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  1. Aurel drinked 145 Red-Bulls before, what a party animal!
  2. The Monty´s are even lighter than the Echo´s i think, i have Rockman´s now, and im going to drill some holes, bike is now with 6005g, she will never crack them anytime soon, when that time comes i´ll change it. Thanks anyway for the time boys, pictures soon :-D
  3. It´s not for me, it´s for my 7 yrs old daughter, trying to put a sub 6kg bike for her, i would snap those cranks with my fat 90kg ass in a afternoon :-D
  4. Hello guys, does anyone remenber a trials brand that has the lightest cranks available? I know they are lighter than the Monty ones, can´t quite remember the name of them. 158/160mm cranks. Thanks in advance.
  5. I was wondering the same.. ahaha! Cool video dude, keep sending more!
  6. Bitch cranking all the way!
  7. Would love to see a Game of Bike between NT, DW, and Bersha :-D
  8. You don´t ride hard enough yet. Then you will change that opinion.
  9. Shimano all the way, or BB7´s.
  10. For me his worst video to date, and im a fan. Never understood why the angry down the hill like the world was ending thing, and 7 minutes was too much.
  11. When people start riding road bikes it´s like a call for help.
  12. Got to love the guy with the Manowar t-shirt.
  13. They did this because they are beautiful boys! Drop the Edge is a project for bike-trials shows in Portugal, as well a clothing brand and more. Lots of sucess with this guys!
  14. Gilles is the prostitute of trials.
  15. Loved it Joachim, camera plans and colour was intense, riding good as always. You guys must come to Portugal, lots of street and natural riding too!