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  1. Hi peeps, Does anybody know if there's any difference at all between specific bike brake oil and car brake/clutch oil? Dot 4 and dot 5.1 just seems a fair amount cheaper from somewhere like halfords than chain reaction Thanks Kenny
  2. That thing looks as if its going to be damn heavy anyway because it looks as though its stainless steel. Also, whats the need for the tapered headtube?
  3. I haven't measured it off the bike but it should be 995mm wheel base, 350mm chainstays and +95 bb height
  4. cheers biddle it is messy because i haven't done much aluminium welding yet but i hope to make another better one in the next few years
  5. It's finally finished!! So here it is... So far it rides fairly well but the rear brake makes the frame flex so much and so I definitely need a booster
  6. Ah right, no im definitely not high class enough for an oven that size I was speaking to my boss today and he said that hardening isnt that expensive so i think ill look a bit more into it. And you're totally right about the design/hardness problem. ill have to do a google search of which rods it is then it has been a really great project and i really want to make another one now i know what went well and what didnt
  7. it really wouldn't fit in a domestic oven so id need to take it to a specialist to get it hardened which may or may not be worth the time/money. Because this is the first frame ive done, im expecting to have to re-weld it at some point which would remove the temper in a large area around that and im expecting that to get it hardened would be fairly expensive. I have used special magnesium alloy welding rods which are much stronger than the ones what we would normally use for aluminum tig welding. I think im just going so see how age hardening goes as i do want to make a few more frames so it wouldnt be the end of the world if it did break and ill be much better at alu-tig welding then anyway Also i just had the idea that it might become brittle if it was too hard, thoughts?
  8. It might not harden fully anytime quick, but im pretty sure that a significant part of it is done in the first week of it being heated, possibly the first few days EDIT: Been looking on aalco's website which is the aluminium supplier we have at work and it states that age hardening works on 2000 series, 6000 series and 7000 series
  9. Thanks I asked one of my friends at work about that and they said that it doesnt need to be heat treated at all because aluminium hardens over time (after being heated) and will go back to its original temper from when it was made
  10. I was really hoping nobody would notice the dent haha, but yes it is. And yeah the bottom bracket is also somewhere I'm going to gusset to hell.
  11. To be honest i dont have masses of hope for it because it feels waaayyy too light but we shall see thanks
  12. Update: I'm so close to finishing now! It's all welded up, just got to put a few gussets on and make the brake mounts and it's done!
  13. i plan on running duel maggies, what do you mean carrying the welds on past where they normally end?
  14. 4130 is much stronger than the carbon steel (which im assuming is just a form of mild steel). 4130 tubes are also extruded from a die (cold drawn) when they're made where as the mild steel ones are most probably rolled hot from sheet to save a fair chunk of money. But, mild steel is much stronger than the 6061 or 7005 grades of aluminium most commonly used in trials frames. So, personally, i dont really see the need in spending the extra money for 4130 when chances are that if it did crack, it would crack on the weld anyway.
  15. i had those places in mind but i was just wondering where exactly, like is it the welds that crack or is it just next to them?