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  1. I have rockman rockbar carbons and I've just tightened everything up with about 50% effort. a few TI bolts here and there. will I die soon? the levers move if you give them a good twist and there is no funny sounds coming from the bars be reet I guess
  2. @Ross McArthur come to radical because you will be able to do some riding
  3. @Rusevelt Confirmed. I doubt you will see a video from me as this took 10 months to get this video out and I don't have a camera. Also the spacemonkey event at radical bikes is on the same weekend as far as I know.
  4. A whole 20 minutes of raw clips in chronological order with only split editing or
  6. Bump bump, one month away.
  7. Filmed this last July, edited about 5 times and this is what I'm happy with. it was fun. or vimeo (it looks way better)
  8. @Ross McArthur Thanks, now I need chemotherapy.
  9. holy shit
  10. do you do it the ugly euro way? like a sideways up to front, or straight up to two?
  11. @jamesb
  12. you'd be best off with a 26" wheel size, maybe a 24". I'm 6ft 1 and ride a seatless 24
  13. Facebook event link: WHO? Everyone.WHERE? Portsmouth.WHEN? Sunday, May 21st, 10am.~ PRIZES TO BE ANNOUNCED ~THE ROUTE: PARKING: Ideally looking at about an hour at each spot but we will just go with the flow Free slice of cold dry toast to anyone who wants it.
  14. when has africa ever been "stable" throughout the history of humanity? do you remember that video danny mac did where is dressed up as jimbo and did wheelies? Stop chanting the end is neigh and go and build a big arc or something, shitposting this stuff on a dead forum about trials bikes is an extremely autistic waste of time. honestly just go and live off the grid in the woods or lock the basement door and stay on 4chan.