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  1. I just found this deal on I've got mine for the same price not so long ago. Shipping is very quick and the price is awesome. It's only this weekend though so you need to hurry up. Magura MT5 Next for £59.00
  2. True. They have the short lever though. I'd go for MT5 front and rear when looking at this weekend deal.
  3. There's no difference. It's an MT6 for the front and an MT7 for the rear. As @ben_travis suggested, I'd buy two MT6 instead, or even the MT4 if money is short. You can get Trialtech pads for both now so the braking power should be even better than with stock pads. I was gonna write that when riders like Ben are satisfied with an MT6, amateurs like us should be so too but then again, he rides really smooth and may not need as much power as we do, when not landing perfectly etc. But I am pretty certain that the difference between the MT6 and the MT7 is only marginal. Having ridden the MT5/6 I'd still go looking for a new Shimano Saint 810. The pad clearance can be an issue once your rotor is slightly untrue. I had a rubbing SLX rotor on my Saints which was still ridable but wasn't with the MT5.
  4. I was on the second pair and these lasted 2 weeks before falling apart. The fist ones lasted longer.
  5. Got the XXL on offer and cut them to the size I needed them. Works alright.
  6. Can't wait for Damon Watson to test these.
  7. What's your instagram? Wanna try something new as well. Teaching can be quite scary, once you've got the routine, it's gonna be even better.
  8. Same thing happened to me kinda. I've been riding a lot lately and yesterday I was gonna take a day off. Then I saw your video.
  9. You won't go back.
  10. Hm... I wouldn't say that. You've started Trials just recently so you cannot really compare and say that this bike is better than, let's say the Inspired Skye. And how can a bike be better than me? Better in being made of metal?
  11. I have had a ride with the Vaults and they feel so comfortable. I should've bought them earlier. Also the platform is that big that slipping of the pedal is more unlikely than with smaller pedals.
  12. A MT4 brake with this lever blade should work as well shouldn't it. MT4 + MT5 lever bodies are the same aren't they?
  13. Probably not. I kinda agree with him though. It is not (as) pretty (as the Inspired Skye).
  14. It is possible though and not that hard with the right technique.