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  1. thank you mate! It was pretty bizarre at first but managed to get it after a few attempts
  2. aww I admire you're hatred (once again) thank you man I'll do it twice as bad next time xxx
  3. I know how to put a tyre on properly i guess haha. My trusty friend the hairdryer for 30 seconds
  4. Updated my steed with some new brakes, and all sorts of small hardly noticeable things
  5. *india
  6. cheya, that was cool
  7. I done some stunts on my bicycle Disclaimer for Ali C - There are a couple oppo tricks in here, I do apologise
  8. I didn't realise this was such a rule. its like cutting fingers off with rotors will be more common than actually falling off... so dumb. Could be classed as a weapon ay!
  9. there isnt I've used them both. I could be wrong but i THINK piston shape or something along those lines is different in the master cylinder? Again I could be talking nonsense haha. Well the quality of the levers themselves are completely different, considering I snapped my friends mt5 blade that was only a few months old.... Peace of mind for me I went for these macaskill ones. Like I say, I don't exactly buy brakes often and got an insane deal on them Other than that I completely agree where everybody is coming from.
  10. Very good points there, I can't disagree! I get roughly 60% off them through work though (only once!) , and since the power is simply brilliant I thought why not Plus they look rad haha
  11. for the amount I need to shorten them by I think I will Either way its peace of mind considering what they are. Besides, I don't want brand new brakes working like shiteeee
  12. They need cutting down I know haha, we ran out of fluid for me to bleed them again though. Bugger
  13. Just don't do this Nic unless you work in a bike shop, costs all the moneys. Disclaimer, I have never treated myself to brand new brakes on any bike in my life (until now) and they feel wonderfull.
  14. I almost want to say I regret getting my skye.... almost! That is beautiful Ali.