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  1. I liked the bit where you took the bike out the car... twice
  2. Is that a Martin Hawyes filthy ard guard? I think that's what they were called it was a long time ago haha.
  3. When did I ever say I don't like jumping? I can't jump but I do like it.
  4. Haha I did consider an inspired but I like the idea of riding ramps. I've been going to rampworx and its fun learning new stuff.
  5. I'm in a similar boat! I've just bought myself a BMX though! Get yourself out there
  6. What’s happened to trials? This sport has done so much for me. I’ve had amazing times made life long friends and learnt countless new skills on and off the bike. i just wanted to see what people had to say about trials. Is it still popular? Has social media spread it too thin? This was the place to go back in the day with hundreds of memebers online daily and so much to talk about. It just seems to be really quiet here now.
  7. I'm almost certain I saw a similar story about this same van but with charity bikes in it that got stolen. I'm very sceptical of the story though. It just doesn't make sense.
  8. So at least trials isn't dead! It's funny how it's changed though.
  9. It’s crazy because I personally saw trials as the first “internet” sport. Virtually everyone who rode was on here and there was a sense of comuinity. Big rides all over the country got arranged and everyone seemed to get on “in person” haha I know I ruffled plenty of feathers online but I was never met with hostility on actual rides and I’d like to say I was never nasty to anyone too!
  10. I'm thinking of flying to Mars and setting up a colony who's up for it?
  11. It's easy to see where your chain is joined! haha
  12. I saw Phil Williams do a decent sized drop gap at Lee Quarry with these spokes in his back wheel and his hub touched the rock he was landing on haha. His wheel completely folded. Not one spoke snapped which I thought was pretty weird. I wouldn't recommend them for trials personally.
  13. Anyone fancy it? Me and Flipp are riding (weather permitting) Probably meet at the docks by the wakeboard place about 11-12ish?
  14. Beauty! Ali C is a Super Stud.
  15. Just seen this on Facebook. Got pretty emotional :'(
  16. Ufc

    Bisping Belfort happened!
  17. Old school excellence! I really enjoyed that, it reminded me of being young and excited to ride every day.
  18. Why not just stick with the magura?
  19. Even back in the old days it wasn't often V brakes ripped off frames. I think its a pretty tried and tested design.
  20. That looks rough as arse holes! Dodgy looking welds, crappy paint job. How much did you pay for that frame?
  21. LED's are mega bright but the beam of light is much more focused. There's hardly any spread from them at all. A single 150Watt bulb hanging from a pendant would brighten the place up a lot in my opinion.
  22. Great video! I had such a good weekend. I can't wait for the next one!
  23. Ufc

    Matt Brown is one of my favourite fighters! He's never in a boring fight!
  24. Those gaps on the racking scared the shit out of me! Some beasty riding!