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  1. Cheers Guys
  2. Here is my new ride witch I recently just built up. What do you think ? Cheers Adam
  3. Cheers
  4. ? Cheers Thanks mate
  5. Here is my Onza limey 320. Tell me what you think. Cheers Adam.
  6. Hey, Why is there a no saddle on a trials bike. Cheers Adam.
  7. good riding wear a helmet
  8. Cheers do i land on my front wheel then bring the back one up or do i land on 2 wheels ?
  9. hey people, Well i have been trying to get better at side hops.Can someone tell me the proper way to do it? Cheers Adam.
  10. Where about in highland is that i live in inverness. good vid
  11. Who's frame is that's Kieran. Who did you get it off ? Looks nice though
  12. Hey people, I have got a bit bored of the plain silver.what colour do you people think i should spray it ? The pictures are a bit old the cranks are silver Cheers Adam
  13. Side hoped 4pallets to day :D

  14. SpeedRace Fans Evo
  15. Looks mint Danny .