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  1. They look fake Dan, you never know could be an old version. Why not contact the manufacturer, then if they are get your money back.
  2. I've seen them mark.
  3. This dude lives near me, goes everywhere on it.
  4. You don't care but the topic title is 'better than yall' when it's clearly not better than anything really. Just various bits of cheese bolted together.
  5. I didn't buy any had them in my old helmet
  6. I'd say 5 over 7 and the 4 is working really well as a front for me.
  7. The saw ones probably snapped already.
  8. Really nice, just the seat doesn't seem to go.
  9. I doubt it, but I put the pads from my tsg in my s1 helmet. Those ones with a bit of foam with a bit of material glued to it are shit, mine came apart in 2 rides. It's not perfect, but works, the tsg ones are sealed at the edges.
  10. Cool story bro. I mean cool saw bro.
  11. Is it Fisheye or are the forks negative rake? Cool that you got the first square framed Saw in India, what an achievement. Hypartbox? It looks really cheap I hope it was.
  12. All killer no filler, one of the best out there, you and Ali just have the style/steeze, no unnecessary tricks, just riding up and over stuff with style.
  13. It's all possible on that bike but will never be ideal for trials. Check what he can do on one
  14. This is one theory I haven't heard of before. Interesting.