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  1. Should be ok
  2. Now we've confused things I'm thinking original plans are best plans. Then we can discuss a future track day or similar?
  3. Hold it at tom's house so he doesn't have to move the fairlane :-P I'm torn on this one, there might not be a perfect date for everyone so maybe just go ahead with it?
  4. I don't remember that but I did have to pick up the phone with them and confirm something.
  5. Comprende? Either way for me. I guess it would be nice to see everyone's main projects rather than their daily's.
  6. Pre face-lift, with some sort of aftermarket headlights that have darker surrounds. Haven't quite finalised the price but I think I'll try for around 1200 to begin with. 156k miles. Did the timing and auxiliary belts last year. Momo leather seats, bose speakers, rain sensing wipers, semi-working air conditioning.
  7. That's a bummer. Hope it's an easy fix. My day was much better than that thankfully, I gave the Alfa a send off drive over Black Mountain pass. Putting it up for sale very soon, probably against my better judgement considering how excellent it has been.
  8. I don't think my preferred vehicle will be ready by then, but I'll take the other if not.
  9. I could've bought something a little nicer, but I just picked up another ratty £500 Volvo. Can't help myself. Think I might do something silly with it, got a two-tone backyard paint job in mind.
  10. Get that beast along to the TF car meet
  11. Can you help me organise my life? Would be up for karting. Alternatively it would be cool to meet somewhere remote-ish with some good driving roads.
  12. 1. Tom Booth- '64 Fairlane 2. Rainbird - LCR of some sort 3. Daniel cox - turbo clio or none turbo clio 4. Robin - Probably the slowest e36. Maybe... but almost certainly not a 924. 5. Mike - Eunos Roadster (If it survives Bedford Autodrome, trip to Bruges and Rockingham weekender) 6. Pete - Crusty but freshly turbo'd Volvo, I hope.
  13. If signatures were still a thing...
  14. Awesome cage work. Interested to see what you do with the suspension as well.
  15. Haven't posted much on here about the 740 so this is covering the last 4 months or so, slow progress! Did quite a bit of wiring and "un-wiring" as I like to call it, on the loom that I took from my old 940. Also re-routing existing wires to suit the new battery and ECU positions (intending to put the battery behind the front seats). Much more wiring left to do. Did some porting on the exhaust manifold to better suit the slightly larger turbo housing. Removed some weights from inside the frame rails - yes there are literally weights inside the frame rails because Volvo. Extended part of the gear lever for shorter throw. Should be about 35% shorter. Room for activities: The car has been living inside the garage until yesterday but the engine crane would've hit the roof rafters if we tried to do this inside. Turbo engine mounted on Land Rover engine mounts which are probably my favourite part so far, because they're stiffer than standard and cost only £7. Now I can't get the car back inside the garage There's a decent size ramp in the way. I might try and push it with the Alfa, using a rigid tow bar type thing. It'll be a while before the Volvo runs as it needs a whole new fuel system, more wiring, mount the larger intercooler etc etc. Edit: I was hoping this would start a new page, now there's tons of photos on this page!