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  1. Can someone post a link to World Cup standings? There used to be a table somewhere on the UCI pages. Found it under 2016, but is actually 2017:
  2. It should be +20 on this frame, tell this Halfords guy to measure it and demand refunds if no match.
  3. See first post, I edited it accordingly.
  4. I used the Hex as a test mule with comp parts last autumn. However, the wheelbase and the low BB made it a bit sluggish on the backwheel. That's why this thing in the photos above exists. Also, I wanted to advance on some construction features. The curved Kloud-style down tube is for my individual style preferences only.
  5. Thanks! I'd reckon that I live in this alternative future now. We might also be working on some other kinds of alternative futures...
  6. Thanks! Lots of sweat in there. No build pics were taken, sorry. Video will be done soon.
  7. To avoid this, I made this: 72, 1080, +60, 1,5", many ideas of David Hoffmann in this frame, the usual painfully branded comp trials parts For two decades, there was Hoffmannbikes, selling custom Trials frames in Germany. Considering his nephew David Hoffmann, and the still-existing workshop, it could be done. PM me for interest, I'll forward it.
  8. Finally, someone else has seen the light. I had a similar Hex setup last autumn to test things - but mine wasn't looking as good as this one.
  9. Looking really good now.
  10. .
  11. Trashzen to the rescue. These two combined, using the momentum of the first to make the second one a bit easier: They are hopping a bit for the 180 sometimes, but as seen in the 360 in one turn, it can be done without lifting both wheels. For the 90-180-90=360 for most riders, there was a nice vid of Kenny B where he did it on the flat when he had this 24 street trials bike. I can't find it. But many BMX tutorials show it as a 90-210 or 230. It needs some practice to do more than 270 completely in the air starting from flat ground...
  12. You could also try to learn the 360 on the backwheel only or on the front wheel only. But the rear wheel is hard on your joints while learning it, and the front wheel move is really difficult. I mean how many riders can do that?
  13. No, its a double 180, 360 on the flat would be a jump, which is really a short 90 deg manual, a 180, and another short 90 degrees manual for most riders.