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  1. magura mounts ? how much ?
  2. planning to sell the frame any time soon
  3. Cheers let me know when the vid's done
  4. Does anyone know when these will become avalible to buy and does anyone know if they are any good?
  5. What you doing with the rockman
  6. Alright cool
  7. Jackkk didn't know it was you
  8. Haha no way I ride with connor
  9. What pads are the best for a deep grind on a tryall 20" rim?
  10. I'm round about inverness muir of ord (probibly never heard of it) and I like nateral and street
  11. Hammer them in
  12. Where is the best place to ride in the highlands?
  13. Greetings and uk onza stop taking the... haha :L Revolver thanks haha didn't know it existed
  14. Fit inman is ok but it has kind of a weak frame,eastern traildigger is I really nice bike l, verde eon is no offence is rubbish the frame is way too small and the other one is nice as well but that make hqve heavy bikes maybe they've changed I don't know as you can tell I do bmx