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  1. World champion in track? Nice riding by the way. The video was too long though in my opinion. Too many pictures of riding spots you didn't actually ride in the video.
  2. Why is it still online?
  3. I feel like I've seen this video before. Have you uploaded (and deleted) it some time ago already?
  4. So it actually doesn't really matter on which bike you are.
  5. I think this is a very interesting setup. Rear hub and rotor and disc tab are custom made and he told me that it flexes only a bit more than 20''.
  6. Qualitywise they are.
  7. Inspired? Out of stock at Tarty but I suppose they will get new ones soon.
  8. Here's where the riding starts. Until 9:00 then skip to 13:47-15:15.
  9. Or get one of these:
  10. No problem. If you haven't yet, get some Trialtech pads (assuming you've got the Trialzone on your bike).
  11. No creaking sound that is. It's pad knock. You can either wait for it to disappear as the pistons work "into" the brake pad backings or you can try applying a thin layer of duct tape on the back of your pads. It will get less eventually. Have a look at my video and listen closely. It's a Saint rear brake and it's even worse than your sound.
  12. If it is too snowy, I'll get out my comp bike and do some basics. In fact, it has just started to snow.
  13. Not yet. It's supposed to snow tonight. That's why I went out riding. It was cold though. -10°C.
  14. I got up there from the harder side but not as I wanted.
  15. I didn't ask for help regarding air in the system as this isn't the case. I asked whether the fluid would be suitable for disk brakes as well or whether there would be any disadvantage I haven't thought of yet except for the apparent heat issue (which in Trials doesn't matter).