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  1. Thanks guy, I still haven't decided whether to pull the trigger but you've given me some food for thought
  2. 27.5, it's a year old and 2200 new. Is it not worth more than 800?
  3. 1250 but I think I can get it for a bit less.
  4. I'm looking at buying my first mountain bike and found this for a pretty decent price. It's supposedly 2016 and barely ridden. The only warning sign is he doesn't have the receipt but it seems legit. What should I look out for when buying a used Enduro and can anyone confirm it's 2016? Whanks, Will
  5. The frame logos. Here's mine
  6. Are they custom decals? Mine are all white but I like the black outline.
  7. I guess I never see them ran on both ends of a street bike which puts me off. And some decent modulation would be nice.
  8. Thanks, I think I'll go with Magura. Shimano seem like a good budget option but i just had a look around online and leaking at the calliper after a few months of not being used is a very common problem which they need to sort out before I'm going to buy any more of their brakes.
  9. Hi guys, I'm just going to give this a bump instead of starting a similar thread. Twice now I've been travelling for 6 months after using my Zees a handful of times and come back to find them leaking from just sitting there so I've gone off shimano. What other brakes are the go to in trials now? I'm not spending MT7 money but are the MT5 + 6 worth getting?
  10. Hi mate, I'm looking to get back into the sport and live in banbury. Pop me a message when you're next riding!
  11. Thanks, I'll get it sent back. I just wondered if anyone had experienced anything similar because it's happemed on both brakes with very light usage.
  12. Twice now i've not ridden for a few months and come back to find my brake pads have a small amount of oil on. I've sanded them down and rebedded them in and everything is great for a few weeks until they start gradually losing power. This is happening to my front and rear brake. Has anyone had a similar problem?
  13. Really enjoyed that. Even though the banger move was the same as his last video i'm still shocked at how cool it was.
  14. To get a decent set of wheels and discs you'd be looking at more than £200. Would you consider grinding the rear wheel?
  15. Don't pay £650 for a 2013 element. Now that a new generation of inspired frames are out the 2013 element has been rebranded as the 2014 flow and it's £800 new. For £650 you should be able to get a fourplay with a spec more like the team. Keep an eye on the for sale section on here.