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  1. I have 3 of these, All fresh out of their boxes. Leon nabbed the only red one
  2. Gorgeous! I have 3 brand new white and turquoise zebdis too if anyone wants one
  3. for any trials rider thats a dream job. id apply if i had half a chance!
  4. Yeah a fairly neutral 26. Feels great, I'm just bad lol
  5. Now that I've moved back onto a normal trials bike, I've finally realised how much of my riding "ability" was being able to bunnyhop up big stuff and spin. My balance is shocking, and that really, REALLY upsets me. I guess that was the point of moving back to a normal bike, to actually improve.
  6. They've been flying off shelves for years, best bars ever made! The carbons are a smidge (4mm I believe) lower rise
  7. Looks clean!
  8. Fantastic. tech is life
  9. few clips from recent events. bikes are fun!
  10. in general, 175mm is for stock to match the ratio of the gearing and wheel size, whereas mod are 165mm for the same reason, just a smaller wheel and thus smaller cranks. 170/175mm cranks on a standard setup mod (18:12 gearing) will feel "light" and some prefer that feeling of a bit more leverage. but you wont be going any faster. haha
  11. Dip the cloth in it while its still melted? Because it hardens almost instantly unless it's constantly heated
  12. its amazing how much your style has changed. i felt like i was watching someone else
  13. https://youtu.be/fqbtb29CQJQ
  14. I've just been rubbing it on dry, it scrapes and cracks but seems to work- when i heated it it didn't stay melted long enough to be applied properly, but I'm aware i may be doing something wrong. Like i said, it seems to work but it feels like I'm doing it wrong. Cheers
  15. i like the build, looks clean. just my opinion of course, but i really don't like those frames. just one random curved toptube, if it was straight i reckon it would look beaut. im not a "if the tubes arent straight i hate it" guy, (seeing as ive had 5 limeys..) but the curve doesn't flow into anything. sorry for the mini rant, always been on my mind