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  1. Plenty of us in Portsmouth & Southampton if you are ever about
  2. Noted, I'll try move around a bit more next time and see what it looks like
  3. Tyre tap from today -
  4. Evening guys, its been a while. Just thought I'd share a video of the latest jibs from my local skate park, nothing too fancy
  5. Had one of these on a mod once on the front and compared to a BB7 they felt very similar. Not the best for hold but initial bite isn't too bad for a cable disc brake. Personally if you are going for a cable disc brake/caliper I'd go down the Avid route
  6. Really enjoyed that lads, nice to see a group ride too!
  7. Awesome stuff Jack!
  8. first kenda innertube in India!!!!
  9. Carbon cranks? brave man! Looks smart dude I like it
  10. LOOKING FOR Inspired arcade mk1 complete bike or frame kit. good condition (as good as good condition gets!) Open to negotiate a price! Let me know what you've got! :)

  11. I made one of those YouTube things again.
  12. few jibs from this evenings baking hot ride
  13. Struggle to find a video with this much power yet super smooth riding, and so consistently too. Very good work Joe!