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  1. Monotrial front and rear. You seen what happened to my TrialZone rotors..
  2. Cut down your fork steerer. (gay)
  3. Have you ever had voluntary sex? haha
  4. Mine aren't there a complete different weave. Mine have many gouges out of them, pretty deep aswell and there still going strong. I put a light cover of superglue over just to help a wee bit. But I seriously doubt running bars at different angles will make them snap faster, I reckon there has been a bad batch of Try all carbons lately.
  5. I snapped one of the single speed ones in 3 days haha
  6. I wouldn't. I still don't understand after the million topics about chains, why people still choose not to use a Z610HX..
  7. The caliper splits in 2 so it's easier to service. There is a little hole which connects the two halves of the caliper together, with a little o-ring to seal it. If you genuinely still think you are right, I'll try find one at work tomorrow, strip it and get pictures for you.
  8. Got any updates?
  9. No they don't. If they only have one moving piston, explain why both pistons have seals? and why both of them move when you pull the lever.
  10. Might be hard to do that with TNN clamps
  11. Pretty hard to put one in squint though? I've got 2 Echo frames and haven't stripped a thread on either.
  12. How is it even possible to strip that thread?.. Or any thread in that case..
  13. Why though? After you spent all that time researching geo and designing it for yourself..
  14. Looks good. But what's with all the holes drillled everywhere?