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  1. hey mate, iminterested in the black zoo! bars, would paypal be alright to pay?

  2. Incredible
  3. Going to be in Southampton this weekend and might stay on sunday anyone out and about on the bikes?
  4. me and skuz will be riding basingstoke Thursday night peeps are welcome
  5. Ok weather is looking slighty better these days anyone riding this week at all?
  6. I like the way your talking im going to be out this saturday whatever from 4 so if anyone wants to join hit me up
  7. dont think this weekend is an option will see what the weather holds for us next weekend itching to get out!
  8. anybody up for a ride later this week (weather permiting) prefferable an evening...
  9. I tour would be useful as I litteraly know no riding spots at the moment pop me a message if you decide to stay local
  10. i wont be finished until around 4 pop me your number ill give you a text on the day see if your still out
  11. Im off work sunday evening what time are you thinking of goin out?
  12. As above, ive moved to hook not long ago looking for local riders to go out and have a tinkle on the bikes with hit me up if you are Matt
  13. insane riding! really liked the video
  14. thanks for the comments
  15. Hello peeps, My first little video edited by james woodbridge feedback welcome! enjoy