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  1. been ages since i last went on a group ride D:, great riding and looks lots of fun. Kinda swaying me towards a street bike now though...
  2. Good riding! but personally think it could do with some music or something. Raw footage is okay for a 5 minute video but as there's a lot here it kinda puts you off a little (No offence) either that or it could have worked better as parts rather than a full video. Other than that some pretty decent riding!
  3. Slight update on the bike. Recently gone back to front freewheel, Carbon bars and got on the Crewkerz stem hype which actually seems to be working out for me
  4. Single speed commuter, mountain bike and trials bike. Built out of spare bits and new but rides like a dream even with a heavy ratio it's still exceptionally fun riding trials on it
  5. I've just come off v brakes thinking hydraulics would be easier but i always seem to get issues when i go back to hydraulic so far i've not had any faults... I adjusted my levers so lowered them as they were quite high and moved the blades in but still no luck. I may order some grips and see how that goes but if not i still have my xt rim brakes as a back up
  6. Couldn't of had a better day off work
  7. I go climbing every weekend so use my arms a lot :L i'll move my blades in a bit and see how that goes first then order some grips if its no good
  8. hmm grips could make sense as I went from Trialtech foams to hope lock ons. I'll try the Trialtechs again and see what happens. Cheers
  9. I was just wondering if there are other riders who also suffer from arm pump or anyone who's found a solution to it. I started getting quite bad strains in my forearms a couple of years ago after cutting my arm open. Once i recovered from that i wasn't too bad be then after being asked to do a show my forearms started to lock up after a few sections. 2/3 years on i'm still getting it quite bad and im not sure if its due to being out of practice on the bike or set up. I've currently got a 150x30mm stem and Clean Carbon bars (I had trialtech highrise previously) but i am quite tall and feel relatively comfortable with my current set up and this is probably the most stable i've felt on my bike but just need to know if theres a solution
  10. cant seem to embed it
  11. Very nice! I use to have a similar brake set up on my echo, definitely one of the best feeling V brake levers.
  12. Cheers!. Yeah it's a Zoo! I thought I'd give a lower bb ago again which so far I'm preferring it. Just gotta get riding more this year as I've not used any holiday at work yet D:...
  13. Few clips from last year. Nothing entirely special as I didn't do too much riding due to working a whole lot but hopefully planning to get riding more this year since recently buying a new frame