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  1. Slowly getting there, fitted stem, bars, forks and pedals (Still need to cut steerer). Struggling to get the front tyre to sit properly in the inspired rim for some reason.... (Sorry about the potato photo lighting in the workshops crap)
  2. Yeah but i guess it'll have to do. That seems to be the think with hex's they always seem to be dangerously close with anything 22t but the truativ cranks they come with. I dont really want to be using any more spacers or as i've seen filing down the 4 bolt mounts for the chainring. I was going to use one of those washers but these have quite a wide surface area compared to those spacers and sit quite comfortably on the axle
  3. 2 BB spacers and then 3mm spacer on the axle. I tried 2mm but it just scraped so 3mm was pretty much spot on. Just gotta get a rear wheel now and then i can finish it all off!
  4. Cranks arrived and fits like a dream
  5. I was very tempted to be that guy and send the inspired wheel that I got built back and go for white rims but yeah with a pro 4 hub my rear wheels gonna be crazy heavy... Fortunately I'm not horrendously fussed about weight as I had a 12Kg Onza Limey 3 which I rode better than any of my 26" builds
  6. 29ers seem to be such a big thing now. I have an old school rigid mtb and a full sus 27.5 (Although not E bike) but although i'm a giant i've never been a fan or ever wanted to go 29er. Much more maneuverability on 27.5 and 26 is just still genuinely fun. Not tried a 29er ebike though which i'm sure would dominate on hill climbs but tried a few 27.5s and they're ridiculously fun just not quite been tempted to go down the e bike route myself.
  7. More bits arrived today. Tyres, Hope Headset, rear Magura and Hope Trialzone Front brake and then got another crankset arrived tomorrow so hopefully i'll have better luck with them. I tried the magura clamps in hope that they'd be offset enough for my rear wheel but my fears came true so new wheel so its all nice fresh n new
  8. Idiot award goes to me. 30mm axle on the raceface of course i'd order the wrong bb also having doubts about spacing so i'm unfortunately gonna send the cranks back and get some Raceface Chesters and they look like they'll space out a bit more from the bb and it comes with a bottom bracket
  9. Hmm i could be that guy and deny you of that rim... haha I have a echo tr front wheel on my Zoo so depending on whether it sells complete or if it gets split then i may take it off that but thanks anyways :L Sad day putting that up for sale started off as an Ashton Diamond back and became an endless money pit so it'll be good to start fresh when i get this built
  10. I'll give it a miss then haha. I've just checked my order status for the rest of my parts which the order was pushed back to the 22nd due to the bottom bracket not being in stock which i was going to get a raceface but then found out a shimano one will work so i'll be ordering a shimano bb and then the rest of the parts should be here next week. I received my forks, stem, chainring and bashguard today and i think i'll your advice on the DeeVee rim. Think i may need to slow down on what i'm spending at the moment D: but its pretty much too late now as it's only the rear wheel i need to sort now... i'll have to wait n see if i can sell my Zoo! quick but from past experiences with selling a trials bike it never goes too quick
  11. Has anyone used Halo SAS rims? just thought it might be slightly better as it's a 35mm and seem relatively bomb proof
  12. Well it looks like I'll have to get one of them rims just put my rear wheel in to try with these slaves I have and there's no chance without either offset clamps which don't seem to be a thing anymore so guess its gonna be a deevee rim. So anyone wanna buy a Hope Pro II on a 44mm Echo TR rim? haha...
  13. I suppose if worse comes to worst i'll probably go for the DeeVee rim but don't know how well it would hold a grind and i'd have to live with the fact my front rims 2mm wider... but first i need to test this wheel first..
  14. I think the thing with carbon trials parts they seem to be a bit thicker than most other carbon parts like on the road side of things and sometimes mtb side of thing. They do feel mega stiff and can be repaired but depending on how deep something goes into it. Probably the only issue if anyone has any is over tightening as it seems there's no real torque setting for trials stems/bars only what you'd cross reference from road/mtb either that or I'm a very particular person when it comes to torque ratings :L but yeah not seen anything yet of them failing
  15. Hmm could be tempting I'll have to see how things turn out as I've been contemplating going back to v brake so I could space them out wider than a magura and knowing my track record with hydraulics it's gonna be a possibility haha but cheers for the hint