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  1. first kenda innertube in India!!!!
  2. Carbon cranks? brave man! Looks smart dude I like it
  3. LOOKING FOR Inspired arcade mk1 complete bike or frame kit. good condition (as good as good condition gets!) Open to negotiate a price! Let me know what you've got! :)

  4. I made one of those YouTube things again.
  5. few jibs from this evenings baking hot ride
  6. Struggle to find a video with this much power yet super smooth riding, and so consistently too. Very good work Joe!
  7. no way that's actually sick haha!
  8. little mess about on the big bike
  9. I've realised how much fun riding is again when I decided to not be a little b**ch anymore
  10. good riding man! love the bike too
  11. You were the rider that got me into trials a good 4 years ago or so, and this is why! Absolutely speechless, this is unreal.
  12. Evening all Thought I'd post it here since it is trials... Got a new camera and thought why not film some stuff on a casual ride with my mate George! disclaimer, bitch cranks were intentional on some lines as super hard lel enjoy!