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  1. I also had the upgrade from 7 to 10 pretty much as soon as it come out, windows basically forced it on me, but i didnt loose a thing, and albeit, was quite happy once i got used to the original w10 build. But apart from security upates, i made sure no others downloaded like any beta/creator updates also removing the twatana folder so it doesn't try and use that heap of bing shit, to search for files on my pc... and used spybot anti-beacon to stop any w10 spying, which has been fine, no issues other than whats been patched out like the start menu or calculator bug for example. The issue come when it forced through an update to bring the creators fall update, which it tried to keep all the files. The disconnect from what i can tell, is where 'the standard user' has only one drive so it created a 'windows.old' folder with all desktop shortcuts (i have three things on the desktop, recycle bin, games folder and apps folder, each containing about 20-40 things) it set the path for these shortcuts all to be, for example, C:/users/troy/desktop/games/Doom(1).url rather than E:/.... the (1) was the windows.old copy, but that was what replaced every drive 2 or 3 shortcut, including the start menu, so i was left with a drive full of dud shortcuts and loads of (1) apps that done nothing. Even changing the pathway to the correct line, or using regedit to do it, just created windows error popups. Even startup tasks such as wallpaper engine or cam, refused to load, but all windows reg settings remained correct. Even re-downloaded steam games, path links didn't work at all and im too lazy and too ocd and anal to have a computer not working how i like it. The 100% fresh install deleting everything (3 times) for the main C drive is what put me in the usual situation of having windows packaged apps, also IE11, which i have always used chrome or mozilla(back in day) and that has to be downloaded from the web, somehow. trying to get the installer form mobile is a tough and pointless task. love it how Edge tries its hardest to say other browsers are worse as you go to download chrome die. I know fresh installs mess up drives a fair bit, but upgrading and keeping files setting when first moving to 10, seemed to do a pretty good job.
  2. f**k windows 10 forcing updates. God forbid you have a second or third hard-drive, all pathway links are GONE, all related second drive apps are inaccessible. Reinstall a 100% fresh copy of shitdows 10, allowing it to format the main drive, and so on. Nice clean install... IE11 doesnt work, and crashes non-stop Round 2, reinstall. IE11 doesnt work, any time a link is opened, boom, freezes with 'state repostory service' pinning a 5ghz oc 8700k to 100%.... Round 3, reinstall Same as before, but i have a split second window before state bullshit service freezes IE11, after much trial and error, i got it!! Plug second and third drive in.... E:/ is happy.... D:/ isnt. f**k SPYDOWS 10
  3. Rear wheel bearings eaten shit today. Wonderful.
  4. Dave can you not just create your own thread? It deserves it own!
  5. Slave to the Lizardashians maybe?
  6. Whats the most terrifying conspiracy that you can think of / explain then Mr. Dave? First one that comes to mind.
  7. Whats your thoughts on the UFO footage the pentagon released then my dude? Feed me to the rabbits hole. I genuinely believe there is a lot of true conspiracies, and a lot that the .gov keeps quiet like projects and such. Just look through the blackbirds history for proof of that, back 50 years ago an aircraft of such shape travelling so fast that was unknown/hidden from a lot of military could of been thought as a 'ufo' and the stories from seeing it would of sounded far-fetched.
  8. (all fibre) Plusnet are shite, BT are shite, Sky are shite. Out of the shite, Bt has been the better shite, but loose any routers and get your-own. Ive had very few issues since i have full access to router settings, not locked out by the crap router they give you. But alas, now i have done all this, i have one niggling little bug, in my favourite game, which is provider related, no amount of port forwarding or VPN's can solve. my only option is to go back to bt or sky. I dont want to do that.
  9. Join pof or badoo. Get laid a lot. Ghost them. Dont even think about relationships. Dont even worry if they look attractive or not. IMO once you get into this, you tend not to give a f**k about feelings, this sounds stupidly harsh.... And it is. But Then when you do meet someone you like NOT OFF POF OR BADINGA then you have nothing to loose and you haven't left your self out the game. Thats my bad advice.
  10. Cheers hun xo (presume you meant me) Wheels look okay, just need a clean. Reminds me of
  11. Seeing how tight your gearbox looks makes me realise how dead mine has gotten.... Its been leaking gearbox oil for the last 2 months after hitting a pile of loose chippings on a blind bend. Now its a whiney sloppy mess. Other news, i got more bodykit parts! need to start cutting and bending the sheet metal for the rear diffuser, and once the front parts have arrived its getting a full respray. No more 50 shades of yellow. New wheels but im either selling them or waiting for summer and selling the current ones. Also in relation to the IG car villan fad: Plate got eaten up by snow Car is Flithy Supreme sunstrip is retarded but i love it. Car is WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY too high. Frontbumper is a mess.
  12. new Thor is a pretty film, i hated the other two. Dunkirk is shite, too much money spent on actors rather than story writers. The last Jedi..... Is HORSE SHIT.
  13. Yes - No
  14. The new series is really f**king good, even the celebrity segment! Highly recommend.
  15. clio 172/182.