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  1. Seaine, if its a British round then you can just enter and pay on line at the Bike trial Federation website. (No licence) If its a club round, if you are only doing one round then you can get a day membership on the day. Just pre enter at the respective clubs contact details. its easy! Wouldn't worry about cycling Ireland, all the national bodies no nothing about trials. But the Scottish one is coming to understand the benefits of trials. See you this year.
  2. After a request for a new topic for comp riders to add requests to be discussed for 2017. This will hopefully run along side a questionnaire like last year? Please just add what you want discussed or raised for next year and no discussions on here please. I will collate these and add them to the relevant peoples discussions points for the BTF AGM. If there is to much to discuss in the short time then maybe it can be discussed somewhere else before 2017. Now is your chance to have a say.
  3. Thanks for posting, My Dad and mother in law both have Parkinsons, both to a much lesser extent, but that was just amassing to watch. They have legalised it in some states in America for medical use. Big pharmaceutical companies wont have a money interest, so it will be interesting to see where this goes, as its not just Parkinsons that it relieves symptoms. Cant see it happening in this country?
  4. I was going to give you a round of applause but short arms.
  5. Today all motivated, again bring 2017 on, cant wait.
  6. I was actually thinking along those lines and agree with you. take it a step further and we all do it in our gardens, then the travel issues go away, everybody will be clean and Mark will need somebody else to try and have fun with. Guess I don't do well with the keyboard warriors and my violin is much bigger. I don't do social media does that make me a dinosaur and have wee arms. Mark ready for your reply?
  7. Guess its time to go put my enthusiasm and time into a sport that someone gives a F***
  8. What like being a weegie?
  9. Nah Iv got 15+ years onya youngster. Just watched a documentary from Sweden, the right are laying it on big time on the streets and in parliament. Had to laugh at the pretend call to prayer from a van in a posh suburb from these right wing extremists at six in the morning. I am an atheist, but a bit worrying when they ask churches to remove crosses as it offends other religions. Going a bit to far? Read your link, interesting. Have been saying that and that facebook and other social media (which I will never have, although outwith of this discussion has its uses) is a newish phenomenon, that in the last to elections has no doubt led to where we are now. The main stream press are no better in my opinion in the reporting of news nowadays. But where do you then form opinions that make the masses do the correct thing. It is also the masses insashable need for completely un-news worth crap that has led the way. Just look at the celebrity news that is a huge part of out media in all formats. i don't give a flying F**K who got married divorced or got plastic surgery. I really really don't care
  10. my opinion is, that it is low level politicians and media are feeding people the wrong answers and even the wrong problems. crime has been going down for years, terrorism as well, but still people are more afraid than ever. Just a point Jeff, I don't think I ever stated that Info wars is a credible news feed, (but there must be some truths in their or they would be slapped with all kinds of injunctions?)what I did introduce was a topic for discussion. I agree with most of your points in your post. But being older, i agree that our life is much easier now than in the past, but the present brings its own more complex life. Mainly social media in the most recent generations has a lot to answer for, because everybody has more information and therefore opinions. (which can also be a good thing) Some people find it very easy to spout hate to others, if they do not agree with there points of view on these modern platforms. A problem being that there is to many ways of reading a statement and keyboard warriors and others can insight there views to millions without consequence or debate. Again genuine question, why do they feel the need to make the masses more afraid than ever, when it would seem to me that if they said that actually things are getting better, now more than ever vote for me? I know the press would not sell any papers or advertising if they reported happy things and just the news. Personally I blame the Eastenders/reality TV soap culture, life is all doom and gloom message.
  11. I do agree with that point, but why did it get to that situation in the first place? (genuine question I am asking)
  12. Is that not what happened yesterday?
  13. Yes it is if the establishment is corrupt and self serving and needs changing. In the western world we have moved on from coups and uprisings and we do it by this voting method. We the world are in a very difficult period of our history just now and as I see it, it is going to get a lot worse before it gets better, or maybe I am just to old and cynical. Totally agree with your last point, but they all are.
  14. Scotland allowed 16 year olds to vote in the independence vote, for exactly the reasons you mention. (They said how bad we are treated by the rest of Britian (England) where actually there is no truth in that) We have a pathetic national anthem that is only about kicking English ass back home, REALLY in this decade. I feel really positive and proud singing that this weekend at the Rugby.
  15. Two weeks to go, one offered to attend and help, couple of points raised to be discussed and one with a sense of humour.
  16. love a good debate. Interesting to see peoples views and that either way you view is, that people care enough to have an opinion. personally I never vote (yes I know I will get the therefore you don't have an opinion thrown at me) because what ever happens they will always turn it to their own self serving agendas. The little people just get F****D. What happened here and in America is the little people saying enough, the people that got everybody to vote for Brexit just walked away and left the mess for others to sort out. He has now got four years to do good or bad. Personally I think a little change will happen early doors and then self serving megalomania, will as usual take over with occasional do good act to keep the masses happy. My Granny who was born in 1899 (now past! that will mess with you youngsters!!!!) had a little saying that if Labour got in. the poor got richer and the rich got poorer and the majority hard working people and family's got screwed. If the Tories got in, the poor got poorer and the rich got richer and the hard working majority got screwed, Anybody that compares Trump to what Hitler did really needs to sit down and read his history and look a wee bit harder at what Trump actually said and not what the presses view on what he said.Unlike the press said' neither in Brexit or America is anybody who is legitimately here and isn't a criminal will not get deported. Alex Jones; love a conspiracy theory, he makes me laugh a lot, but there is some truth in there? Jeff can I have the your countries view on it please? Canadian immigration website crashed three times yesterday, just as well Scotland didn't get independance before Brexit and we did have a wall.
  17. I agree mostly with Ali, but viewing some of the points above, I would like you to have a look at" Infowars" you tube channel and see for yourself's what was being fought about in America. Like Brexit it was a peoples vote against these corrupt people, and perhaps not about the issues their corrupt press would only tell the masses about. The pollsters and American press have been squirming and back tracking all day, Huffinton post being one of the worst. The BBC s coverage today has been just about how bad he is or is going to be, just like they reported that Brexit is going to be the worst thing that has ever happened? Nothing positive, which even HC was graceful enough to be in her loser speech. The powers at be everywhere all over the world are so corrupt now and we don,t take the time to look. Take a look at Huma Abedin's family history and what her parents company is funded by? and also the same, fund Clinton foundation and good chunk of her campaign fund.
  18. End of line here on something called copper wire and under a Meg when its busy. Dial up was faster years ago. Joys of living in the country.
  19. Just back from Dubai where they have started to install free access LIFI in shopping malls and street areas. Trial speeds of up to 275gB per second of your phone. Technology races on.
  20. Sweet Brown says it how it is. I think we should invite her along?
  21. Non trials related, expensive, very very restrictive to what riders can do and renewable. It has been discussed up here. But anybody training without some qualification and without insurance maybe liable to being sued as is the way. Maybe something else that is discussed; as although we have run informal pre season free coaching days, new riders just arrive at comps with various levels of knowledge. There is perhaps a requirement for young or new riders to be given instruction on trials competition and how to improve their skills. Our various weekly barn sessions and a new training area being built this week for younger riders are serving the need just now. I know the trials academy is working along this route as well. Also thanks Andrew for stepping up more the better,
  22. There is the Scottish bike trials club, and depending where you are there are a few very easy going barn sessions each week. Good to ride with others and its indoor at this time of year. Mostly beginners at theses sessions as well, with people to help and advise.
  23. From now on its just positive discussion points. Past is past.
  24. See I was wrong. I didn't mean to put him off and maybe the more relaxed street bike might help, just passing on our experiences as he also has knee problems. Hope you typed that up touching wood. (that one is just for Ross)