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  1. Yeah but you nearly won a set .....
  2. That would look really nice with a set of luminous yellow Danny Mac mt8's on it
  3. Yeah it looks it, it's all solid and no play in anything, works a treat. Why hope don't sell a conversion kit I'll never know
  4. It looks like the driver has been shortened, the outer bearing removed and a thread cut into the the outside of the body to take a bb lockring. Obviously the axle has been shortened and the spacer modified to suit. It looks a proper job because the rim looks to be dished correctly, not pulled to one side or owt. It's a strong wheel as well, I can't feel it moving. Had a quick look inside it yesterday and it's all in brilliant condition. edit: it looks like the disk mount has also had 2 or 3 mm machined off it, can't see for what reason though. Just means the mount needs packing out a bit
  5. So I accidentally isitafox's zoo lynx 20". I'm probably a bit big for a mod but meh, if I don't like it the lad can ride it. It's Hope mainly, custom 116mm pro 2 ss/trials in the back, headset, front hub, brakes and rotors. Viz forks, echo tr cranks, try all bb, trialtech 180mm stem and high rise bars. Try all stiky tyres, forgot how bouncy they were. Glad to be riding again
  6. My new motor, Skoda Fabia Monte Carlo 1.6tdi. £20 to tax, 60mpg, insurance is £470 because I'm a hgv driver now and apparently we are high risk despite being qualified and trained upto the eyeballs
  7. well done pal, glad it's worked out for you
  8. Brick top drives one in Snatch. Nuff said
  9. Lad. Open pipes, drive like a twat, have loads of fun presenting to be a gangster. Some of many ideas
  10. Can't remember if this has been done before, probably has like. Bought an air arms s400 classic .177 with a hawke 4-12-40 scope on, got £150 for my Bsa lightning xl se .177 so only cost £245 with the bag as well. It's mega accurate, pellet on pellet at 35 yards. Do a bit of HFT and general target shooting. Well happy with it
  11. Best thing I ever did was get on a trainee driver scheme and get my hgv licence. Worth the stress of learning again for the wage, which is decent if you get with a good firm
  12. Yes mate, nationwide doing night trunking. It's a piece of piss. Yeah the steering isn't the best on a DAF, it is vague. I have the air in the seat but all the way at the bottom, and the steering wheel all the way out and down so I'm sat quite far back. And the seat base all the way out as well, and reclined ever so slightly up so it supports your thighs
  13. You gotta get the seat in exactly the same place everytime. Is it your rig everyday? I can tell if it's slightly out because it kills the base of my spine after about an hour. I found the best way in the Daf CF that I drive is to get it low like a car, so your legs are more horizontal and it supports your shoulders as well. I do 4 hour stints at a time driving so comfort is paramount, but I know what you mean
  14. Very impressive dude. Old school tgs vibe to it, that's never a bad thing