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    motorcycles trials and pushbike trials as well.i love both sport
    i have a lovely gasgas 300 08 raga which is very soft for my riding style.
    i got a koxx 2002 frame with a lot of monty and some trialtech,try-all bit on her
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    St Austell

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    chris james tabb
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    Koxx 2002 frame,Monty Stem,Monty Handlebars,Trialtech Pedals,Trialtech QuickReleases,Monty tyres,monty wheels,Try-All Grips,Try-All titaniun bolts,Monty disc forks,Hope mini Front Brake,Heatsink Vee-brakes pads,
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    United Kingdom
  1. ok mate i take it u like my old video on the M.A.D. trials bike cheers chris tabb

  2. hi there thats profile pic thats me on my old Mad phase 1.3 08 i had a video on youtube off it