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  1. For the next GET creative comp someone should do a video of nothing but unexpected moves.
  2. I was actually going to complain and say "damn these new 1 minute trend BS! I wanna sit down and watch at the very least 3 minutes of riding!"
  3. Can you do like 10 minutes of hops?
  4. Awesome! amazing riding by the two
  5. No no, never to replace the "clean" videos, the vlogs are just an amazing complement.
  6. I enjoy both videos to be honest the edit ones and the "real" ones and I think they're both awesome. As for vlogs: the more quantity and video-length the better. I'd watch them even if it's you doing a bunny hop over a shoe over and over. The cool thing about vlogs is that we get to see your personality, so we enjoy the vlogs because of "you" and not just because of the riding.
  7. I've got an idea, hear me out: -We love the live commentary and "some" headcam footage. -We'd rather a tripod setup, but WITH commentary. So my idea would be to do a split screen for some lines? Like get 2 cameras 1 in a tripod and 1 on your head, so that way we can hear your commentary while you do the lines, but also get to see the full thing from a different angle. Half the screen would be your headcam with audio, the other half would be a tripod camera. Not for every single bit of the video but for the lines you make, it'd be awesome!
  8. I still don't get the "Bikes too big for the riders" thing, it clearly doesn't make them any better. So... why?
  9. Keep in mind this video is not meant to lure new viewers into becoming trials riders, it's just to show his trials riding skills to trials riders, as 99% of videos are.
  10. He's huge! those brakes need all the help they can to stop him!
  11. The last time I had to download a video to watch it.... It was pretty cool though, old trials had a sick vibe to it.
  12. I feel like you guys have it already sorted but just a TL;DR version with steps: 1. Make sure the move, line, obstacle AND RIDER (100% of his/her body+ bike) are all inside the frame of the video, so we can actually see what just happened and what the rider did, not just filming the wheels or the shoes. Step back and make sure we can see wtf is going on. 2. Pick some non-cheesy music (if you're adding music) 3. Use of slow-mo should be tasteful, we don't need to see a slow-mo 1 meter gap and 2 minutes of rear wheel hops because they were all captured in slow-mo. 4. It can be commercial but just tell the people filming that the viewers will want to be able to see what just happened, and will also want to see a 90% riding video. 5. It does NOT have to be a movie production with storyline, etc. Refer to Borisevich Pavel's older videos, CLS, Ali C. 6. Not required but good for reference: latest amazing videos are ones from Mark W. 7. Dress like a proper human being. And some people will hate me for this but if you see Danny Mac's videos, yes they are over the top productions but you can see what he's doing, even if you don't like his riding style AND they're all about someone riding a bike. If I missed something let me know.