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  1. Tight this month but if you've still got it in a few weeks I might be able to find some ££
  2. Roughly how much are you after?
  3. Yup, get yourself a copy of this then get practicing. It's a bit oldskool now but the fundamentals are all the same! (and the comedy is class)
  4. Wow, actually just noticed your bars. They're huge, maybe worth trying some oldskool Zoo bars if you can get a set!
  5. Found it here He's 5'5" and ran a 150x30° but with super low risers.
  6. Not sure if he's still about but might be worth tapping up @dezmtberas he's a short arse who also rode an Austin. Will try to find a thread with his build as that was super cramped when I had a ride on it!
  7. Not really any manuals but Tartybikes have some good videos showing a few various things
  8. Did my CBT last October but haven't had the time or money to do anything else yet so the other night I booked my theory test for next month. Gonna have some spare cash available after next month so I can sort out my direct access over the Summer hopefully
  9. CX, hardtail, 4play and Rockman stock and occasionally ride none of them
  10. Bargain!
  11. Probably adopted it so they can finally kill it off
  12. Actually....
  13. New wheels are on the Golf (I know it needs a wash!) Best £80 I've spent on her!
  14. My Auntie called up earlier in her new motor she picked up yesterday so went for a quick spin. 1.8 and only 78k on the clock, told her not to crash this one cause I want it!