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  1. Golden, butter, lots of Marmite, then Marmite crisps for some extra crunch. Tasty
  2. because like 4 people would buy it haha.
  3. That is the other hub that Alex machined like mine. It's a proper job.
  4. it was reasonable. especially for the amount of work done. there were a few niggles i had to fix, but they were very very minor and it was alex's first time doing the 80ep hub. as far as im aware, josh leech did flipps rear pro4 in his.
  5. that may give a slightly better look at it..
  6. its a 116mm spaced frame, with a custom 110mm pro2 evo ss! (plus cams/ disc spacing) machined axle, bearings relocated, freehub machined down and threaded for an external lockring, disc tabs and end caps appropriately modified/machined. which means theres absolutely zero dish all done by alex.
  7. it would have to have a drastic redesign or a foot long seatpost the picture may be deceiving, but where the seattube is in comparison to the tyre is literally nothing. nowhere near enough space for a seat unless you had a stupid seatpost or the frame was deigned more bmx-y. which i guess is why the arcade exists
  8. appreciate the dark backgrounds
  9. Ive finally got my alias at the stage where i want it. just a few tiny details left. brief spec Saint m810 brakes 180mm ice tech rotors trialtech everything hope rear hub/bar ends i moved back down to a 180 at the front as the 203 would have been just death
  10. i actually quite like the green wheels for some reason. they work
  11. seeing as its his company, i guess he can do as he pleases. its also his money he wasted.
  12. they are overkill Elon musk gave the patents for all the technology used in Tesla cars away for free, though. the new jaguar Ipace is a model s underneath, and all mercedes share tesla electronics since. which i like. i think he has his head in the right place, its not like he designed it... i should track down whose idea the doors were haha
  13. their new p100d has 390 miles of range. they list it as 350 being realistic for road factors. which is darn good!