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    Custom home made frame! Echo urban wheels on tr hubs, Echo urban forks, Jitzie stem, try-all rage bars, tensile cranks, zhi pedals, Front and rear maguras
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  1. Snapped my magura brake cable yesterday, great -.-

    1. Carlperkins


      didnt know magura made cable brakes.

    2. Kenny--Trials
  2. They aren't washers, they are other snail cams with notches

  3. Could you send me a pic of those washers please.

  4. come lowestoft ride with alex n laurence that should be a awsome ride

  5. come lowestoft ride with alex n laurence that should be a awsome ride

  6. you done a good job of that vid

  7. hi mate you rode awsome today. when are you going to put them vids together and put it one the forum?. good ride today.

  8. Hi mike,

    Just wondering if you could bring out a video to show your pads performance in all weather conditions. I ask this because i have bought some coustsinks 'the best pads in the world' but they turned out crap and a let-down. If you bring out a video im sure people will be more convinced to buy them.

    Thanks, Kenny.

  9. hi kenny sorry about not being able to ride today we didnt get on the train till 9 and we were therre at 5 so we were nackered do you wont to ride lowestoft sunday if so do you wont to ask some people from norwhich to come and ride aswell? good ride saturday anyway