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  1. That looks ace mate
  2. This is pure comedy gold
  3. Superstar components. I got one for my CX bike from there, I'd be very surprised if they don't have something for you
  4. Moving back up north bruv?
  5. I'll see your old man face @Ross McArthur and raise you an old man gurn
  6. Looks a decent bit of kit that Dave
  7. Would sir like to enlighten me?
  8. I've got inspired forks on mine, mines a mk2
  9. Lost my dh racing virginity last weekend, Did round 2 of the Yorkshire mates race series. It's like nothing I've ever done before. I thought I could sling a bike down a hill pretty rapidly but that is a different league in terms of having it completely balls out against the clock. I'm a bit of a chunky b*****d, and my top is a bit tight
  10. I'm 37, still ride occasionally but my ankle and elbow are knackered so trials isn't very easy nowadays, Much prefer MTB now. Still got the Ashton, don't plan on ever getting rid of it
  11. What’s the midlands like? Ie Nottingham/Birmingham/Derby/ leicester?
  12. I'd make them replace the brake
  13. Same with mine, that's why i went from 70 to 50mm. Point it down now and it's amazing. Climbs shit though, although that maybe down to having 19st on board
  14. @Ross McArthur I've built a jump bike as well, early 00's Ashton's closure dj frame, 2017 dj3's, 1x10, massive brakes, pro 2 evos etc. Also the mtb has had some love, got hope tech dh wheels and a wide range 11-42 rear cassette, and a new 50mm spank stem