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  1. I got mine off Planet X website, about £4 each if I recall. They have both options as well
  2. @LEON that is epic. What a steed
  3. Hmmmm. Proper trials on proper land how it should be or man made uci shite. I know which I'd rather ride. One suspects there's more to this than meets the eye
  4. Why not?
  5. Depends what pellets. You need Wadcutters, ie flat nosed. Rws hobbys were what he recommended to me. Diablos don't work, the shape is all wrong. Mines a bit better now it's had a load of pellets through it
  6. It's personal preference. There are no rules for it. I ride a mod now, and on all the mods I've had in the past I've had 170mm cranks on, got 170mm cranks on my mtb, and got 172.5 on my roadie, so can't really tell the difference. 160mm cranks on a mod feel too short for me, I'm 5' 10" tall
  7. Bought another toy. It's not very accurate but it's good fun
  8. It is happening, Tim Mcparland who owns Onnit bikes asked me if I'd come and observe at it
  9. Onza's eBay page also has a used front magura gustav m for sale
  10. Did my first ever comp with my lad yesterday. He's 8 and wanted to have a go, so entered him in white at bracken rocks. A few tumbles and a fatherly "man up" and he was loving it. And he beat me as well, got less points haha
  11. That's rather nice. Bet it's really good for old school style comp riding before it went all pogo stick. And can do streety stuff when you see fit
  12. Prob should be in the F1 thread, but I thought it deserved a thread of its own. Turn it up loud
  13. You want a proper trials video, watch something by CLS or Damon. This is typical euro styled up bullshit, made for likes and to massage ego's, not to inspire riders
  14. @LEON that Planet X is beaut. IRC kujo's are epic tyres