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  1. yeah thats true :D, thanks mate
  2. These bars feels good to me, maybe someday arcade ones. Frame has very veryy small fractures but they are not really important so it will last for a year or two for sure :D.
  3. Bought inspired new forks 2015, too bad white ones were out of stock. Also new BBB stem and trialtech chain
  4. Well I do not crash a lot I would say. I have broken 2 handlebars, 2 forks and one more is about to be broken, one hub, one fractured frame and thats it :/. Well if I would weld it, I would give it to professionals. I would like to try steel but I had spent so much money on my bike that I just can't afford new parts :D. I would buy new parts again and again but this sport seems to expensive for me.
  5. I bought it 4 years ago and actual riding was almost 2 years. Maybe it happens for all of you guys. I will try to weld it, do you think it is a good idea?
  6. well, my third fork :|
  7. Went to local bike shop and grabbed a pair of new tyres and Truvativ Holzfeller bars
  8. Good to hear, that you like it
  9. Hmm maybe you are right
  10. Sad reality :'(. Companies should write: will broke in 2-3 years
  11. Yes, about 3 years ago I bought it from your shop. Such a good handlebars :(, too bad they snapped. Probably it was time for it because I ride quite a lot.
  12. Inspired..yeah
  13. Thanks, I really like moves which requires front brakes
  14. I live in Vilnius. You can find me in Facebook as Petras Beržinis. Thanks
  15. Hello guys, I had two serious injuries, broken wrist and ankle surgery. I'm trying to ride again but I still feel pain in my wrist. To let you know I am one of a few trial riders in Lithuania. Not the smoothest tricks but I hope everyone will enjoy this. Cheers