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    Bike: Onza t pro 2006. Wheels: White echo urban rims with onza t master sealed hubs Brakes: Magura hs 33s with a water bleed, blue rockman pads. BB: Echo tr isis Cranks: 175mm tensile Headset: Hope internal Handlebars: Trialtech sport riser bar Stem: Trialtech sport forged
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  1. Tnn

    i have some gorilla glue so i reckon i will give that a go! cant seem to find anywhere that sells the recommended loctite without ordering off the internet.
  2. Tnn

    has anyone used any glue/adhesive other than loctite to set in new refill to cnc backings? many thanks sam
  3. anyone got any solutions for sticky brake calipers? any ideas would be appreciated! many thanks
  4. defo count me in!
  5. goin to ride plymouth again sunday with sammy rogers, will start of at the hoe about 12.30 i reckon! if your around and cant find us, number is 07801794900.
  6. i will defo be there!
  7. think me and sammy might head to plymouth for a ride tomorrow if the weather is good! be after lunch i reckon! anyone about?
  8. anyone fancy riding cligga head on the 10th or 11th september?
  9. hello sammy finally got on the forum nice one bey