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  • County (UK Only) Cornwall
  • Real Name chris james tabb
  • Bike Ridden Mod
  • Quick Spec Koxx 2002 frame,Monty Stem,Monty Handlebars,Trialtech Pedals,Trialtech QuickReleases,Monty tyres,monty wheels,Try-All Grips,Try-All titaniun bolts,Monty disc forks,Hope mini Front Brake,Heatsink Vee-brakes pads,
  • Country United Kingdom

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  • Gender Male
  • Interests motorcycles trials and pushbike trials as well.i love both sport
    i have a lovely gasgas 300 08 raga which is very soft for my riding style.
    i got a koxx 2002 frame with a lot of monty and some trialtech,try-all bit on her
  • Location St Austell

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  1. Team Tabb Koxxs added a topic in Beginners Trials Chat   

    My Cycles Trials Helmet
    hi guys i got some carbon yesterday and stick them on my peak looks mint i think so.

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  2. Team Tabb Koxxs added a topic in Beginners Trials Chat   

    New Bashplate
    today my new bashplate came looks mint thanks to tartybikes for helping me to get the right one for my old koxx cheers


    =48600:new bashplate in red.JPG]

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  3. Team Tabb Koxxs added a post in a topic Trials Cranks ?   

    Yeah trialtech stuff are very good i got there predals and there lasting very good

    thanks Jeromboii i will order them next week:)
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  4. Team Tabb Koxxs added a topic in Beginners Trials Chat   

    Trials Cranks ?
    Hi there guys, am looking to buy some new Cranks for my koxxs am looking at the trialtech sport taper ones for £51.06 and the try-all Square Taper
    crank set for £45.96.which ones are better cheers chris tabb
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