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  1. This one was just funny.
  2. can i be cheeky and ask what health problem you have? ive seen you mention it, and good luck with your surgery! you say its kept you off the bike but you ride far healther than most people by the looks of it! awesome stuff.
  3. had this off zach for a while now, a few changes but mainly as it was. first few days of riding it at the spacemonkey jam i rode like a newborn deer, but ive gotten used to it now. 7.9/8 kg not sure on the carbon forks, had a few people ride it and say theyve felt these be far worse, but if anyone has some alloys, hit me up. its stupidly light
  4. Been helping my dad rebuild his '69 BMW R60/2. I've just been doing some of the heavy manual labour, everything on it is his work. When he bought it it was rusty and dented, he's refurbished and redone every single part of this bike. Wheel rebuilds, had one of the cylinders re-machined to original spec due to extensive damage, hes constantly ordering OEM parts over from Germany, it really is a work of art and I can't wait to see it running again. It's also one of the first shaft drive I believe?
  5. This^ moves were similar, but he was playing a game of "how difficult can I make my setup" before flying over it anyway
  6. So much style...
  7. Made a video of zach from recent rides and a few of his own. Hope you enjoy! He's a machine.
  8. I have the same. On the rare occasion I ride a "normal" bike, my hands are just "wtf is this?"
  9. Tilts, Ben and zach pointed something out that I, maybe stupidly, haven't even considered before. My pedals rest on the dead centre of my sole (see picture) whereas they say that it should be more towards my toes to get utilise the ankle movement more. I watched some videos and pretty much everyone's is more at the toes. I've included a video, I don't think it hinders my ability as such, what are people's thoughts on it?
  10. Just how the rider rides. Some people prefer having a full hand on the bars, some cover it, some pull it locked. Don't think it has any noticeable effect on the bike itself.
  11. what i said but much easier to read. i wish i didnt ramble on as much as i do
  12. freewheel wont make a huge difference, as long as your chain has an alright tension. it really is a case of exaggerated movements, compress more before you take off, tuck more in the air, and one thing i found is that dont pull your brake until just before the wheel lands- when the wheel is locked its hard to move the bike around in the air with your legs, with it unlocked you can tuck and extend more to make the gap. and also, hard to explain, but if you take off with the mindset of jumping further than the gap actually is, when you land it you feel further over the bike and dont have the "im leaning back too far, i have to jump off backwards" thing. you could also turn your bike, dont take off dead straight- if youre right foot forward, when youre on the back wheel on the takeoff, turn the bike to the right a little bit so you take off slightly sideways. gives you more room to manoeuvre.
  13. i always thought this was down to the pads not being square- my pads are very much square and level, yet in reverse the pads work fantastic, better than anything ive ever had, but forwards they do very little, no noise no nothing. is this due to the grind?
  14. filmed a few bits for chai at tartydays this year. It's a little bit "different" video wise, Chai's riding is top as always. Let me know what you all think... thanks tarty and radical bikes for hosting us
  15. I'd like to try a few different lenses out, I'm planning on buying a rokinon/samyang 8mm at some point, but I'd like to have a play with a few lenses. It's fairly cheap asking for lenses for, er, cheap, but I don't have much money at the minute. Just something that isn't a stock 18/55mm cheers
  16. Taiwanese, hasn't been around that long- all the bikes so far are prototypes. Chai is riding the Angel v2, you may have seen a couple others that don't have the split seat stays which I believe are the v1s. They seem pretty good quality!
  17. Always. the girls I'm with do think it's weird though.
  18. I always wear goggles, I have a wee bit of sense left in me cheers
  19. Cheers. I've mostly been disc or no brakes, never done that many grinds and they've been pretty careless lol
  20. was off the bike for the weekend, on the first ride back on it, crashed hard and broke my toe 5 minutes in. went home, and stubbed the broken big toe on the edge of table leg. honestly, the amount of hopelessness and pain from just a toe is still shocking me a few hours on. not to self: do not stub a broken toe.
  21. cheers, thats a nice tutorial. ill give that go- my grind is fairly recent, not dead yet- will that matter a huge amount d you think?
  22. I'm putting one of Andrew chai out soon, I have a few other clips I may just chuck together...
  23. looks really nice! is it possible to take a link or so out of the chain? the tensioner is hanging quite low..
  24. Glad you're getting on with it I'm liking the change to black cranks.