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  1. If you've got the time and skill to put it together I suppose it'd be worth it. Would be a good reference for new riders especially those who have no trials experience whatsoever.
  2. FFS, wash the sand out of your vaginas
  3. Bitch, bitch, bitch. Stop acting like a pair of fannies the pair of you!
  4. TGS porn! Already miss it like mad!!!!
  5. Nope, when it was stuck in a boot loop I factory reset it a few times hoping that would fix the problem
  6. After my phone dying the other week I took it back to Carphone Warehouse and after loads of searching they found that despite it being 17 months old it was still covered under warranty. Left it with them to go back to the warehouse and didn't hear a thing till the other day saying it was ready for collection. Went into the store on Monday and the guy in there said they hadn't received it back yet but he'd keep an eye out and let me know the score. Got a phone call this morning saying they'd lost it so the warehouse team has agreed to give me £399.99 credit towards any new handset. TLDR: Carphone warehouse lost my phone but giving me a brand new one of my choice!
  7. I got to the latest one then lost interest, really need to get back on i and get it finished off. In the meantime though I've been watching old episodes of Cracker!
  8. I wear Adidas Terrex Trail Cross for riding in as well as everyday. They've got the stealth sole and are similar in build to fivetens (obviously with adidas owning both) and they're are a specific riding shoe. Worth a look as mine have seem some serious hammer and are still holding up well. As for a jacket I've got an Altura Mayhem jacket I wear everyday, waterproof, lightweight, good pockets, vents and removable hood. Definitely recommend that!
  9. Any railway jobs near you @J.KYDD They pay stupid money for most things and judging by the standard of most of the halfwits employed (yours truly obviously included) you'd piss it. If there's anything nearby that is.....
  10. Nexus 5x, apparently its a known fault after you update to 7.0. Luckily even though I've had it 16 months it's still under warranty, but of a pain though as the wife has the same phone and that's starting to freeze like mine did a few weeks ago
  11. Phone died yesterday, plugged it in to charge up and it restarted, got stuck in a bootloop and now won't turn on at all. b*****d...
  12. I barely ride but I'd still call myself a trials rider. Got three bikes I can't bare to part with as I still get a buzz hopping about on them, even if I only manage 10 minutes every few weeks!
  13. Finally bit the bullet and got a reverb on the way for my rockhopper, also looking at getting in the urban cyclocross race in Sheffield in May. Looks a right laugh! Feeling some love for my trials bikes as well currently, got a full set of new bolts to replace all the rusty ones on my mod so it'll look really tidy, new pads for my Inspired and just a general desire to ride my stock once the weather picks up round here.
  14. Newt weird about that, I'd suggest you give Rick and Morty a try if you haven't already!
  15. Try Ray Donovan as well, and Preacher