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  1. The urge to sell the MX5 and get a Jap/German luxo barge is too damn high.
  2. Plains of Eldion is finally here!!
  3. No but i have a raging hard-on for Chris Pratt(and le femme in the film) and Will Smith, so am biased towards their films.
  4. A year late, ive finally watched passengers. Wow..... High contender for my favourite film of all time.
  5. My heads a mess since cuntface accusing me of doing that shit. Im not me anymore, feeling like an empty shell. No matter how many people i talk to about it, its not working.
  6. LTD company setup, business account set up, agency work lined up. Time to earn some moneyyyyyyyyyy. And Probably not get back into Trials///
  7. Fellow Fatty haha, as much as i keep trying to convince myself to go, i probably go around 3 times a month. How the f**k did i get motivated before...
  8. Is it a common thing?
  9. i miss my 36 touring 328 so f**king much,
  10. Lesson learnt... I feel the bullshit was made up to justifying her cheating in the first place. Cuntnuggetwhore.
  11. Well, continuation from 'my ex messaged me' Its been the most horrific experience of my life *NOT CLICKBAIT* (we have been broken up over a year now, i haven't messaged her since, she messaged me first, she cheated on me, i found bloody proof a week after she did, and a few days later she told me) So the conversation on whatsapp went a little like this Normal conversation - Nothing for two days - Conversation about her saying i forced her to have sex and i beat her to what did you used to love about us two sexually, send me a dick pic, i miss you. While all this conversation was going on, i was thinking, why now, what even is this shit, im being called a women beater and rapist, am i being trolled by someone. She confirmed it was her by sending a selfie, and saying something i used to say to her, which ive never said to another person, to me sending essays and the conversation stopping when she said her phone was dieing, she will put it onto charge, and we'll play after. when i was unsure it was her, i tried calling but it said number wasn't available, so phoned through whatsapp, but it was rejected, but rang through nonetheless. Then nothing at all. I sent a text the next day, but still nothing. So thought ill leave it, im not really that fussed if im perfectly honest. But the one nagging thought of her saying i beat her and forced her to have sex remained. I know for certain that nothing of the sort ever happened, so what was she on about. So, a week goes by and im talking to a friend and showed him the conversation, he mentions to message her on facebook, just to see if it is read or not, just just sent something along the lines "guess im not getting a reply then..." left it there, next morning (yesterday) i checked it, to find ive been blocked off there, none of the whatsapp previously mentioned messaged had sent through yet. So went onto instagram to see if ive also been blocked there too, to find shes posted a picture of her and some dude saying so lucky to have him blahblahblah. I screen shotted the pic and sent to three people who have seen that whatsapp shit, my very close friend saw it, and sent her a very abusive message and threatened her. All the while im casually doing deliveries talking to her about it and she said she has been blocked, then i get a random snapchat add. Putting two and two together i presumed this was the 'new' bf, to which i was correct. i send a message saying whos this, and get a paragraph back, threatening me, calling me a rapist and a women beater and to call my dog off from messaging his mrs anymore or they're going to the police. it was a long message, but being called a f**king rapist was absolutely harrowing, i have honestly never felt so sick in my life, i couldn't think, couldn't move, couldn't talk, didn't know weather to cry or get angry. I literally felt like my world was collapsing around me. I sent a message back calmly as i could to defend myself without causing shit to blow up, and the he cooled off a bit, and as the messages carried on, me with this f**ked up accusation, he started to calm down, and the conversation was at least civil, with him listening to my point of view. i reiterated that i dont expect him to take word over hers, but he apparently hadn't seen the extent of the whatsapp conversation in its entirety. He then asked me a question, saying what what would my point of view about forcing her to f**k me be. Of course i responded to him with exactly what happened which was nothing to the sort, i went into a bit of graphic detail and apologised. One thing that went through my head was if i get wrongly sent down for this, i see no purpose on remaining alive. That thought was horrific, but how i felt. All the emotions come with that and driving and crying isnt ideal so pulled over for an hour to calm down and get my thoughts together again, 6 hours left of the day alone in a truck is not a good time for negative thoughts. He then sided with me, and levelled with me saying she burst into tears and told him everything and told me what she had said. To me all of it was like she was talking about a completely different person. As the day went on, he understood my side of events and all that she had to say, i had stronger proof that she is chatting shit every time anything got mentioned. The conversation took a complete u turn and he then said if you tell me more things ill ask her subtly and if she keeps lying he is going to end it with her. so reeled off a few things for him to mention and yet again she lied, he then told me he has read through mine and her's messages from when we was together, and cant believe she has lied to him about all of this. Cutting a long story short(er) turns out they have a house rented together, and he was on a train back from work, once he got there he ended it with her and then started to talk to me and say all sorts against her, i found out his name and what he does as a job, said a few things more and he basically thanked me for showing him that she is a liar and a cheat. I WIN YOU SILLY LYING CNUT. final fantasy 7 victory music was going through my head. cunting bitch f**k f**k cow whore. But i noticed a few convenient things, the whatsapp messages started off with pretty good grammar, and then the two days after it got abbreviated stupid shit like 'u' rather than 'you and numbers accidentally put into words like shi5. reading back through his messages he also did that shit, but was adamant he hadn't seen the messages until i told him to look at them in full, and then ill send him the entire conversation uneditied. but meh, thats justification for coming out with such a vile shitty accusation. I was half tempted to say to them to take it to the police, because i could defend myself to the end of time with all sorts, i had close friends that ive f**ked backing me up and all sorts, ex's talking to me about it and backing me up. f**k all that shit. I honestly dont think ive ever had a worse depressing day in my entire life. Ive cut the story massively short, but there it is. about 15 hours of hell. Hopefully thats it...
  12. Standard duggit car meet procedure, what are they expecting! On the MX5 front, its been slow. The carbon monster truck wing was going to be a 5 month wait, after being told three, so cancelled the order. Went to pick up the Roof spoiler, and ended up waiting 4 hours(after a week from purchase), so he gave me a ducktail for free. Ended up fitting with tigerseal and the ducktail is being painted 26s yellow, same as the car and the roof spoiler is going stain black, maybe along with the mirror caps. Lowered the car down on the fronts to the bottom of the coilovers, literally made the car scrape on anything and everything, and ruined my gearbox on this new road resurfacing shit theyre doing, where all the stones get bunched up to parts of the road that isnt driven on, and the camber of the road hitting my car hard, i had no choice other than batter my car at 2ish mph, the road i come up had shitty pyramid speedbumps, the transition to resurface was after a blind bend and just happened to have the most resurface stone build up for the car to hit. so either way it was bad. New gearbox(should of got a 6 speed), clutch and flywheel, im now smelling oil when the cars gotten upto operating temp for 20ish mins. Cars now raised by about 1ish cm. Still lower than it was. My front wheels have some crazy toe out though, and the tyres are already bald on the main contact patch. Tried 16's while i was at it, for a more tucked look but less low car. Im not overly keen. Vent modifications, bought rc car wheels and made them work better than the floppy oem ones, look a little different 'built not bought init'... rubber poking through are just some anti vibration pc fan 'screws' dont do anything but wave gayly in the breeze. Also the lips arent going black. Looking into custom LED rear lights now, i love the VIP jap cars with crazy custom rear lights, so with my very bad knowledge, will delve into this. EDIT:sprayed reflectors look wank.
  13. Ex who i was/still am really into, got back in touch with me. The conversation was a f**king eye opener. I have 0 clue to where this is leading.
  14. You all need to up your game, wallpaper engine. Like the old vista dreamscapes but a metric shit tonne better.
  15. Whatever happened to Trials-uk? And that shitty retro flash trials learning sight that had the hidden secrets. Trials-uk was the reason this account got validated when i found the pricks home address. Modifiedridah2k9 bullying. Because bullying a kid was fun. The 26" frame with some shitty dragon decals that must of literally never sold. Upsetting Dann more recently. Is trials even still a thing?