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  1. That was predy guuuuud, nice one Alex!
  2. Myself and friends have just gone with our current shoe sizes and they have been fine every time for us, just order you're normal shoe size
  3. Well today was a pretty good one considering it was wet... Fun line from today on a skinny wall. This new bike is the dogs bollocks -
  4. New bike is luuuuuvleh
  5. Sorry to post again but on the subject of Skye's, my friend George went full on, full stealth. He doesn't have TF so I'll post on his behalf. IMO this is insane -
  6. Maguras are a tad harder to set up arent they, always found that building bikes at work compared to shimano stuff. End of the day to get the best performing brake, you need that super accurate tiny gap so the pads hit the rotor square, and at exactly the same time. nobody ever seems to have it which is fair enough because its a bitch to do. my saints are pretty damn good at the moment.
  7. #TeamRoast
  8. I don't think I'd ride without a hope adaptor on the back of any trials bike haha! They are nice n' strong. Only reason I have a shimano one on the front is because it was free, and front brakes aren't as much issues when shimano 203 adaptors (not hollow ones) are strong enough as it is anyway Even if they did break I'm getting Maguras at the end of the month because instead of £590 I get them for about £270 ish LEL
  9. Not the best photo in the world but here's my new Skye! Stupidly light and stiff, how the 2 go together on this thing is ridiculous. Feels a lot more trialsy too, so stoked to finish building it today! Whilst I'm here I hope everyone had a good Christmas and new years, santa should have bought you lots of bike parts.
  10. Lots of new bits towards my new build arrived today, ordered the V3 frame kit today which is awesome, and work gave me a day off next week just so I could build it, and some how still get paid - I'm sold! So that's my good start to the new year next week, proper happy!
  11. I done a thing.
  12. Glad you get on well with them, I've just ordered a pair recently. sweet
  13. Oh I have taken it that way, end of the day its a reaction from people which is good to see! Being immature is just us i suppose, everybody can be immature from time to time, some more so than others but I don't need to explain that mate. And if thats the case then hey we've realised "well this one failed without intention, try a different approach next time and see then" But like I said before its NOT MY vlog, and its the ONLY one, theres not a chance in hell im going to become a vlogger haha I'll leave it to the people who know how to do it.
  14. I'd rather not be making vlogs, but I think you'll find its not "my" vlog.... Just to clarify the plain obvious bit. Dont worry mate thats just trials forum, everybody is a keyboard warrior and quiet in real life, I've learnt to just ignore IT, and the immaturity haha
  15. I loved this dude Bringing back actual trials on a street bike, no showing off or product placements, loved it! Silky smooth too top stuff stuntman