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  1. Remember Lee Shiming? well he's still amazing.

    One of the reasons I still ride my Aorta.
  2. The Car Thread

    It's a very similar change but it sounds like softening the front end would be a tiny bit safer than stiffening the rear. Not sure if damping changes will help a great deal but might be worth a try.
  3. The Car Thread

    You should obviously spend that money on an even bigger turbo
  4. The Car Thread

    I can't figure out how the exhaust would cause chips in that position. Just put the 740 through anmot. Despite a gaping hole in the floor (right against a jacking point) it only failed on high emissions. 4.83 COLuckily the limit for an old car is only 3.5 so fingers crossed some fuelling adjustment will do the trick. I'll leave the hole in the floor until next year
  5. The Happy Thread

    I was a bit 'meh' about moving to Dumfries for my new job but I've just realised that most of the 7 stanes are nearby. Time to save up for a reasonable mountain bike! Anyone particularly want an Aorta 26"?
  6. I would also hate to be beaten by an old Volvo Kudos for getting your cars sorted out, especially Sam. Mine doesn't run at all just now!