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    Runs Scottish Bike trials club. Dad of Aaron and Simon Duke and mechanic,driver, chef, dummy spat out collector, sponsnsor, organiser, packer of van, emptier of van. wont clean bikes after (smile)
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  1. Hi Ben, I thought I was all alone in having no social media. Now there is two. Off to Spain for BIU today but he is still not fixed so we will see. Barn is all free! Great places down the east coast to ride just out of Edinburgh. Talk when you get here.
  2. Hi Ben, As far as I know there is nobody left in Edinburgh riding, but Aaron is always out riding somewhere down the East coast or we have a barn to practice in when the weather is crap. He is injured at the moment, but hopefully back soon. Give him a shout on what ever social media is current. Glasgow with Ross and gang is better for street.
  3. lets play who can hook and go up to back all day. BORING! and as for the standard of observing.
  4. Hi All, Thanks to the many that attended and those that gave up their day to observe and do the sign on. Sections seemed great and I had the oppertunity to have varied ones. and they have promissed us more materials for next year, if it goes a head nexy year. Thank you to TRIALTECH for the medals.
  5. Aaron and I should be there from sunny Scotland.
  6. Muckmedden has been in touch. All who have pre entered are on the list to get into camping/parking area. Youand minders/hangers on! will then have togo to the sign on tent to get access wrist bands that allow you into the venue.
  7. Had a couple of days working on sections. Big stuff moved in yesterday. Sections still need work and one still to be built when village goes up. Will be up Thurday/Friday if anyone feels the need to give me a hand you will be welcome! Remember need entries in for entry passes.
  8. Well after a loads of sunshine for the last month or so we got wet with wind and sun as well. It didnt stop us and with a growing turnout and lots of new young riders that are coming to the next round it all seemed to go great. Big thankls to Jim Kerr for Bob macgregor academy, Blackwood Plant hire for the machine, Lewis Munro for giving up a weekend to drive it, Trialtech for all the medals, Aquawash for the sign on truck and sponsorship, Drumclog plant hire for section sponsor, CMC Designs for section sponsor and Roberstson Construction as section sponsor. Only one big crash. see below sorry its a bit blurry but as he is mine I got a bit of a scare! On his way to hospital!!!
  9. Great to see new young riders coming on and well done to him. Its the same up here with new young riders.
  10. I am voting for Dave Anscombe, as he has most of the answers and I agree with every one of his points so far. I think he should run and sort all this mess out. Start the revolution brudda !!!
  11. Hi All, Comp entry up for Round 4 at Newburgh just East of Perth. Run in conjuction with Muckmedden Eliminator weekend, so lots of other things to do Friday Saturday like last years Cream of the Croft. Food, beer, silent disco, giant waterslide and much more. I need entries in by 20thJune Please as the main organiser needs to get passes etc for camping and rider minder passes pre event. Please note that this is a SATURDAY comp to fit in with them. All sections man made with two having some natural parts. It was great last year and was great fun. Putting in 20 plus ton of quarried rock next week Pics next week of sections. I will bring entries with me to Bob Macs this weekend. 2017RND4NEWBURGH entry.doc
  12. real exhaust and real engine V8s rule Santa Pod last weekend
  13. some photos from santa pod last week
  14. I am sure but only to the police.