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  1. I don't even know what bitch cranks are (not even after having watched Ali's rules video). What I do know is that this video amazes me and there's nothing about it that I don't like (bitch cranks included).
  2. I find myself riding this beauty more than my trials bike lately. Got the forks tuned (AWK and MST) and am LOVING them. Easton Carbon bars for 45€ are a treat too. Cane Creek Double Barrel shox is on it's way too.
  3. Got myself a Canyon Spectral. Swapped the Guide Rs right away for some Saints 820 and Trickstuff rotors, went tubeless (Baron Projekt/Highroller II) and did some mediocre trail riding on it. So far I'm loving it.
  4. Funny you should say that. I'm annoyed by the spots I have around my new home. Only natural spots and no street whatsoever.
  5. Very long and somehow boring video as I suck at natural trials. Unlike me, the spot is awesome though.
  6. How? Tires would be the same.
  7. This. I worked 8 years as a bike messenger, three of which I rode brakless. I hated when people came up to me telling me that I'm endangering others whilst old people rode their brake(less, as in brakes didn't work) bikes all over the place and nobody really cared.
  8. First trials ride since we moved to our new home. To bad that there aren't any Street trials spots around.
  9. And a nice one at that but I might have some change soon.
  10. Alias has made a good choice selecting you as their team rider. Whenever I see a video of yours, I want to spent my money on one of those bikes. I really hope that the "don't care" part was only about making longer vids...
  11. Not available anymore.
  12. And they feel better. Somehow firmer.
  13. Front: Hope Trialzone, Magura MT4/6, Shimano SLX (with tape modification) Avid BB7 Rear: HS33 slaves with Trialtech Lever.
  14. Yeah well... I'm gonna be shit anyways. Sucks not having any pavement with walls in the way anymore.