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  1. at this particular moment in time.
  2. seeing as I'm relatively new to trials (in comparison to you lot) its really interesting to read through this. i started after i saw an echo on a wall in a bike shop in 2012, actually started riding in mid 2013. if anyone lives in leamington, you'll see me riding everyday (can't follow the maguras, follow the sound of the hope) i get to oxford a lot too, i like it there. a few months ago me and a rider who had just moved here bumped into rob leech and ben roberts, which hadn't happened since 2014! (last time was in cov with kyle and paul) it is sad, because i miss a massive scene, which disappeared right after i started. I've made a close knit group of friends who ride and its much more fun in my opinion than what people my age do for fun, which is usually xbox or summat.... i have goals in trials and i won't stop till i meet them.
  3. i had one too, bought tow sets of earphones with it, one bluetooth and one not. I'm usually a sucker for sennheiser, but theres a few others at great prices right now...
  4. 8% is fine! you just have to turn your wheel into it a bit more...
  5. If you have the 14' hs33, it's the weakest. I'm not a 'new maguras are shit' promoter, their new discs are fine, but I snapped a 14', and I wasn't very good at the time. It took no impacts either. The old ones are pretty bomb proof. I had a 98" which could survive a nuclear warhead. The 04's are good too, just watch out for the TPA dial (that little dial in n the lever blade) as it's prone to breaking off in the event of a crash. The 05' are regarded as the best, they're prone to cracking but a small fix changes that. I also had a set of 11's, they feel quite spongy because of the massive lever blade, but mine were (and still are) really quite good.
  6. Hook-90, drop Manny sidehop manoeuvres. First day back on the brakeless green machine
  7. That lever has seen some action
  8. his mini facebook vid blew my mind. such a good style
  9. im such a bike whore that after building another one, a week later im about to take it apart and build something else. i need to stop.
  10. its by far the least impressive thing you do, but the way you tyre tap and float across a gap from it is amazing.
  11. Trialech sport if you can get hold of them Old zoo! And V!Z forks are tank like too some urbans are alright, no idea which year though.
  12. I use hope adapters. Never had a problem, as they're built laterally rather than horizontally like the shimanos. (So it's super beefy from the side, whereas the shimanos are super skinny and snap. Both are the same width.)