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  1. zoo python 2005, monty kamel 2016

    That Python is amazing
  2. Post a pic of your non trials bike

    Main pivot bearings are shagged on my Titus. They aren't very heavy duty, same as the driver bearings on a pro 2 Evo
  3. Ozonys 24 Skill build

    Nooooo. Leave them blue. That's how they are supposed to be
  4. New frame...

    Like you say, heavy tools. Identiti Dr Jekyll, old school echo pure ( the seated one)
  5. Looking for specific wire.

    What about cat 5data cable?
  6. Violin Rosin

    You can buy pure acetone from boots, our lass uses it to take off her gel nails, it's only about £1.50 a bottle as well. You ask at the counter and they will sort you out
  7. Post a pic of your non trials bike

    I'll do it
  8. Post a pic of your non trials bike

    Looks good that mate. Looks short on the wb though for a full susser
  9. Post a pic of your non trials bike

    I've got a scar on my right elbow from nitromors
  10. Quick play at local riding spot

    That was class. Love the hop off the log over the fence. "Trials rider in normal bar angle shock"
  11. I still run an 04 lever on my build, swear by them. Always had one on one bike or another
  12. Echo control forks I think
  13. Calling all machinists

    @Alex Dark does machinist jobs, have you pm'd him?
  14. The Happy Thread

    Original Z1 bams are the greatest fork ever made. So plush and smooth. I'd kill for an old school hardtail with some of those on
  15. New tires on the market,now from jitsie.

    I got a 24x2.5 Maxxis high roller from a shop in Donny brand new. He did have two but Clayton was on about going across to buy it. Cost me £32