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  1. Nexus 5x, apparently its a known fault after you update to 7.0. Luckily even though I've had it 16 months it's still under warranty, but of a pain though as the wife has the same phone and that's starting to freeze like mine did a few weeks ago
  2. Phone died yesterday, plugged it in to charge up and it restarted, got stuck in a bootloop and now won't turn on at all. b*****d...
  3. I barely ride but I'd still call myself a trials rider. Got three bikes I can't bare to part with as I still get a buzz hopping about on them, even if I only manage 10 minutes every few weeks!
  4. Finally bit the bullet and got a reverb on the way for my rockhopper, also looking at getting in the urban cyclocross race in Sheffield in May. Looks a right laugh! Feeling some love for my trials bikes as well currently, got a full set of new bolts to replace all the rusty ones on my mod so it'll look really tidy, new pads for my Inspired and just a general desire to ride my stock once the weather picks up round here.
  5. Newt weird about that, I'd suggest you give Rick and Morty a try if you haven't already!
  6. Try Ray Donovan as well, and Preacher
  7. I found it slow going at first, finally got good in the 2nd to last episode of the second season. Stick at it!
  8. Now I may be biased being a Potter nerd but Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is f**king brilliant. Highly recommended to everyone!
  9. Instead I've dug the books out which I've not read since my early teens!
  10. I started rewatching them all before I watched the new series but I've got to series 8 (after skipping most of 7 which is shite) and I'm struggling to find the motivation to put myself through it!
  11. Well so far I've not got around to buying a camera yet as other things have come up but last week I got my son a camera for his birthday. He likes using my Sjcam so I got him a new SJcam M10, it's their version of the GoPro session but with a screen, cost just over £40 for a real one off Amazon and I'm well impressed. It comes with a waterproof case and all sorts of mounts and the sound quality is a huge improvement to the 4000. Even in the case the sound is clear and it comes with a speaker friendly door to improve it further (though you can't use it underwater with that fitted obviously). Definitely worth checking out for the money!
  12. What the f**k happened to @JD™'s profile pic?
  13. Is that a euphemism?
  14. I think we should all follow the example of the state of California!
  15. TGS special for 2017?