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  1. Leeson Bikes making a comeback for 2016

    @Pugson Still has his leeson sat in the garage doing nowt, it needs to be built and ridden
  2. Freestyl'Air in India

    Aurelien fontenoy. French long bike rider. Rides with just as much vigour as these boys albeit on a long bike or a mod. Loves an up to front. Nuff said. Between these two and him, trials isn't dying. Only set of riders just recently that look to be genuinely having fun and not in it for the money. Think of that what you will. Crack on boys
  3. The Angry Thread.

    Dave Mirra. No words
  4. Heavy Riders with Try all Carbon forks?

    Neil Robinson is a gash heavy handed bast on a bike as well, rode with him all the time. He had zero issues with his 
  5. She's coming out with all sorts of shite saying it wasn't hers and she didn't know. Ironically her brother is banned for doping.......
  6. The Happy Thread

    Recovery that is lad. Can't beat a good swill
  7. Post a pic of your non trials bike

    Oooh that on one is tasty. Do like a good hardcore hardtail
  8. Onza zoot 24"

    Do it lad. I've acquired a zoot for literally naff all, think it's cost me £20 for some pads, forks and headset. That's it. Proper parts bin special
  9. The Happy Thread

    I send parts out in Argento jewellery Jiffy bags. Then when wifey gets hold of it thinking it's shiny things for her, when in reality it's bike parts, an argument generally ensues. I got a message off a bloke a bit back saying it caused a right row and she accused him of cheating until he opened it 
  10. Onza zoot 24"

    @Yorkshire Dale still has his zoot pro frame sat there doing nowt, it's uncracked and in good nick as well
  11. Post a pic of your non trials bike

    Don't get me wrong, I'm faster on my 160mm travel mtb, but it's like using a sledgehammer to crack a peanut if you forgive the analogy. I got it because I'd got bored of mtb, i felt like it was taking away some of my skill and was just a case of how fast I could throw it down a hill and let the suspension do rest. I want to rediscover what I learnt all those years on a fully rigid, although this has slightly better brakes which I'm thankful for
  12. The Angry Thread.

    Yes many times. Tried the Italian tune up method as well, alas, it did not work
  13. The Angry Thread.

    This should be in the agony aunt thread haha. Honestly don't know wether to ride it out or chuck it in and go back to living with my old man until I can sort my own place out. I do love her but she is f**king hard to live with
  14. The Angry Thread.

    My woman is being a c unit. Only person out of everybody I know who's says going for the new job is a bad thing. It's a bit less money whilst I'm training and then a shed load more than what I'm on now when I'm trained. Just got to be frugal for a bit. But she can't see past it and now I'm a selfish thoughtless b*****d for wanting to further my own career. In the new job I'll be on £40k a year in 18 months. The old one it would have took me 7 years. Pissed off to f**k
  15. Post a pic of your non trials bike

    You'd be suprised at how good it actually is. It has quite a big level of grip and is very predictable. I did sherwood pines full red route on it today, and it felt decent and grippy, if a little jarry on the ride. It's like riding a rigid mtb, but rolls faster. I've been riding road bike for years so I'm used to drop bars, (mine has the chicken stick bar top levers)and if anything it teaches you more about the purer side of riding, choosing your line and being really smooth, as you don't have 160mm of travel to bail you out should you be a bit ham fisted. And it climbs awesomely. And it's low maintenance, literally needs a bit of chain lube and that's it