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  1. man juice
  2. Do little stretches throughout the day, keep your vitamin levels up and stay hydrated. My ring fingers (used to) often(ly) lock up like a fist after a day of hard stunts.
  3. that was absoloutly sick
  4. Fancy putting the meaning of that in leimen terms for us, Shapeshifter Dave?
  5. My endeavor in cryptocurrencies is going well.
  6. Hello Tony from Manchester.
  7. Communism strikes once again!
  8. It got boring. Everyone stuck on seats started posting single clips on instagram. There's no grit in it anymore.
  9. I wouldn't put inspired in the title and thumbnail if you have no affiliation to the brand. It just makes you seem like one of those riders who pays full price for a bike and then thanks them on social media sounding as if they're sponsored. I would have added a slight bump in contrast in editing along with clipping out the wind noise in some parts Props for holding out and making a proper edit and not posting every clip instantly on instagram!
  10. I think we have all been blocked, I'll consider this a win.