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  1. That time of year again, where my avatar makes sense for a month.

  2. Wow, this forum is becoming a ghost town.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. FamilyBiker


      as i know this forum it´ll be months until it´ll be realized anyways,sooo...

    3. HippY


      actually no

      there were 382 users in the past 15 min

      but only 21 of them members. and they do not talk as well

    4. Ben Cox
  3. *pops head through door* is TF fun again? "THOUGHTS ON SELF HARM"

    1. FamilyBiker


      bad weather makes people weird...

    2. MadManMike


      Weird people are weird, not the weather.

  4. Topics get locked when the conversation gets heated. Bullsh*t.

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    2. Rusevelt


      Trials forum is most alive when we get the odd heated disputes.

    3. isitafox


      Yeah but 95 percent of the heated debates tend to be about inspired riders not being proper trials riders and it not being like trials should be

    4. Luke Dunstan

      Luke Dunstan

      Which is true?


      I'm joking of course!

  5. Anyone use tumblr?

  6. TF seems pretty quiet recently? I hope it's due to the weather being swell!

    1. dann2707


      im just scared of writing posts incase of the keyboard warriors get me :( i kid.

    2. TROYston


      Right thats it im reporting you!

  7. I've dreaded this day, I never saw my self role playing with an over excitable gay Frenchman.

  8. The fact that a thread about a faulty water bottle can get more interest than threads about trials says a lot. Christ.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Luke Dunstan

      Luke Dunstan

      Haha, I should know better.


    3. dann2707


      Everyone likes to blow off some steam now nd again.

    4. Luke Dunstan

      Luke Dunstan

      Makes good readin'.

  9. I asked a fortune teller to read my future. Suddenly, she went pale and sprinted from the room. So I grabbed the crystal ball, chased the bitch down and beat her to death. I wonder what the f**k she saw in that thing.

  10. For the love of god, Drogba got a lucky header and scored a penalty. Whoop de feckin doo. The press are banging I about how much of a hero he is.


  12. King Kenny, the worst Pool manager since Barrymore.

  13. There needs to be a spending cap in the Premier League, Man City are taking the piss now. Chucking 10s of millions around like it's pocket money.

  14. King Kenny dethroned, out you go you orrible bloke.