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  1. Looks like falling with style. It's very corrupt if you believe the Facebook patter
  2. I am. As a working man, and a son of a father who's trade f**ked over by Maggie the devil, and with a girlfriend who's a nurse and father was a miner, I am voting labour. Not sure wether Jeremy Corbyn is the right man for the job, bit too liberal for my liking. But is his replacement, if there is one, Is he going to be any better? Ed Milland was a joke, it should have been his brother David in charge.
  3. What money is he after for it?
  4. I was there mate. Bracken rocks a couple of years ago. Watching yourself, Carthy and Andrei Burton trying to get up that big slab when the comp had finished
  5. Which one. Bumrider88 or clerictgm?
  6. £10k cough *e39 BMW M5* cough
  7. My beer drinking muscles get exercised quite a bit. Legs and arms are strong as with being a wagon driver. Bit soggy around the middle though
  8. Got a Boardman pro 29er on cycle to work. SRAM gx 1x11, guide r 4 pots, formula hubs. I changed the tyres from the shite standard fit conti's to maxxis ardents before I'd even rode it. One ride later and it's been treated to riser bars, new seat and odi longnecks. It's spot on, definetley faster than my full suss and it handles quite good as well. It doesn't turn as quick but it's bang on for what I want it for, which is a bit of xc and blue/ some red routes
  9. Dave Anscombe nobody gives a f**k about your shithouse conspiracy theories. People keep secrets, people tell lies. People take drugs and talk shit, people take drugs to stop them talking shit. A few loons like you aren't gonna change the world, which is f**kING ROUND thanks for coming
  10. I've known jack for ages, ridden with him numerous times and can't help but think this has made him look a bit of a tool. The Muhammad Ali stuff is very pretentious. He is without a doubt in the top 3 riders on the planet, but this video is a bit "ooh look at me". Trials riders want to see riding videos. As mentioned above, this isn't marketed at us at all. It's a sponsors/promo video designed to get him publicity. Its very "French" to me. Apologies if it offends you Jack, that's just my opinion of it
  11. What's the deal with the rear hub? Custom machined pro4 trials?
  12. Cx/roadie, 29er hardtail, 20" trials, 26er full susser
  13. Built this for my lad on the super cheap, seen as he mithered me to sort him one out. Donations and parts bin mainly, with a few eBay items. Stands at less than £60. Took him to a comp and he scored better than me first time out. We'll be at the next tykes event monty 221 frame and echo sl forks, courtesy of Barry Clay trialtech 90x35 stem and onza bars 04 mags onza rear wheel onza cranks, tensile 60 click freewheel that was mine from 10 years ago, never skipped, bit a family heirloom, eBay bb ebay headset old school plazmatic rear tyre and maxxis max daddy front
  14. My lad is 9 next week. Doesn't seem two minutes since I brought him home from hospital in the car seat
  15. Proper trials right there