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    trials, athletics, erm beer, taking it up the shitter
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    pure 04, chris king, echo, xtr, onza, the usual :P Alex
  1. Magura Hs33 Braided Cross-over.

    ive got full braided best feeling brake ive ever had...
  2. Gcse Exam Results.... Look In =]

    im a fanny
  3. Hdv - Tra

    ive got vista home premium and its all gravy, plays fine in windows media player if its not playing just burn it to a dvd and whack it on your tv, much better
  4. Hdv - Tra

    ill puy it on dvd for you, ooo imagine what it will look like on big screen
  5. Hdv - Tra

    ah 25 mins, you gotta love aol haha
  6. Block Control- Alex Treby(now Another Verison Up)

    love you glyyn and it sounds like a plan beautiful btw this is alex im at matts
  7. Billocks - Km1

    sweet as mate! get a vid done i really like those frames
  8. Plymouth Team Ride!

    deary me, alex has like his 8th t-poo keiran is riding my old bike, and riding it bloody well too (how many people have had that frame ) daren you have competition kerian is keeping up would your mahusive backwheels and tyler is just wet awesome
  9. The Hardest Man Ever...

    That was awesome, gladiators has nothing on that
  10. Alex Treby

    LOL i borrowed a mod so its probs poo riding im d/l now
  11. Gavyn Lawson

    right, i got the 203 rotar today, but the funny thing is it was posted yesturday, what a complete and utter knob, after numourous pms stating he had sent the rotar months ago, he finally decides to get off his ass and post it. never deal with him never talk to him dont both waste of time thank you for your guys words and wisdom hehe matt
  12. Gavyn Lawson

    a week since i made this topic and he said he would sort it, i havnt herd a word, i have is phone number but dnt really want to talk to him or his parents to be fair, if any one knows him, could some one get inside info please
  13. Gavyn Lawson, sorry for posting this up, i just want to get this sorted
  14. Gavyn Lawson

    cheers mark, sorry if i didnt make that clear ash, he said he has sent it recorded but ive been waiting 3 weeks now and still no rotar, pluss he refused to reply when i asked him to trace it, or send me the code so i could do so myself
  15. Gavyn Lawson

    hey guys about 2 months ago now we were meant to be swapping avid bb7 rotars and adapters, his never got to me yet he recived mine. so a month down the line i asked him to send me my 185mm back in which he said he had. and now he is just ignoring my pm's and to be fair im not impressed, ive been running a vee for well over a month now and its pathetic, if someone knows him could they give him a boot in the ass, or if any one has had a bad experience could they help cheers Matt