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  1. I winged the whole thing to be honest Just a shame the camera only has a battery life of around an hour and a half, would have been neat to film more than 5 people riding. I'm happy with it though, thanks for the kind words boys x @Mark W I didn't realise he was 16 until last weekend! When is the official edit out? I saw you pointing your cameras at some spicy stunts
  2. You must be proper f**ked in the head if you're going to Leeds when you live in BCN. You're already in the right place.
  3. Very strong a stable
  4. Geo?
  5. No video just some pictures.
  6. "Summer Essentials" now added along with Video of the week #2
  7. Shame that domain wasn't available when I was looking. I ended up going for
  8. 2:54:28 UTTER BANTER
  9. Sunday! 10am PO5 3ST
  10. my hands are very sweaty
  11. I know, it's just my opinion. Good, That's all that matters.
  12. BUMP, This Sunday!
  13. this isn't a win or lose thing? I'm simply saying your bike is ugly
  14. had what? if you're referring to the bike, no. I wouldn't want to either.