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  1. Report on this trial Rd6 plus pictures features in Sporting M/cyclist October edition Club stand at Trials jam
  2. A report and photos of Final round 2016 are on Trial Magazine web site
  3. A Comp was held there 10th April 2016 check out Crowthorne Cycle Trials Facebook page or Bike trial federation web site for results photos
  4. The Report on rd 6 Crowthorne Cycle trial comp is now on Trial Magazine web site (Penultimate round) Autumn Trials Jam 9th October 10am till 5pm www.biketrialacademy food /music Bike Trial Academy CB23 2UP Longstowe Cambs
  5. Post code is on the entry form on Bike trial UK website bring it with you to save time filling it in and sign on the day Crowthorne staged their one and only round of the T.V.T.C. group trial for 2016 14th August check website for results. report in TMX News/sporting m/cyclist
  6. Cycle Trial Comp 4th Sept - 11 am start all classes. Adult/Youth all welcome Nash Mills Kings Langley Herts Entry form on Bike trial UK web site - Enter on the day Awards on the day for first 3 in class points go to championship. Crowthorne Cycle Trials. Results for round 5 on Bike trial UK web site Report on Trial mag web / Sporting Mcyclist mag plus weekly Advertiser
  7. Brilliant Jack
  8. we will be there from Friday till Monday
  9. Rd 5 Crowthorne Completed - Addlestone Moor 26th June view Trial Magazine for report under Bike trial ... Results on Bike fed UK web site Comps to come Bike Federaton Rd 4 Blackpool 24th July Crowthorne Rd 6 Nash Mills Herts 4th Sept Bike Fed final round /Presentation Hook Woods 11th Sept Entry forms on Bike trial uk web site
  10. Nash Mills Kings Langley Herts HP3 9TE ( Round 4 Crowthorne) Elite Expert Inter Novice Beginner and Dabber/Balance bike Cycle Trial Sunday 24th April sign on from 10.30 Trial starts 11am Cycle Helmet must be worn long pants/gloves advisable Entry form on Bike Trial Fed web site or enter on the day Round 2 Radical Bikes Essex. The report/Photos of this event are now on Trial Magazine web site under Bike trial
  11. Special test section being put on ??
  12. Radical bikes Chelmsford, Essex, 3rd April 11am sign on from 10.30 The location for round 2 Crowthorne Cycle Trial 7 sections all classes. Cycle rules apply Results for round 1 Crowthorne on Bike Trial UK web site now.
  13. Round 1 ... Surrey Hills Cycle Centre (Hook Woods) West Horsley Surrey. 6th March 11am Start sign on from 10.30 all 6 routes available helmets must be worn (long pants / Gloves advisable) ACU permit Round 2 ... Radical Bikes Chelmsford Essex 3rd April 11am Start ACU permit both entry forms will be on Bike trial fed web site (or enter on the day) check out our Facebook page Crowthorne Cycle Trials
  14. Crowthorne Cycle Trials .... Results for fun Trial 18th Oct on Bike Trial UK web site Also view the ... Presentation Results for the end of year awards 2015 and the completed Championship table chart. (7 rounds) Many thanks who competed / viewed / helped and supported the club through out the year. hope you enjoyed C.C.T.C.