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  1. Weather is too shite to ride anyway. Good news is the replacement has just arrived so can hopefully have a ride tomorrow when it's dried up a bit
  2. Last parts for my unicycle came today so I brought it to work to build up only to find they'd sent me 2 right hand crank arms! Spoke to the shop who are posting me a left side out but knowing my luck it'll be a few days before that arrives!
  3. Been digging out the oldskool toys from my dad's garage!
  4. Just been clearing my Dad's garage out as he moved house and he's got a load of mini spares if anyone is interested? Will get a rough list of what's in there and post up some pics.
  5. Did my theory the other week and passed (just) so I can look at booking some direct access lessons now
  6. Taught 3 calisthenics classes now (been doing one a week) and it's getting more and more popular. Been teaching 12 people per class and today filled 14 spaces for next week, had to turn down 4 others who were interested! Helping my confidence massively, I'm usually useless at talking to anyone face to face but each week I've gotten better and seeing where I can work on stuff. Also got my unicycle on the build, 27.5 suitable for the road and some light trails. Should be fun!
  7. And that's exactly what I enjoy about the whole calisthenics thing and posting vids/pics for people! EDIT: Oh, and the big machine is just the lever frame of one of the signalbox's I work in
  8. Insta is isitafox_allcore
  9. Nah just on the side, main job pays too well to chuck it in plus I've still got loads of spare time on my hands to teach. My main aim is to just get more people interested and have a go!
  10. Taught my first calisthenics class tonight. Despite absolutely shitting myself beforehand everyone loved it and want more!
  11. Yeah there's quite a few in Blackpool, loads do ride the lights every year. Frame has just arrived today, I planned on having it painted but it's come and looks to only have been done recently. Blue with a gold speck, looks pimptastic!
  12. I used to use my old 29er to do the school run with my eldest son in a morning, 3 mile round trip. Was hard work as mostly downhill going which drained my legs and then pedalling back up was a killer! Hopefully get a disc brake on this one though to make the downhills a bit more bareable! Got a pimped maggy louise sat doing nothing in my spares box!
  13. Bagged a 29er unicycle frame off Ebay earlier for just over a tenner (around £80 new). Can't wait to build it up and get back on one wheel!
  14. White import SRi local to me