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  1. My old mk1 crewkerz forks were modified to take a normal hub, the dropout had been cut and filed to be normal 9mm vertical jobbies
  2. Can you imagine if she had got in, and her, Angela Merkel and Theresa May all had rag week at the same time. They'd be off to war with Putin fuelled by period pain and Pmt
  3. Swill it out in a bowl of petrol, fill with 3 in 1 oil, go and ride for a bit, nothing too heavy, then take it back off and swill it out again with petrol. Set it on fire to burn all the petrol out. Then lube up with 3 in 1 oil again and it should be spot on. The only thing I did different was used a freewheel tool in a drill with an m10 bolt to save taking it on and off the bike
  4. Seriously debating ditching the full suss and getting a hardcore hardtail frame. On one 456 or a Stanton, something like that
  5. I bought this for our lass. £200 all in. Just needed a new chainring and gears setting up. I did some parts swapping form the shed stash. Needs a set of brake pads and that's it
  6. Scuttling. Northern points restored for the moment
  7. As if. You my friend are off your head
  8. On one codeine everytime for me. Proper good suspension and running gear for the money, and they get a really good write up. I've got the predecessor to this in the Titus el guapo, and it rides amazing
  9. That looks a decent build, see a fair few of these out at sherwood pines, albeit not as higher spec as yours. Thing that always amazes me about full suss after years on hardtails, is how much you can get away with. Can go proper balls out and the bike just takes it
  10. That one with the bmx rider, with a magura 'chirp' everytime he did something made me laugh like hell
  11. As far as I'm aware, you onl have to be a member of one of the organising clubs and that's about it, other than letting them know you will be attending. It's the same at any clubs Agm, you only have to be a member, and as that member you have a right to see how things are being run, as its your money that's being put into it. That's how it works at my local rugby club and working mans club anyway
  12. The comp scene for me, at 35 years old I've been there and done it, although I wasn't very good at it, miles better at moto trials I've ridden, observed, helped out with marking sections out, at tykes and national level. I've been fairly vocal about my thoughts on comps on various media outlets, and I don't give a monkeys what anybody says, over the last 4/5 years it's been engineered for a group of 6 or 7 riders who shall remain nameless, to suit them and nobody else. And as for the 'strat dabbing', that was very much in effect and very obvious to anybody reasonably in the know. As long said riders were happy I got the feeling it was screw everybody else. I may be wrong in my viewpoint, but that and along with everybody getting sponsored up to the eyeballs, made it less and less fun for the so called little people, doing it on their own, who'd just come for a good time such as myself and a few others who I've spoke to. And that's why people have stopped riding comps in England in my mind. Barbara has done an epic job over the years that I have known her, without her comp trials in the uk wouldn't exist. Simple as that
  13. I ran the same shimano deore m615 on several builds with standard pads on an Aztec wavy rotor. Get an avid or hope adaptor though. Mega power, very good hold. Don't discount shimano's so easy, they are bloody good brakes for the money and are fit and forget in my experience. I've also ran a set of 2nd hand Deores on my mtb since October 2014 and they are still amazing, and I've never touched them bar a new set of pads.