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  1. Vaporwave has entered my life.
  2. Ruined a solid(enough) mk1 cab today and yesterday. Sump sits about an inch off the floor, the front coilovers are sat on the spring with the shock fully compressed, so he has ordered extended topmounts. Lowering mine tomorrow some more, rear helpers have to come out or itll hit the driveshafts, and potentially giving it more negative camber if i can be f**ked. going to buy a load of sheet metal to begin making the rear diffuser too, planned it out with cardboard, and it looks okay, but will need to cut the lower section of my rear bumper to make it look flush. Ordered a very unique (for the UK) ducktail also, same company as my seatbelt extenders come from, so itll take about 3 months to arrive. Also means when i get the roof spoiler, its going to probably get carbon dipped to match
  3. What ECU is it?
  4. French...
  5. First dips on the rollbar on yours
  6. Been lazy these last three years and lost every slight gain i had, ive gone from being skinny 9 stone to slim toned just under 13 stone, to a fat 13 stone(maybe more) lorry driving slob. Keep getting it into my head that i have to change, but after signing up to some shite gym around the corner from work, i literally feel too embarrassed to work out, no clue why. But i cannot allow my weight to keep rising, intaking all these calories and not burning them off because im sitting for 13 hours a day is one of the reasons i am thinking... But i have had a thought, if i smash out legs, as much as possible, like every day/other day, would this not burn fat off the fastest? Legs by far have become my weakest point, even running about ruins my ankles now, all my fat sits around my gut/lower back. Its vile.
  7. Things have happened, fitted the exhaust properly, welded the centre pipe onto the downpipe after making a section of exhaust. Learning experience and would of just rather paid for it to be done. But it's all sealed well and kept the cat and all the lambdas now. 165/50s come, all the garages in burton couldn't get the shits on, so tried myself with the fire method, to no avail. I know they'll fit on 8j, but the ultralites being single lipped would of been overly bad and potholes probably would of blew the tyres off the bead, so phoned my tyres and sending them back for a refund. Phoned a few place's in burton and got some 185/45 nankang ns2 fitted, not much stretch, but enough to clear everything. Lowered it more, waiting a few days for it to settle and then probably wind it down a little more, but I'll have to take the rear diff / chassis strengthening brace off before it grabs something and launches me into the windscreen. Still need to adjust the camber and play with spacers Quite potentially getting a fast back hardtop prototype at the end of the month, or a custom roof spoiler.
  8. I have just gone and ordered 1700x and a Crosshair VI Hero.... I feel dirty. Intel have f**ked up, and this kabylake build feels pointless now.
  9. What camera was that on? shots the the 240z look so good!
  10. When is D-Day? like the actual date of when we find out. It seems everyone i speak to is voting labour or not at all. All varying backgrounds and ethnicity.
  11. tyres come. in 14" in 205 in 55 Well thats what i get for talking to my boss and ordering tyres... Whoops.
  12. I wont ever vote, lies on both sides, again... Therefore just as before with the brexit vote, as it is my right and choice, i choose not to vote. If they both sat down in fron... Wait no they'd both still lie to my face more than likely.
  13. Well that was an interesting read, Added my useless verdict.
  14. Amen amen
  15. Maximum stock negative camber, not going for the vip level of camber, just enough to not look to out of place. Not getting extended bottom arms or anything like that. Not building the car to handle whatsoever, just to have a pretty low car again.