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  1. Same with mine, that's why i went from 70 to 50mm. Point it down now and it's amazing. Climbs shit though, although that maybe down to having 19st on board
  2. @Ross McArthur I've built a jump bike as well, early 00's Ashton's closure dj frame, 2017 dj3's, 1x10, massive brakes, pro 2 evos etc. Also the mtb has had some love, got hope tech dh wheels and a wide range 11-42 rear cassette, and a new 50mm spank stem
  3. Unfollowed him ages ago. He was going down the same needy 'look at me' route as Jordan leigh. Plus all that Euan Beaden official or whatever it was shit became boring
  4. I had a 2011 echo lite wheel out, brake off, file across the brake mounts, to flatten off/square them up. Across and diagonally echo washerless clamps work the best, in my experience. Use a fresh thin cutting disk and get the grind reasonable sharp. I used real cousts on an old echo tr rim and the brake was immense. Didn't need a booster. To me it sounds like your grind is losing its sharpness, what rim are you running?
  5. It's daft @MadManMike because it more or less stops accelerating at 35mph, then will take ages to creep upto 55 unless you turn eco mode off, and even then it changes gear too early, which doesn't use all the torque properly, and uses more fuel. It only does 8.3mpg if I'm Lucky anyway
  6. Few Motoring based things gone on just lately, saw Dan cox on the A50 in his green goblin. Not that much faster than my 44t DAF artic crashed the Monte on Boxing Day, got it repaired, it's now back on the road Did the front brakes on the monte, replaced them at 53k with Pagid pads and disks from Euro car parts, the difference from standard is unreal Been ousted from my old 64 plate DAF at work into a 16 plate, drive completely differently. Gearbox software/mapping is gash. Too much focused on eco driving and fuel saving. With eco mode on it struggles to get past 40 unless you turn it off, and it won't hold onto a gear unless you override it and put it in manual, which kinda defeats the object of a semi auto. Hard work to drive smoothly, being as that we are encouraged to keep it in the green band and not go into the blue. Don't know if there's many other truckers on here that know what I'm on about, I would genuinely have an MAN over a DAF nowadays
  7. Jitise 108. Well solid. That or echo sl
  8. Stop thinking and start doing. Simples. It'll either work or it won't
  9. That’s because @dann2707 and myself are top Yorkshireman, although he is technically now an immigrant because he flounced off to live in Derby, mumbling some shite about a career, buying a house and a girlfriend, and some turbo car that never seems to work
  10. I've got some questions Internet isn't free, how do you pay for it if you hate the system so much? How was your IQ measured if you hate the system so much? And a true fact, the Internet isn't the system of free speech they want you to think it is, because the system IS ALWAYS f**kING WATCHING. You know, the one you hate so much conflict of interests, irony, hypocrisy etc etc spring to mind
  11. I like gin, and I'm a two showers a day guy, so I like soap as well. Bought our Maude a Fitbit, and some shiny things. She's happy now
  12. Was having this convo on Facebook the other day. Jack has size and strength in his favour, but technically Abel is in a different league. Never seen a rider so precise.
  13. Looks like there's a new 24" tyre out, seen it on a load of kids bikes in the shop yesterday. Looks like standard fit for cannondale and cube. 24x2.6. Just a casual post about it, maybe worth a try out for the compy 24" riders amongst you all
  14. Andrei Burton does love a good photo. Can't fault him, wish I looked like that
  15. He did a vlog from havoc bike park where he did the big drop off on his full susser. You can tell he's got a fair bit of skill, but as he says he's never done it before on an mtb, so he's a bit shaky. Wish I was as shaky as he is on it, love to see him race a dh bike