find a tap big enough
  5. Hey guys got my new frame yesterday I went to install my forks etc put the stem on and went to tighten my topcap. It was too easy and I noticed it pulled the star nut out. Now I know trialtech forks have a threaded steerer so I was just going to but a replacement threaded topcap but the star nut that was in has ruined the threads inside ive tried to hammer 2 new star nuts in but have completely destroyed both of them and have no idea how else to go about it. Its not the hammering that destroyed them as its always worked for me in the past, they just keep snapping. Any help is appreciated Thanks, Alex.
  6. Looks lush pal, can't wait for my 2011 pure to get here
  7. Looks like the same colour as his girlfriends, maybe left over paint? Should have left it white, would have looked the tats and a decent spec aswell
  8. Is also good if you're out on a ride and you buckle your wheel, you can re true it and continue riding, or just kick the hell out of it or use a hammer as most do
  9. Its soo easy to do, what the worst that can go wrong? just un-lace the wheel and start again, I love building wheels, got soo bored one day when the weather was bad I unbuilt my front wheel just to swap the rim for the exact same with without a grind hahaa. once you're confidant with building wheels you'll never stop
  10. When I ran dual saints on my 320 they were the adaptors I used and had no problems
  11. I know spray paint was suppose to work well, I wouldn't use it though, what hairspray are you using? have you tried putting the right grip on the left to see if its the grip at fault? may be a faulty grip? Lynx always used to work for me.... Or double sided tape on the bar, wet it so the glue becomes slippy then slide the grip on, every time I used to do that i'd have to cut the grip off once everything was dry that is
  12. Appreciated Adam
  13. Also interested
  14. Yeah at first I thought it was an onza bb but ill put it forsale and see what interest I get cheers for the help
  15. Buzzing for it this year, bought my ticket last year and sold my bike 4 weeks before I went -.- got a new bike now so will buy my ticket in the next week