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  1. The jet fuel colour makes me want to shoot myself. if THIS was a bmx, it would be that ozonys.
  2. just because this is a controversial thread
  3. wrong forum but smooth moves anyway.
  4. My average Echo 24
  5. I held the body in my hand and went at it with a hacksaw then filed in down a bit with a shitty file on a multi tool. tgs spec. @Herbertlemon102 I think it was burnside's. it's just been roughed up with some sand paper.
  6. get the sharpie out imo
  7. mine started to do this a while ago so I gave it the chop, I think it looks a lot nicer. soz 4 shit pic
  8. Wrong, he does tricks.
  9. He Ha
  10. I have one in a lot better nick, you can have it for nowt if you come and collect it.
  11. @niconj it was more of a " I really want this bike " and her saying "do you want it for christmas" thing. I would never trust her to buy bike stuff without my direct guidance haha
  12. Half of the video was intro, bad. stunts, good. filmed on a gopro, bad. (they don't look good when used in a static shot) just gain your confidence back in riding, get funky with the camera, watch some of Flipps videos. They are mostly self filmed and it makes for easy viewing. keep at it buddy