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  2. Chainstay Protectors added, £5 posted to UK Mainland. OG Toast Collection added
  3. I would be prepared to sleep in the office if that was allowed.
  4. One can only dream.
  5. STUNTING.CO.UK Finally set up a legit store, Orders are processed and shipped within 3 days. Postage worldwide. Mens, Womens, Basic, Premium, all kinds of colors and sizes. Seat or no Seat, there is something for every stunter x
  6. I'm going to have to watch this a lot to understand fully what is going on. next level stuff.
  7. here's what roadies use. I like to stick with 175's on my road bike and 24", I'm 6ft 1" and I feel like it gives me a bit more room to move around.
  8. That belongs on the mantlepiece imo
  9. Finally been put on a permanent schedule with deliveroo 11:30am-9pm mon-fri. I sometimes have a few weeks where I have to train people (paid per person im assigned to train as well), but most of the time I'm sat at home with my gps location far enough away that I'm still in the city but don't get any orders through. I only do deliveries between 6pm and 9pm when the orders start to pick up and I can make it look like i'm doing work. I love my job.
  10. I would like to use this as an excuse to flop my Rep:Post ratio around. I'm proud of it because I hardly post anything of value but look at me now! ps. 8508 as of that post Ross.
  11. CUT IT IN HALF lengthways, forks, wheels, hubs, bars. everything.
  12. gWHIZ! I dare you to go and see a doctor, bet you won't!
  13. +1 me also
  14. Passes my standards