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  1. Not really tried yet :L its weird because i feel as if im putting in a lot of effort but people keep saying to put more in
  2. Been pass this gap many times before and finally got the guts to do it before work today
  3. I think he taken it out on a ride ages ago but I never saw it in person. I can see some advantages but there are hardly any advantages to having suspension but I cant see this idea really getting out there in the trials world
  4. Some of the Bristol rider may know John Aylott but he created this one nearly 3 years ago
  5. Pretty good little vid wish it was a bit longer :L
  6. What's odd is that I thought I was putting in some real effort into it because it looked quite big when I was on the wall :L but then it was only 8Ft 2inch
  7. The carbotecture bodies are fine for the brakes its just the lever blade they need to sort out due to the blades being aluminum and they've not used the thickest material due to them trying to make the brake as light as possible. They perform great its just the blade is a let down
  9. How do you enlarge images on here? always appears small once the image is posted
  10. I'm currently riding with a 150x30 stem but it feels slightly low to me and it may sound silly but will a 150x35 stem make much difference?I know its just 5 degrees but would it help slightly? i dont want to go and get a 160x30 or 160x35 because i've run a similar set up before
  11. On the 26. I'm running 180x35 on the mod and that feels spot on but it maybe because i've been riding my mod more so i'm not use to the set up again
  12. It's looking like they're a bit hard to get at the moment. Someone may have some on here or even keep an eye out on ebay
  13. Hmm I got it running with no stackers at the moment and i dont really want to be a mass amount of stackers. I need to change a lot on the stock already due to it being rather rear wheel heavy but just cant decide what to do with it since ive built up a mod
  15. I know people will get annoyed as theres always one or two but my beauty
  16. i'm finding things far too easy on it to be honest :L Its quite a nice feeling to be honest as the feeling reminds me of when I first started to do things on a bike. Still hesitating though due to my chain still bedding in at the wrong moments but I wont part with the 26, I'll still be riding that from time to time
  17. Been on a 26" bike for nearly 4 years and over the past couple of months I've decided to build up a 20". Still getting use to it but here's the result
  18. Today was a good day
  19. Just over a week and my project will be finished...
  21. Just pure beauty
  22. and the new montys other than the carbon