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  1. Ouch Hope the camera is alright! Is the lens still usable for some arts shots? I managed to go to the dentist last thursday. I regret it. Only had my teeth cleaned. Got told to use small brushes daily to brush the gum in between the teeth. Didn't use them yet, teeth still hurt. Not sure if it's the gum or actually the teeth. It's fecking cold outside and I can't breathe with my mouth open because it feels like my teeth will split. I guess they do feel clean though, so there's that.
  2. My mates new Hex and my Arcade compliment each other brilliantly. Still haven't got round to take some nice pics of my build, though it's mostly original.. Annoyed I never could get the colour to display properly but this photo seems farily accurate.
  3. Still got a smile on my face from seeing my mate "drift" a fwd hyundai wagon in the snow last. Was also fun inside, but seeing it from the outside was bloody hilarious.
  4. Just exchanged the fuel pressure sensor on the S40 and oh man.. I should have changed it ages ago, not only after the check engine light started coming on from time to time. Apparently the old one kept reporting a too high pressure resulting in the engine randomly cutting out under acceleration. 1st gear is actually driveable with no jolts, pulls better. What takes getting used to is that the revs don't seem to drop quite as fast when letting off the throttle. Easy half hour job if you don't let the torx driver get jammed after clumsily letting it fall into the engine bay.
  5. Actually I was coming in here to rage about my arduino project that isn't f**king working. Possibly also due to me being unable to code. But when something does work it'll fail at something that, as far as I can see, is not my fault. But now you got me all distracted about teeth. I should really visit the dentist again too, last one I went to nearly gave me a heart attack when she* told me that I'll need to have surgery to have a wisdom tooth removed that was absolutely fine before some fanny broke my jaw ten years ago. Apparently it's pointing forwards towards the other teeth and would have to be removed by a surgeon, not a dentist. And since the second operation to have the screws and plates removed (also 10 years ago) somehow didn't go great, (I haven't felt properly 'clear' in my head since, but of course the doctors think everything went fine. I caught them forgetting all the brain monitoring stuff as they were infusing all the anesthetics, so I can't say I trust them much.) I'm dreading that. I'd rather excruciatingly cut it out myself with a knife in front of a mirror than let anyone else do it. *hint: Don't go to female dentists, I don't know one person who has found a decent one. So thanks for directing my anger away from my arduino project I guess.
  6. Just found these whilst clearing up my old fourplay spares!
  7. I would, yes.. True, who ever only wants to be friends? However, I don't mind being 'only' friends since I'm utter shit at everything else and thus don't set any other targets. I get what you mean with that. Dunno if you can get it in the UK.. Here in town it's quite a bit cheaper than on the site as they buy big tubs and fill their own small ones apparently. Worked very well for me, my mum and my grandmother the doctors thought. I say I don't mind because I would not have any objections should she want to change something. But it would have to be her making a move, or at least hinting at it being fine with her. (there's an issue with this: I can't explain just how immune I am to girls hitting on me. It's developed into a running gag.) So I'm genuinely content with being friends. Yes, outcome independence.. I have learnt it with lots of things, but not yet with humans. Really sound advice though!
  8. _
  9. yeah, well maybe. But on the other hand I've always been weird like that, not just recently. Starting to write stuff and keeping it short, then noticing that it won't make sense and shoving in some details simply doesn't work, especially at 4am or whenever I wrote it (was surprised it got saved as draft!). Wish I had typed it in spanish though, it'd mean I could speak more languages. Sometimes brilliant, sometimes not so much. Always a pain in the arse.
  10. Honestly, that's true to a certain extent.
  11. I was about to start this post with "Girls are f**king complicated", but quickly realised that that's not needed since this thread exists. Met up with a girl from school again last week, we manage to meet about twice a year, talk so much that I get the feeling that we can't talk because we talk to much. Kinda like a very short attention span in conversations. Topic A, one question, Topic B, one question et cetera. Quite interesting, kinda fun, kinda frustrating. I do get the impression that we get along well together, as we used to before we lost contact for a couple of years. What does get to me a bit is that she hardly ever bloody answers texts. Yesterday morning I thought that I managed to get a conversation going again. She had shown me a pretty big scar and I didn't really get to ask anything about it (the whole 'Topic X, one question, next' thing) so I did that and told her that I used to have a brilliant scar healing cream. Was in town yesterday evening and thought I'd just get some as my mate could use some too. Told her she can have half the tub. No answer, which is pretty frequent by her, no idea why though as it doesn't really reflect how we get along when we actually meet up. I know I'm not very good a the girls thing, but I did think that I was decent at the general "being friends with humans" thing. Not sure if I shall put this in here or the angry thread, I don't view her as gf material (not that I think I would mind) but more as "I'd rather keep you as a friend because friends usually last longer". But I have been wondering if she shuts down because she thinks I might be out for the former. Don't know what her past regarding that stuff is to be honest. I just happen to have a over analysing brain and have a bit of a "look out for your friends" thing, as I know that I need my friends and thus want them to be well too. Dunno if that's suddenly weird or anything?
  12. No girlfriend here, but a few general ideas: I made 5l of Mead for basically for anyone I run into and have the feeling might appreciate a present. Bit late for that now though as it takes around 2 months to ferment. Recipe here if anyone is interested. Pretty easy to do too. Parents are getting a fountain pen each that I've made.. Or am making. One should be finished tomorrow and luckily my dad is on holidays for a month, so his has time. Other than that I've been absolutely clueless this year.
  13. Really don't want to dig this thread up but I've got the shovel in my hand already.. With "not unlocking" do you mean the code won't work or when pressing the button to turn the screen on it won't turn it on? I get the latter when connected to a UE bluetooth speaker thing. Only happens with the one we have. After music has stopped playing my phone screen just won't turn on without me mashing the button for a few seconds. No clue why. Might be something similar?
  14. And then people wonder why motorists don't like cyclists..
  15. Sweet shots Dman! Got a photo onto flickrs explore page again Very happy with the colours I managed to get