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  1. Decided to mix things up a bit and compete at the open trial on my mtb. Some other clips from Esholt thrown in for good measure. Thanks for watching Jed
  2. Don't know if you realised it was me waving like a mad man. Was a great night to be on the bike, only managed 13 miles, but got a sneaky 31 miler in yesterday Jed
  3. Funny you should say that, that's next on my list! A few too many painful moments... :'(
  4. DANNN... Hi Couple of possible things to try that could possibly work because it sounds as though air's trapped. Knock all the hoses, caliper and lever with something, handle of a screw driver etc, this helps to dislodge any air. Make sure that when putting the top cap and diaphram on that it is rolled towards the pointy end, make sure fluid overflows so no air can get in. Another thing to try could be lowering the lever below the level of the caliper, so the air rises, make sure the bleed nipple is the highest point and only undoing the bleed nipple the minimum amount needed for flluid (and air to come out). I'm asuming all fittings are tight. I found this worked well and got air rising out of the lever, was to keep the nipple closed and with something between the pistons squeezing the lever a couple of times then continue bleeding. Final thing before 'closing' the system push the pistons flush to the caliper and make sure your calipers alined properly and your pads are centred over the disk properly (no movement from the disc when the pads contact) Jed
  5. I'm not going either. Jed
  6. Forecast isn't looking good for tomorrow. Are people still going? Jed
  7. Hay jed it's Jase,Jordan an Reece's Seymours Dad. Mad I missed the echo frame from you. If the sale falls through can u give me first dibs on it mate just the sort of thing I am looking for and at tha right price. You ant got anymore laying around at that price have you or know anybody who has. Cheers Jase.

  8. Anyone riding anywhere local to the above places? Wednesday, Thursday or Friday this week Jed
  9. Ali, Just a heads up, have you seen the rule changes for 2012. Elite is now 50% Red and 50% Yellow. http://www.biketrialuk.co.uk/Documents/Rules%202012.pdf Just wasn't sure if you'd seen. Looking forward to the comp. See everyone there, weathers looking alright (thanks for booking the weather Barbara). Jed
  10. Was a good day, right until getting to the train station. Cue Magura deciding it doesn't want to hold oil, and the bolt holding it to the frame stripping. Jed
  11. I'm there. Who else is going Neil? Jed
  12. Was a good day, if a bit slippy and muddy!! Thanks to Barbara for making it happen, especially the extra effort in changing the venue. Was nice to see some new and old faces there. Looking forward to the next season. Jed
  13. You have got that completely right. Thought this article might be of interest to you. Click me Jed