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  1. Strength and power is all relative,It's all about that power to weight ratio.
  2. Not amazing but I had fun.
  3. I stumbled upon that on my own earlier, weird.
  4. I was just looking for that video, Bring back Zoot Alors! Also on the topic, Quality > Quantity. Hold back clips or else you're just another kid with a GoPro and a Poc helmet.
  5. Kids in africa could've had those likes!
  6. compress power push the back wheel into the core of the earth lift front jump + final half a crank stroke
  7. someone tell him that going to bash hasn't counted since 2005
  8. I should of bought some likes like the others did.
  9. OR you can like my picture, and if I win. I will shave my head.{"tn"%3A"R9"}
  10. I hope that is a snapchat filter because your face looks like one of those japanese cartoons
  11. I'm looking to sell my semi broken (burnt out the video side of things at radfest last year) canon 7d mk1, my tokina 11-16mm 2.8 lens and a 50mm 1.8 before the value decreases too much. just wondering what's the best out there in terms of video these days for ≤£500 in used condition.
  12. He goes by the name of Jordan Leigh
  13. put some tar on them and it will be reet
  14. I'm sorry 2007 doesn't pass your music standards. do you need a tissue?
  15. I've never rounded a ti bolt myself, I bought a bike which came with the bleed screw stuck.