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  1. Very impressive dude. Old school tgs vibe to it, that's never a bad thing
  2. Probably. Having to magic up £500 just like that wasn't easy
  3. It'll go to TEC (traffic enforcement centre) and they'll stop at nothing to get the money. I had it about 7 years ago after I sold a car to someone and he got a ticket on it before the dvla processed the v5. He got a ticket in Hull, didn't pay it, then two years after I sold it to him I get a knock at the door with 2 bailiffs demanding £500 on behalf of tec. It has to be paid, there's no getting out of it
  4. Me and Barry were gonna enter, think he's still doing but I'm double booked on a holiday in Portugal. That wins for me
  5. If it was clamped on private land, just cut the f**ker off because it's illegal to clamp on private land. Only the council, police, or dvla/ministry can clamp. Same with parking tickets. Chop it off, leave in a smouldering pile and bill the clamping firm for criminal damage to your car saying the scratched it. They'll soon drop the claim
  6. Mehhh. I suppose so....
  7. Bit dangerous innit? She'll know how much stuff actually costs, as opposed to what you've told her it costs. Risky strategy young Daniel
  8. Check the welds under the seat. Not to put a dampener on your marvellous Christmas gift but they crack just by looking at it
  9. I got these pork scratchings, 4 pairs of oddballs (rugby charity) pants, socks, and 3/5ths of an air rifle paid for
  10. Most powerful brake I've ever used. Be less brutal having a Brembo goldline motorbike caliper on it
  11. My old mk1 crewkerz forks were modified to take a normal hub, the dropout had been cut and filed to be normal 9mm vertical jobbies
  12. Can you imagine if she had got in, and her, Angela Merkel and Theresa May all had rag week at the same time. They'd be off to war with Putin fuelled by period pain and Pmt
  13. Swill it out in a bowl of petrol, fill with 3 in 1 oil, go and ride for a bit, nothing too heavy, then take it back off and swill it out again with petrol. Set it on fire to burn all the petrol out. Then lube up with 3 in 1 oil again and it should be spot on. The only thing I did different was used a freewheel tool in a drill with an m10 bolt to save taking it on and off the bike