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  1. Think you maybe 13 years too late probably long forgotten haha although there maybe that one guy...
  2. Fitted blade and lever last night and changed tensioner to a trialtech as the heatsink was being a pain.
  3. Ah right well I'm not much of a fan of the curve in the blade where my finger rests. I've just got the jitsie blade for my hope trialzone and feel more comfortable but then that's my opinion
  4. I have a lot of bad luck with maguras...
  5. I was looking at the trialtechs but having the lever blades on my zoo i didnt get on with them and kept getting finger strains for some reason. Played around with them for ages and still no good, i've ordered a jitsie one now so we'll see how that goes but it's a pain that the magura has already failed i just dont get how they get their disc brakes right but not their rim.
  6. I have a habit of building bikes from scratch so heres my collection. Titanium On One CX Boardman Pro FS Single Speed 26" which is now a 1x10 with Shimano Xt 780 and rides like a dream
  7. Well went to southampton yesterday and things were going so well until I noticed the pin holding my magura lever blade was coming out... I knew something was gonna happen as it always does with the new magura rim brakes as i snapped one attempting a side hop it went when i landed on the wall D: so already looking to get a new lever haha which i was looking at the Jitsie ones and then thought of getting the matching lever blade for my hope
  8. I could have gone over kill with a 150x30 but that wouldn't have been the point of going to a street bike :L have noticed to fronts feel nicer with this set up
  9. I don't think i'd get on with a shorter stem to be honest as even with this stem it still feels pretty short as i'm pretty tall but i'll see how it goes. I got a 90x10 hope stem if i ever think of trying shorter but this feels alright for the moment
  10. Refer to page 1 it's done!
  11. Well today's the day. Waiting on my rear wheel to arrive and I can finish the build so expect photos soon....
  12. Slowly getting there, fitted stem, bars, forks and pedals (Still need to cut steerer). Struggling to get the front tyre to sit properly in the inspired rim for some reason.... (Sorry about the potato photo lighting in the workshops crap)
  13. Yeah but i guess it'll have to do. That seems to be the think with hex's they always seem to be dangerously close with anything 22t but the truativ cranks they come with. I dont really want to be using any more spacers or as i've seen filing down the 4 bolt mounts for the chainring. I was going to use one of those washers but these have quite a wide surface area compared to those spacers and sit quite comfortably on the axle