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  1. Searching spring isolators for mx-5's doesn't show helper springs, it shows some additional spring perch type thing. Which one are we talking about?
  2. Definitely something wrong
  3. Ha. I got lucky today and somehow managed to ride out of a mad two wheel slide on an off-camber corner. But no one was there to see it, what a waste.
  4. That's brave in a mini.
  5. Funny, I was in the same situation a year ago - going to London to buy a car and having to full-on research the DLR
  6. Company in administration Any mechanical design engineering jobs going? I'll move practically anywhere.
  7. Like it. I have some Ashton Justice forks (the raw ones that I used to have on my ET) if you want to keep it all Ashton.
  8. As long as it's 5 years away so there's a chance of me having my shit together
  9. Same, there's quite a few decent channels out there nowadays. I spend far too much time watching it all. Getting my windows tinted on Sunday, and doing a little DIY paint job. I might as well focus on aesthetics if I can't go fast! People seem to like it though, I get a surprising amount of comments. Anyone going to RetroRides Gathering?
  10. Check out the chassis recall on Navara's. Some of them like to crack.
  11. I was thinking it wouldn't be too hard to make, however it has just occurred to me that the torque rods attach to a sub-frame which is rubber mounted, so the nvh levels wouldn't be too bad with rose joints. That's probably the easiest way to go.
  12. Probably M12 or M14, but not sure on the bushing width yet. I'm looking to put together some adjustable torque rods for the rear axle, but I'm not keen on rose joints at both ends because road car. Edit: Maybe rule out 12mm actually. Depends on material grade.
  13. Anyone know a UK source for these kinda things? Bushed rod ends.
  14. Apparently Chris Harris landed a new show on BBC America, with no plans to air in UK. Disappointed!
  15. It has been ages since I last had money to waste on cars, so this little package makes me happy. I kinda messed up though, the steering wheel is a good two inches closer than standard, feels way too close.