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  1. Took the crank pulley off the mx5 to track down the wobble. It looks like someone has been here before, though I can't tell exactly what they've used to bond/weld the gear to the crank. I couldn't get a puller behind the gear to confirm that the 'fix' was still solid, so I just put it all back together. (the cracked backing on the gear wasn't me) I'm kinda hoping that the slight wobble is due to the gear not being perfectly straight. I'll just run it, it may have been like this for years.
  2. That's my day well and truly ruined. Went to get fuel before driving out to Wales, checked under the bonnet because the belts were squeeling, turns out the mx-5 has crank pulley wobble. Next step depends on how worn the keyway is. Back to the Volvo...
  3. Evo triangle at the weekend anyone?
  4. Definitely not coolant from a leaky heater matrix?
  5. On kodi aye? I need to get mine sorted, it's an old installation that doesn't really work properly, plus it used someone else's account so I assume I'm going to need my own.
  6. Cheers, the brakes are probably normal then.
  7. Pretty chuffed with the new acquisition. Eunos Roadster V-Special 1.6, has a mazdaspeed roll bar, custom stainless twin tip exhaust, short shifter of some sort, Ohlins adjustable dampers (only fitted to Japanese roadsters I think?) and incredibly clean sills for 1990! I do need to replace the roof but the previous owner supplied a replacement so I've just got the fun job of fitting it. I don't think the previous owners used it during winter, I almost feel bad for doing so. I got even more excited when I saw the name Chris Harris as one of the previous owners, but I don't think it's the man himself - he doesn't even like mx-5's that much. Hilariously different to the Volvo especially with the short shifter. Crappy brakes though, that can't be normal? I don't want to neglect the Volvo so it received a much needed subwoofer - now I have a reason to continue using it
  8. @RobinJI If you cycle to work would your annual mileage be under 5000? Might be able to save even more money with classic insurance. That's the only way I can semi-justify running two cars just now. On which note, I may have won an auction on eBay for a minty mx-5. Picking it up next weekend. Spring 2017 TF trackday??
  9. It did have the sills welded which wasn't on the advert, but it wasn't a bad job from the looks of things so it didn't totally put me off. The guy wasn't keen on me taking it for a little drive. I think he would've let me if I pushed for it but overall the asking price just felt a little too high. Possibly looking at what sounds like a less rusty one tomorrow - it's cheaper but that's because the paint is dodgy. This is the first time I haven't just gone ahead and bought the first car I've seen, ha.
  10. I got myself all excited about this Eunos S special edition, but it turned out not to be all that special. Wasn't necessarily a nugget, just not as good as I'd like. Mike, Adam, etc, if you see some clean ones for sale then let me know.
  11. Pretty cool, I'm jealous. It's frustrating having a nice engine sitting in Glasgow (costing me storage money since December!) but not being able to do anything with it until I get a garage down here. Probably should've cut my losses a long time ago!
  12. I wish it wasn't. Basically they went into administration after not being able to pay the staff in August, so the only way for me to get those wages is by claiming from the National Insurance Fund. As for my September wages, that will come from the administrators when they either manage to sell the company or sell off enough assets to pay us. The whole process has been a total shit show.
  13. Haven't been paid for two months and have now been made redundant with no payout. Cool. On the plus side, I have a job lined up in Cheshire.
  14. Searching spring isolators for mx-5's doesn't show helper springs, it shows some additional spring perch type thing. Which one are we talking about?
  15. Definitely something wrong