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  1. Back with another Episode of Quick New Trick! This time I try to step up my Footjam Tailwhip game Hope it'll entertain some of you.
  2. If you've got some manual balance already, it's actually not dangerous, I think If the wheel touches the ground, it just rolls to the side and you put one foot down to roll away or jump off.
  3. Hey, I'm back with a new episode and this time I learned a variation of normal Manuals - the Dragonslayer. I guess the thumbnail shows you what that trick's about. Let me know what you liked and what you didn't
  4. Cheers! Have you ever tried to bunnyhop, pinch the bike/cranks/seat, then let go of the bars and land without hands on? (keeping the bike clamped even while rolling away) Before I was able to do that I rolled my ankle three times when trying to dial in barspins without clamping the seat. I really think if you'd learn that and practice it until you're confident (3 or 4 sessions for me), you'll get into a safe position that will allow you to just chuck the bars and land one after like 1 to 3 attempts, even if you don't throw and catch them perfectly or your wheel lands sideways, you are just gonna stay on the bike anyways. I probably should have emphasised that even more when explaining it at the end of the video. Your throwing technique looked good to me from what I've seen in the vlogs The most important thing for getting the throwing hand back on, for me, was to make it follow the grip around and come back on from the front. The pedal on the knee really helped with learning that.
  5. I'm curious how quickly Ali would be able to learn them using the method I explained at the end
  6. Hi guys, I haven't been on the forums for a while but now I have something to share that some of you might be interested in. It's my first Youtube video and it's about learning Barspins. It shows my learning process and I also found a neat little trick that made them almost easy for me. I hope it helps some of you. And feel free to leave your feedback here, but don't be too harsh, it's my first one
  7. Haven't been on the forum for a while, but watched all of your vlogs, Ali, and they are a perfect riding motivation - really enjoying it! It's funny to see something like a little background process here now. There is one thing I wanted to suggest to you the whole time. Since I am watching quite a lot of YouTube content lately and see the way view amounts behave (needless to say, I hate clickbait, too), I think some of your vlogs would have gotten a hell of a lot more views if you had left the writing out of the thumbnails. I think they can distract from the actual picture and turn away some people who would have clicked on it to see what happens in that particular scene and then maybe gotten interested in your content. Just a suggestion though.. what do I know.. Other than that, you're doing really well in my eyes, keep it up!
  8. Of course this isn't a trials technique, but I'm learning it on a trials bike, so I need advice from people who can do them on a trials bike... and BMXers tend to give the same undetailed tips all the time, none of which really help me with the problem I have. I've started trying bunnyhop tailwhips last summer and kept practising them once in a while since then. I soon reached the point where the frame would land next to me every time and I never progressed from there because I can't get it underneath me. I've attached a video of one try I did tonight and hope someone here can tell me what I can try to help me land them. I know I have to get my body further forward over the bike and maybe kick a bit less, but that's my biggest struggle, since I need to lean back to initiate the bunny hop and then suddenly I have to be over the handlebars? How do you make that work? P.S. please don't tell me to learn them flyout first - I don't have access to one atm tailwhip_1.mp4
  9. Haha,I just logged myself info the forum to start a topic, asking if anyone knows what brakes those are. Thought it could be a not yet released saint because the lever and the reach adjustment screw look kind of the same as the ones on the m820s. But yes, looks like they are maguras.
  10. Could breed my own mini-dannys then, huh? Didn't mean that in a fanboy-wants-to-have-danny's-stuff-way though.. more in a that-could-happen-to-one-of-us-way
  11. Hmm, so if I buy a pair of cheap used m810 saint brakes in the next few weeks I might get Danny's...
  12. "Imagine a hub that offered instant, infinite, and silent engagement" No, thanks
  13. Just found this on Youtube Can somebody explain the last clip? I really wonder if that happened while riding trials.
  14. The tube was almost one milimeter thicker than the seal ring, so I had to sand it down. Took a while to ge enough material off but I could knock the seal onto the fork now. Problem solved, thanks guys!
  15. Hey guys, I just got a new Element fork and an fsa equipe headset and the lowest like 2cm of the forks steerer are too thick to fit through the lowest seal of the headset. is it normal that it gets thicker at the end?