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  1. how do you change your name on trials forum?
  2. its always good just to watch videos of your faverout riders, and watch there techniques and try to adapt them to your own style. good videos to watch are ryan leech's. just remember to hover over your back wheel, jump up in time with kicking your pedals down, and then when air bourn bring your kicking foot back up ready to kick again. good luck charlie link to ryan leeches video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cuo7BslZXz8&feature=related
  3. try these, http://www.tartybikes.co.uk/1920_inch_wheels/tryall_rear_19_inch_cnc_disc_wheel/c61p11463.html , http://www.tartybikes.co.uk/1920_inch_wheels/echo_tr_rear_disc_19_inch/c61p10717.html or if you dont mind buying two wheels you may as well buy the onza pro wheel set http://www.tartybikes.co.uk/1920_inch_wheels/onza_pro_wheelset/c61p11428.html i would go for the tryall to be honest but there all ok i suppose
  4. discs on a 26inch are ok but they flex too much but if they are made for a disk shorly they have fixed the problem to the best of there ability and should be ok i would recomend a maggie though
  5. well i wish you luck in trials mate
  6. get trial tech race wheels.....they are undrilled but are strong and light or just trial drilled rims
  7. it really depends on what you want because if you are only just learning to side hop and you have not masterd it yet and you side hop the same side as the disks then i would recomend maggies as ur likely to bend the disks and i would go with the maggie on the back because if you put a light grind on and tome tar with the best pads thes there not gona slip and the reason i would say disk on the front because it wont make much of a diffrence and i find that when riding to places the front maggie is too loud and irritating but thats just my opinion lol
  8. i think the oposite if i was you i would go onto a 24 or 26 inch as they will improve your riding in the long run and it will be alot better for your size and also if ur a bit heavy and as a starter bike i would go for something like an onza or a inspired but as a first bike i would definatly go for an onza as there good bikes and very good for what you pay for them but i do agree you should deffinatly look on ebay and in the for sale section on the forum and look around a bit before making a decision but i would definatly go for a 24 or 26 inch. good luck in trials and choosing a bike.
  9. i supose the bike is ok but in my opinion you could get something alot better i would recomend something like an onza cleaner, Onza SpyroGyra or and onza hitman as they are all reasonably good bikes and are exalent for the price. well good luck in getting back into trials.
  10. the only real differences are the shape of the levers and the screw is positioned differently so it doesn't come loose, the cylinders are smaller so they are lighter, Full 6061-T6 construction rather then cast aluminium making the brakes stronger, the hose construction is plastic, with a kevlar reinforced centre, making it much tougher than the standard plastic hose and is closer to the bars so you are less likely to hit it, Pin in the brake cylinders are much smaller, making them stronger and stiffer as well as preventing them from scraping against the rim when pads are worn down and can be made wider and shorter to fit the rim and mounts better. other then this the only main difference is the price. and they are more powerful but not by a lot.
  11. yeah im up for meeting up if you want i live in swanley

  12. i would recommend for a youngster either the koxx microsky http://tartybikes.co.uk/product.php?product_id=10837&category_id=507 or the monty 205 pr 09 http://tartybikes.co.uk/product.php?product_id=2121&category_id=507 hope he becomes a trial legend one day
  13. I would go for the Monty 220 kamel myself.
  14. not really it depends on the bike.
  15. not really because you can get longer and shorter frames, higher stems and higher bars. But it all comes down to money really if you buy a long mod bike and buy longer and higher handle bars and a stem you should be fine, but if not and you don't want to spend a lot of money on your first trial bike then i would go for a cheep stock or you could always go for a second hand bike already built for your size