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  1. The Car Thread

    I am slightly jealous what with my daily at the moment being from 1988. Entirely my fault, of course. Probably not as bad as Skoze's choice of daily though.
  2. Danny MacAskill - This is Drop and Roll

    I can imagine Danny has been wanting to do this for many many years. Epic.
  3. TFTD2 2016 Discussion Thread

    I did say before that I would come in whatever I'm driving at the time, but honestly I might be driving the slowest of slow things so I'm undecided at the moment.
  4. The Car Thread

    I like my intercoolers...erm...well lubricated. Really hoping the new turbo and cam make it breathe better so I can make use of the fresh tarmac at Driftland. 
  5. The Angry Thread.

    The new "new content" feed kind of dulls the experience by letting you see people's posts immediately. I like to use the "condensed view" so that I still have to go to the effort of opening threads to see what people are saying. And I'm pretty sure it doesn't show everything, like if there's been a bunch of posts in one thread it sometimes only shows the most recent one, or am I being silly?
  6. The Happy Thread

    Sold an old school Blaupunkt car stereo for more than the new Sony one cost me. Sweet. Only took me about 6 hours to wire the new one in Also getting brought in to work a few hours at my old job on Saturday because they feel they need me for something, which I guess is nice.
  7. Knee Problems, advice? (one too many stunts?)

    Quit stunting until it's fixed. You'll most likely be luckier than me, but my dodgy knee has never totally fixed itself. I think it's been 5 years now.