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  1. Mt4 with Trialtech pads should do the trick as well.
  2. First real ride in a long time. I have to commit more on those bunny hops.
  3. Just need to get rid of the Conti logos. Inspired Fourplay 2012¹ by niconj, auf Flickr Inspired Fourplay 2012² by niconj, auf Flickr
  4. Then MT2 with Trialtech Pads.
  5. Mt4 with trial tech pads. Better than slx I suppose.
  6. Would be funny to see this on a street bike with the Arcade bars.
  7. Spank rims incoming. Makes the bike half a kg lighter. Pretty much what I gained during exam period without riding.
  8. Just don't eat it. I tasted it once and wondered how it became so popular.
  9. I was expecting this answer. Still, the technique probably isn't the best so I would like to have some hints on it.
  10. I went out today to practice bunny hopping as I've been kinda stuck at one height for some weeks (the last months I have been improving a lot though). As I think that I have enough strength to jump higher, I came to the conclusion that it's a technique kinda thing. Could you have a look at the video and tell me what I should focus on? The wall is about 80-90cm high and is the highest I can to to rear right now. I'm aware of the fact that I should just do them to improve but some hints may fasten this improvement. The bunny hop starts at 0:35.
  11. I was just thinking that the other day. I think people would try to improve their results at bunny hopping or whatnot, things that aren't dangerous. Doing really high drops, I dunno. Would Duncan have done this without the camera rolling? Maybe not the best example but he didn't seem too confident on this one.
  12. He must have had previous (trials related) experience or it wouldn't be possible to do those rear wheel hops so easily, let alone those sidehops.
  13. Thanks to both of you. I guess I'll have to practice gaps a bit more to be able to get some distance covered. What bothers me though is that I have done plyometrics and strength training (mainly for playing basketball) my entire life but it doesn't seem to help at all. It's a stupid comparison I know but you Ali, weigh only 70kgs. and jump so much higher and further than I do, weighing 90kgs (not being fat apparently). There must be something very wrong with my technique because I don't think that I lack strength.
  14. This really is THE best.