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  1. Personal preference, I’d say. If you’re concerned, watch this- and have no more doubts.
  2. just as good. locking is the same, difference is locking a disc and not a rim feels a little bit less direct because of spoke flex, but doesnt reeeaalllyyy matter. most competition mods nowadays use rear disc. works better in the wet, modulation (good for manuals and smooth control) hence why street bikes have them. 26" comps dont because spoke flex on 26 is a lot more noticable, maguras are more direct- and a little lighter, and also nothing to hit on a sidehop. more "accurate" id say. tar on rims is pretty much a thing of the past now. its all about what you use the bike for! trials pads in a disc brake can be as good if not better than rim brakes. in fact, people have been using disc brakes on trials bikes for years- its nothing new. go for it
  3. Thanks it is a good place to ride!

  4. looks like a great place to ride, and nice weather. i like rolling gaps
  5. do it.
  6. ridden them all, nottingham is good, birmingham used to be, derby is alright, but manchetser has more to ride than all of them, same with london
  7. if you learn how to do them on something thats a little bit easier, its a real help, i can manual my 26" compy bike completely fine, but the amount of corrections i have to do in comparison to something smooth and a nicer geometry shows that trying to learn it in the first place would be near impossible on this setup. psi up, bars back a smidge (although, if you can bunnyhop, then it should be fine) and find some parking lot spaces to practice in. learn how to jump off it when it loops out first, thats the key i think
  8. I’m fully aware it’ll never be 100% as good, but I’ve already made that clear, I just want the best of both. Also, don’t be so negative! They’re mortals too just keep at it.
  9. @Mark W the whole “changing bikes too much limits you” thing was the reason I’ve ridden the same bike for the past year, I’ve gotten as comfortable as I I could’ve done but still with that nagging feeling that I’m missing something, I just want to stick with one bike but that nagging feeling is what makes me change between. seems the new hex is looking positive. Any idea on frame kit stock-ness?
  10. I do like the look of that. I seem to keep coming back to the hex @Luke Rainbird, I need to have play on a new one.
  11. little bit of a long one! this has been bugging me for a while. if you follow me on social media, youll probably be thinking i have a completely different bike every few months- this isnt entirely true, ive had my current stock for the past year or so, but youd be correct in a sense, im a bit lost and getting more and more upset about this every day. i wanted to try (and get reasonably good) on every style of bike, so i could see things from every angle and decide after that which one i wanted to stick with. so since ive started riding 4 years ago, ive owned: 3 limey 320s, limey 326, echo sl 20, revell 20, alias 20.1, another limey 326, marino 26", old inspired hex, echo sl 26", inspired flow 24, proto TA thing with a limey 4 geo, echo 24" all with varying bar angles and setups over time not all in that order. the problem now being as of now that ive learned a fair amount of bike control (id like to think so anyway) is this: when im on something streety, i miss being able to sidehop higher and gap further/ lightness and flickyness (and pedalling into moves)- and when im on something pure, i miss being able to bunnyhop, spin, manual (x-up!!) etc. the Alias 20.1, despite how bad i was on it, was the first thing i think that bridged the two. but, when i grew to 6 foot, it just became to small for me, i always had to run a 185mm stem on it anyway to not feel cramped. i know its all about compromise, but all i do now is search for something that bridges the two without too much taken away from either side. everyone seems to have chosen a style, stuck with it and progressing loads while i feel lost somewhere behind. heres a couple clips to show my riding on both styles, i personally think i look better on a street bike, but i cant stand how cumbersome the bike feels for trialsy moves with a "normal" street setup. (edit: however, i wonder if thats down to the shortness of the 24"- a hex with trialsy parts could be a shout) any insight would be mucho grande appreciated, organising a ride to go and try new things would be awesome. cheers.
  12. makes me happy to see Matt the blind trials rider getting some exposure! Was always blown away with what he does
  13. new hex is a yes from me. id try one happily
  14. This was a great day. loads of people turning up, great riding, i filmed but a fraction of what occurred. cant wait for the next one. cheers anyone who held the steering wheel of destiny.
  15. The thing is, all of the BIG group rides recently in the last couple years were organised on Facebook, the only problem with that being that not everyone can see it. On the point about Instagram, I use it and love it, it proves to me that trials isn’t dead, so much young talent that gets me amped to ride all the time. What I’ve found is, just not in the UK! Competitions, sure, but the TGS/ street/ casual riding that used to be the norm has all but gone, bar a few exceptions we all know and love. but in places like Spain/japan/China its bigger than ever. Also I’m really jealous of the Vancouver riders, looks like a great scene, great spots, great riding. Just my pennies anyway