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  1. Glad you're getting on with it I'm liking the change to black cranks.
  2. That was terrifically enjoyable. Song goes really well
  3. This looks good, as usual. If anyone's coming from anywhere north or around the West Midlands, please give me a shout- I'm currently looking for a lift. Other than that, excited to see what happens on the weekend, hope the weather holds up. potentially see you there!
  4. https://www.tartybikes.co.uk/26_inch_stems/trialtech_sport_forged_high_rise/c41p11316.html?pos=1109&search_params=YTo3OntzOjEyOiJjYXRlZ29yeV9pZHMiO047czoxNjoiY2F0ZWdvcnlfcmVjdXJzZSI7YjoxO3M6ODoia2V5d29yZHMiO3M6MTQ6IlRyaWFsdGVjaCBzdGVtIjtzOjk6ImJyYW5kX2lkcyI7TjtzOjQ6Im1vZGUiO3M6MzoiYWxsIjtzOjQ6InNvcnQiO3M6OToicHJpY2VfYXNjIjtzOjEwOiJjb3VudHJ5X2lkIjtpOjE7fQ%3D%3D tarty have them in stock.
  5. I'm down for the next few days. The seafront is fun to ride, no idea about any spots in town though- it's a long shot, but pm me or hit me up on Facebook @jamie Herbert-lemon Wiltshire
  6. United tripod. It's almost worth having a bike with a seat just so I can use it. It's heaven
  7. fixed it.
  8. Yeah I think it should be, it's actually about +5 lol, which is why I've been after some inspired forks dammit
  9. Yeah I think it should be, it's actually about +5 lol, which is why I've been after some inspired forks dammit
  10. pretty happy with it. tensionerless, of course. feels like a solid bike (other than the fork in wodges, but they're temporary until I can find inspired ones) im feeling improvement riding wise. Also, can anyone confirm this: the BB looks (and feels) lower than it should. Is that because the forks have f**k-tons of rake?
  11. The way the top tube and forks are at almost a perfect 90 degree angle to eachother looks f**king mint. It feels like I'm looking at an alternative future of trials if the seats stayed. Awesome!
  12. practice makes perfect. adjusting the front end wont do much- especially if youre just learning. i think a really good thing to learn is falling off backwards- so leaning to far back on back hops and jumping off and the same with when youre rolling- leaning too far back and jumping off. itll give you confidence to throw your weight around more on the bike. just keep at it, it all takes time.
  13. far shorter, but much more of an interesting watch than "inside". clearly that video wasnt aimed at the trials community, but i much prefer to watch something like this. he has mad power. control and stamina. the whole package!
  14. this was probably my favourite. subtle change in camera angles ive noticed, music went well, riding was top, i always said that i could never tell you were getting worse in your time off, but i can definitely tell for sure that you are somehow improving. the occasional switch foot goodness was tasty. gonna watch some more and then probably some more.