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  1. The Happy Thread

    Yes it is. Anywhere past Worksop is the south. So there
  2. The Happy Thread

    Meh teenagers. All annoying bastards. My 18 year old stepdaughter is just as bad, thinks the world owes her a favour and is full of emotional bullshit. And nowt is ever her fault. The world is full of c.unts, as soon as you realise this and deal with it, life becomes much easier
  3. What MTB tire do you run?

    26x2.4 dual compound on one chunky monkeys. Basically a high roller 2. Insane amounts of grip in any condition. DH tubes, not embraced tubeless just yet
  4. Post a pic of your non trials bike

    New tyre shizzle. Got a pair of dual compound on one chunky monkeys for £25. 42a edges and 50a centres. Had a blast round pine on Monday morning, it was quite wet and claggy but the tyres were brilliant. Seemed to find grip almost anywhere
  5. The Motorbike Thread

    It's a shame that the season had to end like that instead of being ended fairly, and Marquez was being a faggot by not overtaking Lorenzo. I'll just leave this here