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  1. Glad I was not the only one lol
  2. Love it
  3. That ending ......... I think we have found our 2018 hero all ready ... Looking forward to the Scottish invasion this year at rad fest .
  4. I think they are great , they feel nice when set up
  5. That was cool I liked that chilled . Nice spot as all ready said
  6. I have just got a set and it was on my mind as I am not the lite'st guy out there lol . I have only seen one set have a stress mark on them but not crack and let out on the guy .
  7. @LEON the same guys yes ....you ding bat Eddie Tongue and chris akrigg.....
  8. I got the Martins , eddy tong and Chris arg from bike 99/2000
  9. Banging dude , nice one
  10. @LEON that kona."... legend
  11. Yes yes lads , hope to have you down our way again one .
  12. Street is definitely up but I do see people rocking new pure’s as well . as for 24 saving trials..... well I do agree with this to a point . It was definitely what got me back in to the sport after having a long break from it all . Trials has changed I think there is room for both , i do think 26 will make a return as there are riders who have been on 24s and now moving back . In my opinion I could not care what people ride there is room for every one and as long are people getting together it can only do good for the sport to grow again . @Ross McArthur chucked up a vid the other day with riders from both sides of the fence . to be fair I think these type of group rides are better cos you see what one style is doing and try to match it . Times have changed and there are now multiple platforms to show case what you can do on a bike.
  13. Nice watch that . Like the fact different styles all working together. Your man on the breath is a beast .
  14. Crazy
  15. 0.48/0.49 music timing , the angle , the boost on that gap perfect. Nice edit man
  16. Different liked it nice
  17. Foams all day long
  18. Cheers man . Yea that's what I feel it should be about . Sure it has its moments when you are like F this but you got to keep it fun .
  19. Me on the tms evo 5 . I don't do the bike justice ,it can do so much more than what I am chucking at it . It's like driving a race car in 1st gear lol . Any ways had fun this year which is what it's about for me . can't wait for me back to get better so I can get back riding again . Don't take the edit to seriously it's a bit of fun , I am no Watson nor am I a uci hero . Just a old boy that don't want to chuck the towel in just yet . its a 2 parter so hold on for the F-ups at end . It's worth it just for the last crash lol. Enjoy a old man making a boob of his self .
  20. This masked hero needs to make a return
  21. YES the hero that is
  22. What was that guy on inster that was doing all the funny trials vids.? Done one with a guy on a mod hoping up a tree trunk ,took ages got to the top and then a little French flag popped up.
  23. Cheers Andy 35 feeling like 65 after that last bump lol i need this in my life . Or one that says idiot on a bike .
  24. My hope is that toast will tweak it
  25. Sum's my bike riding life up in a pic