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  1. @Ross McArthur front end is high. Ive since dropped it 10mm but not rode it yet. The front brake is brutal. Lever feel is absolutely solid and it bites and holds like a mofo. Only paid £60 for the pair of them in July. Alas, the rear one won't fit
  2. @Ali C cheers mate. Changed the stem to a 110x35 now, it pops up really nice now, and puts my body in the right place. Just need to ride a bit, kinda lacked a bit just lately with being a wagon driver now, and not really having the time. The hex was ok but I've wanted one of these for years
  3. Retro frame with modern parts for me, needs a longer stem I think for more rear wheel stuff. Only paid £40 for the frame and seat, seriously good nick as well
  4. Winstanleys bmx sell 36h DMR dee vee's, in 24 and 26"
  5. That red cannondale is amazing. So much want. DCD as well
  6. @Herbertlemon102 fresh grind, and pointed the pads the right direction, gave them a sanding. Works not bad now, just needs to bed in a bit
  7. The head angle on that sunn
  8. @Yohandsome I'm 18st, and it bit and held for me just fine. I've used Deores on many builds and they've never failed me. Got them on my mtb and they will stand the bike on its nose from 30mph with 1 finger on a 203mm rotor
  9. Shimano m615 deore and 203mm icetech rotor. Be able to get it all brand new including mounting hardware for less than £100
  10. Every build you have has been spot on dude. This one is no exception. Well done mate
  11. @Adam@TartyBikes I thought 3 sisters had got shut down with the company going bust?
  12. Looks like falling with style. It's very corrupt if you believe the Facebook patter
  13. I am. As a working man, and a son of a father who's trade f**ked over by Maggie the devil, and with a girlfriend who's a nurse and father was a miner, I am voting labour. Not sure wether Jeremy Corbyn is the right man for the job, bit too liberal for my liking. But is his replacement, if there is one, Is he going to be any better? Ed Milland was a joke, it should have been his brother David in charge.
  14. What money is he after for it?
  15. I was there mate. Bracken rocks a couple of years ago. Watching yourself, Carthy and Andrei Burton trying to get up that big slab when the comp had finished