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  1. Very nice, I'd change the seat but that's just being picky. I really liked my zoot.
  2. Looks like foil but not as strong
  3. Velcro as Ben said or insulation tape.
  4. I like da bomb tactics, ran them for ages, I think my last pair bent slightly, I trust them not to snap Arcades are excellent and seem really strong. I have no idea on the tms bars but they are the highest rise of the lot. I'd personally say inspired.
  5. I like London also I just thought a middle ground may attract more riders. Not ridden any of those places, anyone have any experience there?
  6. I meant street one day and anyone wanting to make a weekend of it, we could do Lee mill or Shipley Glen the next day. I have a van and could transport 4 other riders to a location if needed.
  7. I preferred London at night last time we went.
  8. There's also Lee mill quarry close by if people want to make a weekend of it.
  9. It's a mission but if you like riding and want to get involved it's not far really. Only like me going to radical bikes. Same as above. I'm not sure on London.
  10. Sounds good guys. If it is manchester, there's also Salford quays not too far away.
  11. Needs a bit of thought on location.
  12. Cool, yes I'm up for suggestions. Blackpool or Cleveleys? Or both in a day? It's all up for discussion. If there's any beefs between people groups or seats, let's settle them and get together and throw bikes at walls in harmony.
  13. I think this summer is the time to get a big street ride going, can we try make it one of the biggest ever? Let's see. Everyone is welcome. No dates or locations yet but I'm based In Manchester and it's quite central in the UK so might be a good area. I'm open to suggestions. I'm just testing the water with this post, if enough people fancy it let's make it happen. Dust off the old bikes, buy one just for this if you haven't got one. Comment away.
  14. Could overtightening cause it?
  15. Forgot to share these on here.