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  1. Finally got 2 days of riding on the new Light carbon rim and so far so good. The Holy Rollers were pretty tight on the rim (and not new either) so they should stay put. I'm running 35-40psi with a tube and no issues yet. I tried to do as many front wheel punishing moves that I could so it's as good a test as I can muster so far. I'll give a long term review down the road.
  2. Increasing my carbon footprint. Got the Light rim and laced it up to a DT Swiss 240. I didn't have a chance to ride it this weekend, sadly, so it might be next weekend before I can check it out. They are deep rims and it took me extra time to find a tube with a 48mm presta valve. The rim came with building instruction which I have included below; interesting reading. I'll let you know how it all goes.
  3. On my pure bikes I've always run either Vbrake or HS33s. However I did have an Alias 20.1 for a while that was dual disc. Admittedly it was set up for street, but I really like the setup. I had a Magura MT5 a/160mm rotor in the back and it was flawless every time. I've only had one problem with MT5s over the years (that I couldn't fix myself) and I sent it back to Magura and they sent me a new brake. Most of my MT5s have never been touched since install except for pad changes. My one MT7 is the exception as I've had more problems with it (more complex), but ATM it's working fine also. My fav was Vbrake rear for pure. I gave up on Hopes too.
  4. Nah, don't listen to Andy. Orange is hard to do justice in this digital photo age. Gonna look dope IRL. Assuming you actually get it someday... Trials riders do seem to be a pretty patient lot.
  5. BB7s are still fine. The older one piece caliper bodies are better than the newer 2 piece versions, but on the front either will be fine. If you're buying new, TRP Spyke mechanical disc brakes are even better than the best BB7s. Lots of adjustment and more pad options AND tons of power. I'm dual disc on all my rigs so someone else will have to chime in about HS33s.
  6. How does that hold up to footjams?
  7. I've heard he's more apt to reply if the message is in Spanish also. That's how I finally got in touch with him, but I went Ozonys instead and they took 5 months too!
  8. Yeah I'm waiting for your long term review of them, Ali. As it turns out, my front hub (Carbon Ti hub, rubish!) is giving me trouble so I've ordered a Light rim and a DT hub for a spare/replacement wheel. I figure the front wheel won't see near the abuse of the rear so should be a good test. I ordered the 33mm wide Light instead of the 38mm, we'll see.
  9. Nextie got back to me about this and they said they would NOT recommend the setup I was seeking on their hookless rims (Holy Rollers, tubes, 40 psi). They didn't offer an alternate setup that would be more appropriate, however. No response from Light yet.
  10. I'm looking into carbon rims for my 26" Neuron and I'm a little uneasy that all the ones I'm considering are hookless - in particular the Nextie 35mm rims and the Light 33mm rims. I run tubes at around 40 psi and Holy Rollers. Anybody have any experience with that setup or hookless rims in general? I've read the endless debates in the MTB forums, but most of them run lower pressure and tubeless (and not street trials!). On Light Bicycles website they recommend not to exceed 40psi on the hookless rims and that's on a tubeless setup. What's a timid shopper to do! Really just don't want to go through the trouble of building a whole wheel if the tire's not gonna stay on. Cheers.
  11. Yo yo, this is Dara from Santa Monica, CA. I ride a Czar 24" since March 09. I just got an Onza Zoot 24" for a month or two in Hamburg Germany and I'm really missing my Czar! I came from the MTB world and never had a BMX. Saw Danny's video 1 too many times and had to get a 24", now I'm hooked. Just wish it would stop raining now... Cheers