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  1. amazing:)
  2. Hey TF, I'm Darren, I'm 14 and I ride an Onza Blade 09. It's pretty messed up, back wheel's buckled to bits . I can't wait to be validated and use this site to its full extent. Thanks for reading, Darren.
  3. Hey again, Just wondering how many votes do you need for validation, it says 5 but I got told it was 10? Is it 5 or 10? And on tomturd's new approach to validation, it says you can see how many votes someone has if you click "submit validation vote". I cannot see the validation vote button. Do pre-members not have one? Very sorry if this question is stupid, I still don't really know whats going on on TF and I'm still learning how to use it properly. Thanks everybody for taking your time to read this, Darren.
  4. From what I have heard, may not be true but mod's are easier to learn on, can someone tell me if this is true? And I ride mod and love it. It depends upon 1) your height? If you are 6ft you would probably prefer stock 2) personal preference. EDIT: Guy above beat me to everything I said. Lol. I hope i helped you out, Darren.
  5. Hey everyone, In the street I live in, there is a set of 2 steps ( the 2-set as we call it ) and there is a curb (excuse spelling please) that I can almost clear on my friend Kieran's ( MR2K9) bike. It is a massive gap, and I am getting so close to clearing the curb (again,excuse spelling please :$ ) but I never seem to be able to completly clear it. Has anybody got any tips on how to get further when I'm doing a gap. Is there a certain technique to get further? Help is much appreciated. Thanks, Darren.
  6. Thanks, yeah its nice but its a terrible ride, hoping to buy a bike off here at some point. Also strangly i did a sidehop my wrong way, and I cut my leg open, so I sort of...Put my blood on my back rim to remind myself to do it my right way I'm gonna clean it off though. Just a wee bit, makes the bike stand out Thanks alot, Yes I'm buying a helmet tommorow, I'm starting to improve so i decided i need one to survive. Thanks again, Darren.
  7. Hey everyone. My names Darren, I live in Inverness and i ride an 09 Onza Blade. It's pretty messed up, the back wheel is very buckled and the headset is, well, not right. I have been riding nearly 2 years now I only got my Blade last november i think and I had an Onza T-bird before that. I have a video too, here it is... Hope you like it, I noticed the validation system, so I couldn't put it in video's :$ I really hope you enjoy. Hope you all welcome me Darren.