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  1. Thanks don't know why I just dent do that.
  2. dose anyone know a post code for shipley glen or the cafes post code? Thanks.
  3. He is one amazing rider he goes so big with every thing.
  4. Hi just fort id put this video on its old now but so inspiring.
  5. It has probly gave you good balance I would consider a Mod.
  6. hmm Well on a grind they don't have the best life span as I realised after 2 days of riding, but yeah just try them on smooth first and see what you think.
  7. If your not bothered about Wight then the echo Urban is a really strong rim not too much money ether but I would try the trialtech sport. Is your chose really diffident riders not every one is the same.
  8. you could get a decent stem for round about £30 and handlebars around £50 for brand new, I would recommend getting riser bars
  9. i was not before i posted this.
  10. Okay thanks mate. Am going to check out your youtube link .
  11. Hi, I was just wondering how many people I need to validate me, because I joined not far off 8 months now so I can not be far off. Thanks for reading info would be nice.
  12. Ehco Urbans are going good for me nice and cheep too. haha and that's cheeky but yeah i would like to be too.
  13. Heatsink yellows i loved mine till my backings snapped, it should be no problem if you get cnc backings.
  14. thanks. And no i don't think they are silent, my friend Ben Lazenbey uses them i have not road with him in a long time so i can not remember what he used with them i think he just slaps lots of tarr on.
  15. Hello, I have just order some white heatsink snowys i am wondering what they will work best with. ? thanks.