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  1. don't put all veggie's into one stereotype bing :'( lol , i'm a veggie and i would consider myself to be much, much more of an angry person than jardo is! i just try and keep my rant's to myself these days! and by the way us veggie's don't all live the same lifetsyle, that's like saying every single black person in the world eat's fried chicken, steals car's and f**ks b**ches haha ! if i started to rant on about how much of a ridiculous concept that christmas is (in my opinion), even if i was continuosly typing 24/7 i probably wouldn't have time to finish the rant before next christmas was upon us, it would literally take me that long. happy annual marketing wankfest everybody, all the big wigs are going to be loving all that hard earned cash you've just electronically jizzed into their pockets. awaiting generic response incuding the good old classics like "lighten up, it's christmas" or "miserable bastards" or the absolute classic that everyone loves "oh what a scruge"
  2. did you ever get this sorted? i've got the exact same issue with my bandit, i've put it down to a slightly bent front disc rotor and its causing the pad to wobble around in the caliper! new discs and pads on payday for me but it's o.k for now, the bend in the disc isn't substantial enough to push the pistons back in the caliper.
  3. yea it just seem's that most brake related threads on here (or nearly any thread started by cleric) seem to end up in an enormous 10 way argument filled with completely irrelevant and incoherent information, which usually ends up in some sort of completely off topic argument! here's a random snippet of information for this thread.. on my inspired, on a standard hope 180 rotor, after hours and hours and days of trying different setups, i ended up getting much more feel, hold, bite and modulation out of a £10 onza mech disc brake caliper than i did out of both the hope tech trials calipers i had on there!.
  4. Get ready for another opinion filled argument thread!
  5. on a serious note, the wheel bearings in my new hope hub only took 3 or 4 months before they started getting really rough and notchy (this was on an inspired i built a couple of years ago)... but i think i eventually came to the conclusion that it was mostly my fault for putting wayyyyyy too much torque on the the hub bolts! i replaced the bearings myself, figured out a reasonable torque setting for the hub bolts and they were absolutely fine after that! i hope this helps.
  6. the tr clamps are awesome, so much easier to set up without farting around with any cylinder washers! you do have to take a file to the frame though and make sure the brake mounts are perfectly square and even, but this is a very quick and simple job and it only needs to be done once.
  7. echo tr brake clamps are designed to be used without any cylinder washers. quote from tartybikes > "Unique design increases clamping force and removes the need for plastic cylinder washers, all you do is clamp your cylinders down and the brake pads are automatically set squarely! (Providing your frame/fork mounts are square.)"
  8. I've been using these for quite a while now... http://www.tartybikes.co.uk/cable_pull_levers/shimano_xt_t780_vbrake_lever_set/c555p12055.html absolutely cannot fault them at all, build quality is very nice and solid, it has a hinge/split clamp so no need to remove grips to take the lever off! bit on the pricey side but that is for a pair of levers with all the inner and outer cables included in the kit (the cable in the kit is very good quality as well) i've tried a number of other lever's but the all round shape and feel of these seems to suit me just right, they are almost the same length as a four finger hs33 lever blade so you get a huge amount of leverage without actually putting much force into the lever!
  9. some of the lines that he managed to pull to front in that were so amazing, jaw was hitting my desk, on wet grimey rocks aswell! unbelievable riding.
  10. its nice to hear that people are getting out on their bikes.... i haven't ridden since before xmas, which sucks hard because i'm used to riding 3-4 times a week, every week, all year :'( whats your problem with the sidehops dude?? it took me agesssssss to get my head round them, once i had them sussed i couldn't stop doing them after that... something so satisfying about flying up a ledge sideways
  11. just buy any inspired and never look back, i cracked 2 zoot frames at the seatstay and then snapped a zoot pro in half all within 14 months (yes 3 frames in 14 months), decided to buy an inspired element 2nd hand, rode it really hard for over a year and a half and its still like brand new!! such a shame about the zoots and the zoot pro's, they ride so nice especially the zoot pro.
  12. my axle snapped in the exact same place on the day my warranty ran out.... luckily i didn't get hurt or anything but i should have known better really, wtf was i doing putting lightweight pedals on my old inspired lol would still buy these pedals again as they are super comfy and grippy, but they should be supplied with spare axles instead of spare pins
  13. sorry bud, I do have a facebook but i haven't used it in so long i wouldn't have a clue how to use it anymore :$ the link wasn't working but i googled that system anyway, seems like a reasonable build but there is a few corners that have been cut to get it down to that price, for instance, a quick google search of the motherboard that is included in that build came up with an average value of about £32... not exactly going to be the most feature filled motherboard out there but hey it will work! if you had exactly £430 you could get some pretty good hardware for that money... I just managed to price up a build that will massively outperform and outlast that prebuilt pc, for the same price on a few good pc hardware websites, but the only problem is.... i never include an operating system in that price (because they are overpriced to sh|t, i'm not paying £100 for a cd with some data on it and a sticker), I've had pc's for years and i've never bought a single legitimate copy of windows, none of my friends have either, infact i don't actually know anybody who actually bought windows for their pc in like the past 10 years, it's so simple to download windows 7 ultimate from a torrent site... whack it on a cd and you've just saved £100, if anybody wants to cry about piracy or whatever then do so but microsoft are sooo incomprehensibly rich it really doesn't matter! so yea to sum that all up, download windows, spend £430 on hardware, enjoy the part of building the pc which is satisfyingly easy, win. I'm not sure why I didn't google ram compatibility before I answered his question but atleast i now know that you can mismatch ram! (not that I will ever need or want to do this lol) for people who are unsure on speeds, voltages and timings though it's much easier and safer to stick with same brand and model of ram!
  14. i'm not sure if this would work, 99% sure rams sticks have to be the same brand/type to work together! 8gb is plenty anyway send me the cash in an envelope and i will build you something better , nothing against these "prebuilt pc" company's but they mostly just sling these pc's together with the cheapest parts possible by the looks of things! let us know how much you want to spend and what you will be using it for, i will have a go at putting a basket of parts together for around £430 and see what i can come up with.
  15. have you ever built a bike that hasn't ended up looking f**king lush? serious question.