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  1. Totally forgot about you dude, sorry.
  2. Here's a close up
  3. Little group ride in Manchester, some bad filming and riding from me.
  4. Good job I couldn't get that to rear when I rode there.
  5. 180 gap from right ledge to non existent lip, it nearly went.
  6. Probably, but not why I got it. I just buy what I like the look of.
  7. Having trouble deciphering this. Yes it's really hard.
  8. You think. Not even been riding. Got it out today and I just felt good on it, bike feels dialled. It's in Radcliffe, Manchester, could ride it and some other local stuff one time? @aener
  9. Screenshot Self shot on timer.
  10. Yes it's an expensive game, put your mind to it I'm sure you could get one.
  11. No one uses them. MT4 is around £50 here.
  12. New bike, skate park bed in.
  13. New bike, skate park bed in.
  14. mt4 or mt5