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  1. Tarty should stock.
  2. I'd go arcade if from a bmx background, the extra weight won't be noticeable. I'd say get mt5 brakes or even mt4, cheap as chips and more than up to the job and the levers don't go all floppy on you. Hopes are good setup right, but dot fluid seems to go bad easy imo then the brakes go crap. The geometry are the differences in the bikes, best look at tartybikes for that, and the materials they are made from, arcade is steel, fourplay aluminium. Hope this helps.
  3. Drops a few stackers....
  4. Just experiment, it's all personal preference.
  5. Nice find
  6. Thanks Ross, hopefully it will improve my static stuff, I'm really bad. What's on the 8th?
  7. I'm just getting into natural, was bored of street, think we doing Higgor Tor next.
  8. Pukka stunts
  9. Geo
  10. Harder on 26 but definitely possible.
  11. I prefer mt5, I've had zee and saint