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  1. Onza pro 2010 frame with monty hub issues.

    My 2010 onza blade was the same, as said it needs a viz or Monty rear hub, I ran rear disk on a viz hub and it spaced out spot on
  2. Does it on my iPhone cox. It's a combo of typing too fast and having fat finger syndrome
  3. The Happy Thread

    Passed my class 1 HGV test today. Well happy
  4. Holidays

    I've been to menorca at the beginning of May, and am off to skegvegas in a caravan for August bank holiday with the missus and my young un
  5. The Angry Thread.

    Class 1 HGV test yesterday. Near perfect drive, 3 minors. Bossed the reverse. Thought I'd bossed the trailer drop/hookup until I got back and finished the test which I'd now failed, when he told me I'd never checked the trailer park brake, which I do as part of my 1st walk round check. It's the first thing I go to when I'm picking a new trailer up and have done since I started doing the job. He said he was stood right behind me and said he didn't see me do it, which he wasn't, he was hiding round the front of the trailer out of the rain. Honestly thought I'd done enough to pass. The same guy has failed me twice and failed the other lad who I work with twice now. He's a f**king joke. Gotta go through it all again on Thursday now because of This guy being a fanny
  6. The Angry Thread.

    Bring back the tinder thread. It was epic
  7. Big wheel bike videos

    This is epic. Can't beat a bit of fest series
  8. The Car Thread

    Rodley barge. Best pub in the world. My grandad used to have a narrowboat on the canal there and it's my uncles second home
  9. Seriously debating selling the crewkerz. Lost my love for trials ages ago

    1. BJ.


      Keep hold of it until I have the cash

  10. Anyone know when radfest tickets go on sale?

    1. ItsMatt
    2. bing


      Got them ordered. You going mate?

    3. ItsMatt


      Oh aye, be good to get owt of pit and jump on and off things, might have to bring my own wall if it was anything like last year

  11. Radfest 2015? Does anybody have an inkling of the date yet?

    1. Vivian-Trial


  12. Who is hmsfag1? Sounds like jack Dickinson to me

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. TOMTRIALS123


      easier said than done - and they can sometimes change

    3. jnthebiker


      Fair point, they do sometimes change. Being in college for computer science, I can say that it could be done fairly easily. Just drop a few lines of html or javascript in there that will ban his IP, bingo. The exact code can actually be found on google.

    4. Hmsfag1


      It's not jack Dickinson actually. Can you not tell by my lack of spelling mistakes? I may not be jack Dickinson but isitafox is a still the worst keyboard warrior going in my opinion.

  13. Does anybody have a drive side mg-1 pedal axle and locknut? Have snapped one and it'll save buying a new set of pedals

    1. BJ.


      Yeah I'm pretty sure I do mate. I'll give you a text when I've had a look in the shed

  14. Think I need a 90x35 stem. The 110x35 is too long for park riding

    1. jnthebiker


      What bar setup are you running?

  15. Having to run deng forks on my Marino due to them being cheap and funds being tight. Inspired forks are too fricking expensive