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  1. Faggot !
  2. Any pics mate ? cheers! Yeah, they do look very strong and reasonable for the price !
  3. Hi Guys, just wondering if any one on the forum has a decent hardtail frame for sale, preferable steel for around 100. looking for something in reasonable condition. looking for mainly either a : Ragley blue pig Ragley piglet On-One 456 Cotic soul or something simular along the line of thiese. Cheers Guys.
  4. Id say go for a orange patriot, you can find them really cheap know a days... Also great alround enduro, downgill bike
  5. Any one know ?? Kinda wanna bleed them today
  6. Basiclly im pritty sure that you can bleed the echo rim brakes with water but I wasnt 100 per cent sure and didnt want to try it incase I f**ked it up LOL. cheers for looking jake
  7. Ok thanks I will have a look tomorow, didn't want to try anything because its never happend to me before
  8. Yeah though so, do you need a special tool to tighten it ?
  9. Ite HELP PLEASE, basiclly I was riding my bike tonight when and after a while I heard a loud click noise, I stopped to check it out and my bb was wobbling about in the bb shells and my chain was really loose then when I was moving the cranks back the freewheel seemed to tighten up then the bb stopped wobbling, but then the freewheel clicked again and the bb when losse again. Do I neeed a new bb or can this be fixed? cheers jake
  10. Cheers , yeah it wasn't holding very well :/
  11. Cheers mate, and yeah I do need a decent camcorder or somthing aswell.
  12. haha oops forgot to press attach button wait a sec...
  13. cheers
  14. Ahaha, poor kid ;')