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  1. liverpool docks!
  2. nope, trialtech sports/ rockman spades on the 24" front end. i did give carbon a go but i snapped them.
  3. stupid question, surely. always make a cheeky vid
  4. Lovely, I’d like one myself
  5. i request a deadline extension. poor effort from everyone. ill have a go.
  6. @bikeperson45 might be around?
  7. damn you in the south ogre. me and zach are aiming at matlock on saturday
  8. Ben Travis? more like Ben Traversing these big-ass walls... go ben!
  9. the new model saints are a fair chunk weaker than the old m810s, if you put them side by side the calliper mounts on the new ones are thinner and also weaker, seen a few go. if you can find a pair of m810s in good condition (which is difficult) theyre still great by todays standards. seen a bunch of people trying out the cheaper magura stuff, ive had a few friends break the levers in a incredibly short amount of time, which has put me off them a bit- i had the mt7 Danny macaskill special edition brakes and i was not impressed, the lever construction is poor, the seal on the calliper could be much more refined, i popped one of the lever pins out and thus lost a lever blade just by rolling around and pulling it normally. for the money you pay, the mt7s dont impress me at all. that being said, riders such as @Ali C use some of the other magura models and seem to get on with them really well- theres a lot of factors at play, so definitely consider them for sure. the other models have a lot more pad clearance too. very few things can top an Avid bb7 with good pads, they may not be hydo- cool but my god do they work. everyone ive ever tried has been on par with any 4pot hydraulic brake. trialtech pads in there, instant winner. you then obviously have to think about cable stretch and wrap etc but thats part of the parcel. sram/avid guides- they seem to work? heard some leakage issues? unsure. cheaper shimanos like the deore are really quite good for the money. my personal favourite, the japanese specials-- ShiMaguras. shimano levers on magura callipers, some of them work together, and work really, really well. my friend Yoshinori Sumi had an XTR lever on a louise calliper and it was fantastic!! hope any of that madness helps.
  10. It was a Sunday didn’t realise you were in London. Will hit you up next time
  11. just some raw clips from london, was a fun day.
  12. de-logo'd the frame the red was a compromise cuz it looked cool. smooth rims made much more stealthy-impact ...from a distance, maybe.
  13. smooth rims are no more, i keep this picture to remind me of when my bike was stealth
  14. Personal preference, I’d say. If you’re concerned, watch this- and have no more doubts.