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  1. No it's just a rattle can job I did after I removed the gusset between the top and down tube.
  2. Hey guys, not been on here for while as I'm not really riding anymore but thought i'd chuck up some pics of my Rocket in case anyone's interested. Unfortunately as I'm not really ridig it anymore and need to put a deposit together for new family car it's had to go up on ebay. I'll be gutted to lose it but hopefully it might stand a chance of being ridden a bit more.
  3. Doesn't look like either of these take a small inner chainring.
  4. Doesn't give much info like what size sprocket it will take but looks bang on. If I could run a smaller sprocket at the back I'd be tempted myself.
  5. It's this one but they're discontinued now. Might find one on eBay. I had to mod mine too as the hole in the middle got mashed by the crank arm. I've got one of those steel inserts they come with in both sides now and it's bomb proof!
  6. I'm using profiles with a 24t setup. Old DMR compact spider with a custom bash ring. You could run a 20t this way but you'd have to make a custom bash ring/spider combo to get the bash ring smaller. Don't know how you'd go about running an 18t with a bash ring.
  7. If it ain't black, it's whack!
  8. This is my road/cross bike. On One Pompetamine with Kona P2 forks. Also now has Thomson stem and Hope floating rotor. Running a Hope trials hub with a Velosolo bolt on fixed cog at the moment but I'm planning on running it single speed with a rear disc soon. Might also get some flat bars and cross tyres for some light off road this summer. Prob get some middleburn cranks when I sell my geared road bike.
  9. Nice little vid. Skid on the scaffold pole was cool. Love quirky little tricks like that. Reckon you jus need a bit of old ply on that sand and you'd be good to go. Nice bike too. What is it? I'm really starting to think I might have to go 24"
  10. This has just made my day.
  11. Spamming up the forum with a whole load of "Ban G" posts was a pretty stupid way to go about getting banned. Could have just posted up a load of top quality porn. Reckon he probably woulda left on better terms with everyone that way
  12. I learnt this lesson the hard way when I was younger. Was in broad daylight too. Neither house or car insurance would pay up unless it was locked securely to something inside the car, which it wasn't. Hope you have better luck.
  13. I guess in theory, there's no reason a 3 piece split link should be any more prone to snapping than a regular link. Main reason I don't run one is it wouldn't go through the old rear mech I use to keep my chain tight.
  14. I have this FBM one. It's pretty comfy
  15. Wipperman snap links are the worst.