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  1. Archive XL - Tapered frame and Fork

    That thing looks as if its going to be damn heavy anyway because it looks as though its stainless steel.   Also, whats the need for the tapered headtube?
  2. Building frame

    I haven't measured it off the bike but it should be 995mm wheel base, 350mm chainstays and +95 bb height
  3. Building frame

    it is messy because i haven't done much aluminium welding yet but i hope to make another better one in the next few years
  4. Building frame

    It's finally finished!! So here it is... So far it rides fairly well but the rear brake makes the frame flex so much and so I definitely need a booster 
  5. Building frame

    Right so, i haven had a trials bike in a while now (about 2 years) and since i have started a job doing aluminum/steel fabrication so naturally i want to build my own frame Im currently trying to draw up the frame design on solidworks 3d cad so i can make a jig from that and then get to putting it all together but just the cad drawings are proving impossible because i dont have anything to measure off. The tartybikes videos do help explain where the dimensions are from/to but im having trouble with things like: - the internal size of the head tube - bottom bracket cup length, thread size and internal diameter (without thread depth) - typical tube diameters for top tube, bottom tube, chainstays, ect everything else i could probably do, any help/advise would be greatly appreceated thanks edit: if anyone knows how the offset on forks work that would be handy too