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  1. practice makes perfect. adjusting the front end wont do much- especially if youre just learning. i think a really good thing to learn is falling off backwards- so leaning to far back on back hops and jumping off and the same with when youre rolling- leaning too far back and jumping off. itll give you confidence to throw your weight around more on the bike. just keep at it, it all takes time.
  2. far shorter, but much more of an interesting watch than "inside". clearly that video wasnt aimed at the trials community, but i much prefer to watch something like this. he has mad power. control and stamina. the whole package!
  3. this was probably my favourite. subtle change in camera angles ive noticed, music went well, riding was top, i always said that i could never tell you were getting worse in your time off, but i can definitely tell for sure that you are somehow improving. the occasional switch foot goodness was tasty. gonna watch some more and then probably some more.
  4. Echoing this, bar and stem make a mental difference. I had my bars rolled all the way back on my hex with a fairly long-ish stem, and couldn't sidehop at all really. Put my new shorter and higher stem on which made the bike loads shorter and I suddenly could, which made zero sense to me as usually shorter bikes make it more difficult playing around with the front end is always a good idea
  5. I'll throw down what I learned from riding my alias, hope this helps! firstly- yes to trialtech bars. They make a big difference. Flipp runs a 165 actually, and I ran a 180. Longer than most mod stems. Bars were never rolled back to inspired guys' angles either, rise of the bars perpendicular to the floor always. i owned the newer version of that frame with a 165mm stem, trialtech high risers and It rode really nice, I'll include a video of me bunny hopping and spinning it. You have a lot of fork steerer too which will help massively. Im 6 foot dead. Ill include a link to Flipp riding what I believe is your frame too as it's still one of my fav videos (and the bars are low rise in that video) is say it's very plausible as a general EDIT: the 5 degree does make quite a big difference I've found. I rode my 26 with a 90x 25 that I thought was a 90x 30 and couldn't do anything on it like normal. I was dead confused
  6. They were indeed 26"
  7. Ah. Forgot to mention I did a small amount of modification to the dropouts. Nothing serious, it all lines up pretty nicely.
  8. Probably something to go in the beginners chat to be honest- ive never in my life had anything other than Cams or integrated, and I've not come across this sort of system before. (It's a double sided) what it looked like to me was that I undo the pinch bolt, and wind the silver rod around and then do it back up. But that's a haphazard guess. Its currently just a tad too loose to use. Not a clue what that grub screw does either. simply put, I don't want to be ham handed and break it. But couldn't find any info anywhere
  9. I was watching this with a friend who knows nout about bikes next to me, and at the second up-to-front mod clip, I quote: "ooooh f**k that was so smooth, he can do me anytime"
  10. put a bolt through the mech hanger hole, and a snail cam on the axle sorted
  11. Thanks all. I understand them now. Turns out id broken the spring at some point, which helped nothing. Which led me into the fact I've hit it at least 3 times on its first ride- I'm quite the basher. so to eliminate tensioner problems, I eliminated the tensioner. Much prefer it like this, looks cleaner in my books too.
  12. Awesome
  13. Hey dude, yeah I've got it all lined up, it's just not actually providing a huge amount of tension I loosened it and rotated the cage 90 degrees and did it back up, it seems to be a bit better now.
  14. I actually enjoyed that. Also found it interesting how he's slicked that rear tyre. Idve thought he needed the side-on grip more than everyone else, surely? Or is it so hot there the tyre is just like glue anyway
  15. Really cool moves
  16. all my brakes broke so they're off again. On the wrong bike. Oh well
  17. Welcome to the club, i'm afraid.
  18. So I bought a Hex to be my brakeless bike, the ratio I've always run is 18:15 on stock and 18:12 on mod. Can anyone shed some light on using any of the different ones? I'm not asking what they do, obviously 18:14 is harder but faster, what's your experience with them in terms of the moves like sidehops, static gaps and the trade off of speed and power? also, @Ali C, what ratio are you running in your 2010 brakeless hex video? Cheers.
  19. I feel like trials is 90% rose tinted glasses if I remember right, back when you would've had those ratios you would've been more pedalling up walls instead of bunnyhops? (So, less speed required)
  20. I became acutely aware about how much my trials skills were actually lacking- plenty of lines I couldn't do, plenty of general things I couldn't do, So I built this up to sort of restart and learn the skills properly, not just kinda-half learn them so I can say I've done them and just do "cool" stuff instead, even though throughout trials I always envied the people who can seriously move their bike around, not the spinny people. its been a fair while and the improvements I can physically see is mental. Being brakeless for a long time has definitely helped my overall balance, and every ride I feel improvement. It's great. The frame is a little old school, but high bb's do not agree with me, it seems.
  21. there is a bolt through for the skyes and crewkerz bikes too if i remember correctly. no idea if they can be converted...
  22. which deore? cable? hydraulic? vee?
  23. I've seen worse. That front end is crazy low though