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  1. Really good mate. Stiff, light and grippy
  2. You beast. Loved the rolling gaps. Nice work mate
  3. Finally got out of 2006 mode. Got myself something modern: Frame: koxx sky v3 gold (1090, 380, 72, +70) Stem: tryall 150x30 Bars: trialtech sport risers Forks: echo urbans Front wheel: tryall rim, hope hub, conti tyre Rear wheel: Rockman rim, trialtech sport lite rear hub, Maxxis high roller 2.5 Cranks: trialtech 175mm, jitsie freewheel, onza bash, jitsie pedals Front brake: 04 maggy coust pads on a grind Rear brake: 05 maggy raceline lever blade, coust pads on a grind Hope you like her
  4. 170 stems in 05 is possible mate. Shortest length you would find on a mod is 150mm
  5. Alright guys, just brought a sloping top cap stem. I'm just wondering whats the best way to go about cutting my forks for this and do i need a new star nut (a sloping one?) or do i just use the one thats in there already cheers
  6. I think it looks better if you cut both sides though. No idea what im gonna use to do mine yet
  7. That literally looks like its been done with an angle grinder haha!
  8. Forever the King.
  9. You got a diagram for the front of the lever?
  10. does that apply to the other side aswell then ?
  11. Alright guys, just a quick question thats been bugging me. I've noticed of a few peoples bike that the highlighted section of the Magura lever pictured below is cut away/grinded down on some peoples bikes (on both the back and front of the lever) is there a reason for this or is it due to weight saving? I know these levers are prone to cracking round the back of the lever, is it to prevent this from happening ? Any info would be great.
  12. Im rocking 2013's on my stock. Seem decent mate. Btw, add me on Facebook or send me your number bro
  13. Man am I excited for summer 2017!!!
  14. I'll bite? It's not a crime to not saying something yano... So effectively you're telling me, that carthy, vincent and giles can just go ahead and compete in the worlds on Full sus bikes? We might aswell not sell any trials specific stuff if it just "makes it easier" but not essential. and can all be done on a full sus. I've watched this video a couple of times now and you can't say he's really doing anything trials related (I'm even talking about natural/comp style, TGS, spinny stuff) - He does the occasional bunnyhop and he hopped on the back wheel a few times. Where were the gaps to front, the hooks, the sidehops, the taps, sidehops to rear, front to backs etc etc. These are just basic compound trials movements and I don't even care what bike your doing it on, I'm just talking about the basics. I understand your point/mindset Ali and that your trying to broaden the sport into a bigger range of stuff and it being able to be done on other styles of bikes. But you can't just disregard the very basics and be like "Well he used to be a proper trials riders years ago and is now doing something sort of similar on a full sus so it's trials". We might aswell not even have a sport known as "trials" and just say "well f**k it we'll do whatever we want and call it trials" Or it's like saying "Ill do BMX but because I'm doing something that has some form of trials element so i'll class it as trials" I would have no issue with any of these videos or anything if there were atleast the basics in here but there isn't. This was an XC/Downhill video plain and simple. If what your saying is true Ali, you used to be fairly good at TGS, go do me some 45" + sidehops, taps, hooks etc. Gaps to fronts on rails etc on a full sus. I bet you even Damon, carthy, vincent etc couldnt do it.