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  1. Sweet that Ross, really enjoyed that, bike looks sweet, really dialled, it's better to watch just with the added seat.
  2. Cool video, nice riding.
  3. Yes
  4. I'd also like to share my import from the Philippines, this is my son riding it, sometimes I don't even ride mine, I just put it on the back of my tuk tuk.
  5. Same but not on inspired seat or post, must all be the same.
  6. My 4 on the front sets up rub free really easily, with a visible gap, the 5 is a different story.
  7. They do have more clearance.
  8. The lack of neon socks in all clips ruined it.
  9. Why ask if your just going to be like that when someone replies? I was going to say again I'd meet up for a ride, like last time when you didn't respond, but f**k that I can't be arsed.
  10. Contact tartybikes.
  11. It's a muc off bike, not inspired.
  12. That's a tms combo not a silex (red bike you posted). Noticed what? It's about 200g difference.
  13. That's a combo. I doubt it rides much different, console is a couple grams heavier and a few degrees on head angle, I've been tempted to change to an arcade but it's not worth it til this console breaks.
  14. I liked it, could never beat the original but was worth a watch. I also really liked Life, nothing groundbreaking but a good watch.