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  1. Taken people's advice with Bars n Stem. Just having a quick test and actually enjoying it a bit more.
  2. I've just changed my ratio aswell from 22-18 to 22-17 which it feels better. Always had a lot of power in my legs and never felt the old ratio was quite enough
  3. cheers all I think I'll get them bars and a 90x35 stem and see how that goes
  4. hmm I was thinking that but I didn't know whether to get a stem same length but higher. I don't think there's much height difference in the trialtechs and arcade bars...
  5. Hi all, I'm just looking for a bit of advise before i think of splashing out on stuff but i've got a mk1 hex which is great but i always seem to get myself in these situations with front set ups (Bit new to the street scene). At the moment i'm running a 120mmx17 stem and highrise bars which as i'm 6ft 3 feels okay but when it comes to doing a bit of normal trials moves it feels as if i'm over extending whether thats set up or out of practice i'm not sure but i'm feeling it mostly on gaps and side hops. Not had the best of luck since starting it all due to cracking my ribs a few months back and only just got back on the bike but i was just wondering what people would recommend set up wise if anyone my height has had issues
  6. Quick blast on the Hex before work
  7. Finally been able to get back on my bike. Broken my ribs a couple of months ago and again was hospitalized last Sunday due to pushing myself too much thinking i've fully recovered so taking it easy at the moment getting back into things
  8. Looks like we're in for a good couple of months. Got The Biggest Slice of British Pie out this month then this, all we need now is a Akrigg video
  9. Seems its also on the 20".
  10. Think you maybe 13 years too late probably long forgotten haha although there maybe that one guy...
  11. Fitted blade and lever last night and changed tensioner to a trialtech as the heatsink was being a pain.
  12. Ah right well I'm not much of a fan of the curve in the blade where my finger rests. I've just got the jitsie blade for my hope trialzone and feel more comfortable but then that's my opinion
  13. I have a lot of bad luck with maguras...