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  1. And from Andreis
  2. Few more from Karols ig
  3. Still bettr den u m8
  4. Hello, does anyone know about the new echo carbon fork? My local dealer can only get this, but i cant find any information. This one: Just in 20" rim brake version. Did they made a non-tapered version of this? Is the geo and the steerer tube lenght remained the same as the grey/red version?
  5. Thanks guys, i've ordered the Breath, and i'm going to try a few angle with it. Changing the stem sounds like a good idea, i'll see how the bar will feel (though my wrists never hurts fortunatelly)
  6. Thanks! Does my setup counts az rolled forward? :-D
  7. Hi, Id like to upgrade my aluminium Clean handlebar to a fancy carbon one. Two model catched my eyes, details are: Up Sweep: 11° -Back Sweep: 4° -Rise: 105 mm -Clamp: 31.8 mm -Weight: 215g- Length: 720 mm OR -Length: 720mm -Rise: 110mm -Up Sweep: 13° -Back Sweep: 10° Weight: 205+- 10g Looks like the main difference is in the backsweep. What would i gain from the 4°? A lot of top riders use that cow Breath bars, it looks great and interesting. I need some experienced advice Ps. my preferred bar-stem setup uploaded
  8. Agree with Felix, i've tried WI 72, Try-all 36, 108, 108 (the black and the bronze-like), old Monty 72, Rockman 108 and new Monty 135, and only the Monty was/is perfect. I am using it for about 2 years, not a single miss or click or whatever. 2 sealed bearings, zaeger-ring and traditional bottom braket-tool based assembly, etc.
  9. http://yojimg.net/bike/web_tools/stem.php this might be helpful
  10. And still... I use it a good 4-5 days a week.
  11. Thank you, I think they have a huge tester team called customers