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  1. hi mate i dropped you a mesage on the phone, let me know asap if you haven't replied by tonight ill get in touch with the other guy.




  2. How about this? Dunno about 32 tooth freewheel though. Best info on geo i can find before my interest fades is.. If that is the same bike?
  3. Tarty bikes says £93 but dunno if they will sting you for import tax your end? Seems pretty reasonable to me. Certainly cheaper than plane tickets and the like... The bikes i picked i believe are relevant to your interests too?
  4. Yeah, that's the one! From the looks of it the dabomb harbinger is the same bike(prodigy) but rebranded.. i think i have also seen them branded as 'base' bikes. From looks alone, it seems the old onza t-pro is built off the same frame. The seat/chain stays are a bit refined maybe, but it shares that "scaffold pole" bottom bracket affair.
  5. Thanks mate, i guess that's probably what i thought. Good point about the standover height on it, it's likely the extra clearance that makes him able to ride the onza rip (just). Should i forget mission prodigy's, are they really that bad? At least they got 4-bolt mounts. Anyways, if anyone else on here is interested, the monty is in henley and advertised on gumtree.
  6. Hi all, Came across this for sale for just 55 quid! From what I can tell it's a B221 X-LITE from 1995-ish, correct me if I'm wrong. Due to the "old skool" geometry, do you think it would be good for a 7/8 year old kid (he is pretty tall, over 4ft) to muck around on? I can't find any spec on the geometry due to its age, but I am presuming it is an "adults" bike (TT length etc) First up would be to change the stem for a 135 / 145 mm to make it more manageable for him, but whadd'you think?? Is it going to be massive on him (like our onza rip)? Or should I just wait and try snag an onza tyke or sting off ebay (obviously NOT going to be 55 quid!)? I am not aiming him for world titles or anything, just after a bike he can tag along with me on, and learn the basics of endos / hops / whatever. I wanna spend as little as possible this time around, there are plenty of mission prodigy's around for less than 100 quid, but from what I hear they are damn heavy and more than a bit shite, would this be a viable alternative?