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  1. Hey there, I have not been riding for a few months now and I am missing it loads. Want to start again but my back wheel won't let me. It buckled a while back. Simple job I straightened and re tightened it all (spokes and hub) soon as I drop off anything over about 2 feet it buckles again. I know people will say technique of landing but never had the problem before on other bikes wheels or this wheel. Is it time to admit defeat and buy a new back wheel? If so what would you recommend? To fit a GU typhoon? Thanks
  2. quality
  3. Hey man ... I started out on an onza pro, and found the geometry of the bike was great and easy enough to learn on, but they just arent reliable what so ever. So... its a matter of opinion i guess whether your willing to spend the money later on, on upgrading parts and that or spend up front and get a yes more expensive but more reliable bike. i now have the GU Typhoon and the geometry is great and much more reliable and lighter as well i think (not sure if thats right but it definatley feels that way) Anyways ... hope this helped in some way
  4. haha.
  5. hahahahahahaha. Nice. And yeah i still use to fingers but have been told one feels much better. Smoother and safer with one finger The way to go apparently. I will be converting as soon as.
  6. Hey Luke, Good to hear another rider getting into trials. Like people have said decide a size first but if choosing mod one thing i would say is dont get the onza pro. It was my first bike when i first started, and i literally had to tamper with it like every half hour when out riding and also constantly i had to buy parts to upgrade. Like i ended up with just the bars and frame. I changed both brakes completley, both wheels (not cheap), pedals, and before i got a new bike i was about to change bottom bracket and cranks. I would just say its not worth it. Its a good starter bike for riding but rather expensive to maintain, seeing as your on a tight budget like me. Hope this helped, and hope the other riders can give you a hint towards which bike. Good luck!
  7. Erm... My old ipod was called simon, but i have no idea why. Girlfriend named it and am whipped i guess so it stuck but then simon died so... :/ Other than that not really... althouhg my dog seems to have caught the nickname "ugly" or "sponge" haha Ace topic.
  8. Interesting answers to be honest. I was expecting alot more mainstream stuff. Thats sweet. Yeah i tend to listen to one extreme or another. Like something chilled and nice and flowing, or something really heavy (your demise as said above or LIFERUINER.) Interesting that people have such different riding songs. Also like said by Ben Swales, I normally only have it in on ear and not full blast.
  9. Hey. Just a curious post. I was wondering what music people like to listen to when riding if any? I love all music from blues to screamo to dub and chart. Everything and anything. Please just comment what genres or bands/artists you like? Be cool to find some new riding music cheers
  10. I used to run the Echo TR cams and had no problems at all. work a treat. But like kaarel said you can get better if you dont mind puttin the pennys in
  11. Me and sam moss will definatley be there at 12 at piccadilly pal. Maybe a couple of others with us, it was me who just text you by the way Forecast for rain, but will keep an eye on it hope its all clear
  12. Hey, I had the TR disc on my Onza (20") and like bigman said, its noting special. i bought the Echo TR rear wheel set up which came with the disc, and replaced it with hs33 rim brake and works a treat on that rim. Amazing setup. but wouldnt recommend the TR disc setup to be honest.
  13. What time were you thinking?
  14. HAHA, nice pal. Gotta keep your woman happy i guess erm ... not too sure but add me on facebook pal, george1995@hotmail.com. (george powell) and we will sort something out soon. Dead right we need more riders round here. And definatley i know what you mean about the centre always being packed haha
  15. Yeah man that was me out on the black gu Should've come to have a chat with us... I dont check TF as much as i should but sam always eeps me posted, we all need to get a ride going soon. I think me and sam fancied liverpool soon. But yeah i know manc is always busy but we do need more riders out there, make it a local spot Plus sam ans adam had a nice audience going for some time!!