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  1. section 1 puncture. section 2 front brake pressure lost. section 3 he did cross a gate at the top of the log. section 4 could argue with the other riders being marked less lenient. section 5 took a five on the first gate to make a statement. so all in all bad day at the office.
  2. His back wheel never went through the gate(its on the video) and UCI rules are, even if your foot is on the pedal and it touches its a point and they are very strict about it.. Jack was making a statement about the observing in the last section. He afterwards got a further 10 points added let him know that UCI is boss.
  3. Depending on who you are is always the problem. Look at the SSDT this year as well? But we had a great weekend 7.8% beer and sun and great entertainment. I really dont care that much anymore after seeing how bad observing gets when we were in Spain at a BIU event a couple of years ago. That was just blatant in your face no hiding it, cheating for the Spanish riders. (Cezch last year was very good observers and restored a bit of faith) After that and another bad observing Spanish comp its just fun at these events and you just have to smile take the five and move on. Dominic Oswald two years ago at Andorra lost the world junior championship to a french rider with french observers on the last section.and the crowd just couldn't believe the given five changed to not a five after he crossed the tape.
  4. MMMH I was there and it was a head shaking, eye rolling day. Observing was very poor in all classes and Kenny in the last section was a five all day long and it was not given to get him on the podium. Yet they give Jack extra points for making a statement about it. But it is still absolutely amazing to watch the level that these guys ride at. Everybody can have a view on it but it is great entertainment from a neutral spectator.
  5. ????? explain
  6. how to leave a section with time running out.
  7. Who says trials is not spectacular or dangerous?
  8. That time of year again. getting big digger hopefully organised to make new sections and modify some of the usual. Camping with toilets for Saturday night and the infamous cafe will be open Saturday as well as Sunday. Entries will be up on Entry Central soon. New section marking making it better and easier and some event sponsors to be announced shortly Hopefully give it a go area on Saturday afternoon and Sunday TBC.
  9. I was thinking of running for a benevolent dictator party at this election. I need various posts filled anybody here up for joining me or recommending anybody.. Bike trials guru construction engineer to turn all enclosed stadiums in the land into free trials parks. personal physician keep me healthy from all the bad drugs personal security keep me safe from all the secret lunatic organisations out their to get me. personal court jester make me laugh personal chef so I dont get hungry, no GM food. personal masseuse no explanation required personal driver take me places but must not drive off the edge fake news starter to make me look how I want and keep the masses happy (benevolent bit of my dictatorship) Various other post will be filled when required, remember ever body else that I dont like, disagrees with me and everybody that does not contribute to society will be put up against the wall. Anybody vote for me.
  10. Big thanks to the Rolls family for all the hard work and being great hosts. What an event, everybody I spoke to really enjoyed it. Weather was great as well.
  11. sponsored by a cow, cool are you wearing the black and white team colours. Don't do all that social media pish. I can get in enough trouble on here haha.
  12. So come September and Brexit is closer, 3199 will be closer to the cost of a new van the way the pound is going? Still under £3k for now. He is saving already.
  13. Or is it? It will be good though is the word on the street. Please note that everything stated here is not word on the street and is not an opinion or true and is purely for fun purposes. There is no brand loyalty, but we do thank the good work that Tarty Bikes did in getting a bike up to us over a bank holiday weekend at short notice. Thanks where thanks is due.
  14. WHAT YOU TALKIN ABOUT WILLIS. no he he has no association with Clean and pays for his bikes like everybody else, I take it that is you hiding your face in shame? He better not snap this one all season or he will need to get another job. Carbon is the future like the new £10K intense downhill bike WTF. I got a brand new van for not much more than that!!!! To be said in the Billy Connolly accent.
  15. Fort Willy pics.