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  1. Issue with dishing a wheel

    Good thinking. Axle seems good. Trying to tighten the QR while pushing the wheel over doesn't really seem to do much. Filing the dropout might allow it to move, as long as I can get the QR tight enough to prevent it from moving back over time.  Frame might not be totally straight. It's quite old, Aorta 26, 2006 I think. Might just do a little bit of filing bodgery.
  2. Issue with dishing a wheel

    More tension on the NDS just brings it back over to that side.  Sounds like it's kind of inevitable with this setup then. It's a 26" rim on a chris king classic rear hub. It's JUST clearing the maggy pad on the NDS, so its usable but not ideal, if it was any closer I'd need to use offset mounts. Might be able to get more out of it by rebuilding it with grease and alloy nipples. Doesn't feel like the original builder put any grease on the threads. Cheers.
  3. Issue with dishing a wheel

    As usual, I've loosened the spokes on one side and tightened the other side to dish the wheel. However the spokes on the driveside are now super tight, despite the spokes on the other side being relatively loose, so I can't achieve any more dish. I'm trying to get my head around whether different spoke lengths would actually help or not. I'm thinking there's not really any more that can be done. Thoughts?
  4. The Car Thread

    What did he tweak on the fuel system? I'm on good old K-jet just now, but it needs some cleaning/tweaking.
  5. Focus - how to keep it?

    Bump I think it means our minds are so powerful that additional energy is required to power them...
  6. The Angry Thread.

    Not to worry, I'm writing a massive report on it as we speak, only 1 year late. 
  7. The Angry Thread.

    There was this big and rather expensive experiment I did for work just over a year ago. Some of the data appeared to be wrong, so ultimately a lot of data was discarded and I tried to sort of brush the whole thing under the table. I've just found out today that the calculation I was told to do to get the right units from the raw data was slightly wrong, and now that I've got it figured out the data actually makes perfect sense. I don't even work there anymore...
  8. male opinion!

    I like shiny car parts
  9. The Angry Thread.

    Argh, that cancerous language kills me as well. Mixed emotions. Job hunt seems to be going relatively well but the family dog has had to be put down - it attacked another dog which isn't unusual by any means but it's too dangerous to keep when there is frequently a baby in the same household. She could be extremely cute at other times but it had to be done really.
  10. The Car Thread

    Nice. Glad your wheel issue wasn't serious. I deeply embarrassed myself and Volvo today. Got stuck on what was barely even an incline due to super slippery snow, one wheel drive, and not that much weight at the rear, excuses excuses. A Subaru towed me out   A fancy diff will be first on the shopping list when I get money, and then I need to find the time to swap over the turbo engine for skids.
  11. The Car Thread

  12. The Inevitable Question... Where is everyone?

    I've seen a lot of forums etc practically move over to facebook pages. Irritating because they definitely don't provide the same functionality - when you are trying to find that useful piece of information that someone wrote a few weeks back, and now it's a few thousand comments down the page!
  13. The Car Thread

    What are your 'wet' tyres? Speaking of tyres, I'm currently using Yokohama Advan Sport V105s. Did a little bit of 'market research' and they seem to be one of the best all-rounders. I'm liking them but truth be told I haven't done any enthusiastic driving due to my car still being full Grandad Spec.
  14. Board Upgrade

    You kinda have a point, but then the activity stream would do pretty much what the New Content function does. Therefore, don't bother with the activity stream, just go straight to the New Content button.
  15. The Car Thread

    I still want one of these, except it would be the 2.4 jtd version. Knowing me though, I would be on the way to buy it and then do a u-turn to go look at an old Volvo.