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  1. Decided to upgrade with hussefelt cranks, inspired pedals and a pair of new tyres. Weights around 11.3 kg.
  2. Thanks!
  3. Hi guys, Im thinking about getting shimano saint m800 cranks and inspired v2 bashring on it. Maybe someone has used similar setup because i want to make sure it will fit (I have 2015 Inspired fourplay frame). Also would be great to hear some reviews of Inspired v2 bashring. Is it strong? Has someone broke it?
  4. It was not an old chain and I used half link, also added some plastic in dropouts because there was 1 or 2 mm free space. For now Im using trialtech tensioner because chain stretched a bit.
  5. When i bought it at first I didnt expect such problems and after thinking about options I realised these cranks wont work with anything else actually :D. I dont want to buy new cranks just because of it but seems I have to. Also, I saw Ross on his bike is using spider for gxp cranks if I am right. So maybe I should try that.
  6. They do not have updated version of it yet. I noticed that Truvativ chainring have less movement when I put it on the same descendant cranks and inspired chainring has a slight movement on cranks BEFORE screwing on bolts. Bolts do hold chainring in place but hard pedal kick on landing backwards moves it a bit and I suppose thats a major problem. I broke it 2 times on the place, that means something for sure. Well, anyway thats just my opinion
  7. Well, pictures speak for themselves. 4 rides literally.
  8. Hi guys, it's been a while since my last video in 2016. This is my latest video and I hope you are going to enjoy as much as I enjoyed making it. Cheers!
  9. Short teaser of my new edit.
  10. New bashring ✔ New grips ✔
  11. agree
  12. that nose down the rail is something
  13. Well I have never had other hydraulics :D. Saints feel solid, powerful and actually I have never had any problems with it, rebleeded once in 4 years. Actually I have tried older hope tech, they felt much softer than saints. Also stood on a bike with mt7 once and they felt extremely powerful, but I didnt like plastic handle.
  14. A few clips from my instagram: