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  1. Now with two white logos. Seems to be a ltd edition. I'm not sure about the price though. It is black chilly but it may be like with the Der Kaiser, a different compound.
  2. It seems there is a new version on the market. I don't know why they put the reflecting tape on it though. Would be cool to know if it's the same Black Chili compound as the tire is considerably cheaper than before (48€).
  3. Isn't that a blade for cutting carbon?
  4. You mean caliper No 3 and No 5. The first is 180mm rotor on the front, 160 on the rear, the second is 160mm on the front and 140 on the rear. Does the Rockman frame has a +20mm mount? If so, you'd need a 180mm rotor on the rear to go with your frame and caliper (no adaptor needed, only the 0.1mm shims to center the caliper).
  5. Those cranks fit the frame nicely.
  6. For real? Wow... I didn't expect that.
  7. But the mount doesn't have to do with the caliper hitting the adapter. It would even do this without being mounted to the forks. It really looks like it's upside down. If it's an Hope adapter, the letter on it should face outwards. edit: It really looks like an Hope A adapter and mounted the right way. Just try a Magura QM-11. This should fit.
  8. Today I tried to put into practice what Luke told me. Go as slow as you can and focus on the pushing down before pulling the bike up. The sidehop at the end had me stoked as well as the last time I did this I was on a pure trials bike.
  9. I would, I just don't get the joke.
  10. He has other fail videos.
  11. Just get over it already. You know that he has this intro. Just fast forward to the video content mute it and stop whining.
  12. Which one?
  13. Does this count as trials motivation?